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Discomfort in lower right side of abdomen

About 6 months ago I started having symptons of nausea with no vomitting, bad gas pains  and I would go through periods of just utter bowel discomfort, crampiness and periods of constipation and then very loose stool.  I had a CAT scan 6 months ago which revealed a thickening of my colon.  I was referred to a gastroenterologist.  I had a blood test done, an ultra sound of my gallbladder a colonoscopy and an endosocopy.  All the tests came back normal.  I am getting a HIDA scan next month and that is my last test with the gastro doc.  In the past two weeks I have been experiencing a constant feeling of pain/pressure in my lower right side of my abdomen, below my rib cage, about 3-4 inches over from my belly button and right above my hip bone.  It is not a sharp pain, it is more dull and sore.  It is hard to explain but it almost feels like someone is pressing their finger into my side and that is what I feel constantly.  It seems to get worse when i am laying down on my back or on either  side.  The discomfort sometimes radiates back towards my lower back, my navel and sometimes up towards my rib cage.  It almost feels as if something is moving or rolling around when I lay on my back.  even when the discomfort radiates to the other points I can always feel the pain in the same spot, like someone has just planted their finger into my side and is not moving it.  It hasn't gone away in over two weeks and ranges in severity level.  As far as I know I do not have a fever and cannot tell if I have chills or not because I am usually always cold.  It is never severe enough to the point I am buckled over in pain either. I also sometimes feel a sort of pulsating sensation in that area as well.   I’m not pregnant as I was just tested before my colonoscopy about 4 days ago.  The only medications I take are Protonix  for heartburn and I am on Depo Provera birth control.  I have had a natural birth/pregnancy 3 years ago and haven had no injuries or surgery to my abdominal area.  
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The only things I can think of maybe a side effect of Depo Provera or how it's doing for you.  Can you get on a nother pain reliever?  You might just ask your doctor.  It sounded like appendicitis at first, but you said it's not a sharp pain, and it doesn't also make your right leg hurt.  There is also the chronic kind of appendicitis, but I'm not a doctor.  That kind doesn't rupture but causes discomfort in those areas that can get bad.  But, I heard it is painful to test for this...but it may be best in the long haul for you.  
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it might a galbladder problem get an ultrasound done or a hidascan
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