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Dizziness, Fainting, nausea, and headaches

A few weeks ago I was at work, my first day at a new job actually, and got dizzy and nauseous.  I threw up and then passed out.  I thought it was just the flu but it has continued and I am dizzy doing everyday things like showering.  I also have headaches including an occasional throbbing pain behind my right ear.  I have no energy, all I want to do is sleep which is very unlike me...I used to only need a few hours a night.  Also I have been experiencing nightsweats.  The doctors don't know what it is the only thing they can find is raised platelet levels, they are testing for more stuff, but I am getting extremely anxious to know whats going on.  I have only actually passed out twice since the first incident but I constantly get dizzy and lose my sight and hearing and get the feeling of passing out.  Does anyone know what this could be or have any suggestions?  Please help!  I've already lost my new job because of this and really want to feel good again.
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Have you had your coratid artery checked out?  Several years ago I had the exact same symptoms.  I mean exact.  After several trips to my regular doctor ....treated for migraines, ear inf, vertigo....all of them.  A mutual friend set me up with another internist and he checked my arteries in my neck and my left one was blocked.  At the time I was only 31 and it was quite shocking.  My platelet cells were too high and my blockage was a blood clot.  I was immediately put on Coumadin (blood thinner) and my symtpoms pretty much dissapeared immediately.  I don't mean to alarm you, but it wouldn't hurt....it's done by a doppler ultrasound on both sides of your neck.  Takes a few mintues and is painless.

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Please keep me posted
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Thank you for the advice.  I want to get absolutely every possibility checked out because there is definately something going on.  Did they know what caused the clot?  From what I've read a clot in the carotid artery is rare in young people. I'm only 23 but I'm on birth control so perhaps that could cause a clot.  I see my doctor again this week and I will ask him to check it out.  I'll let you know.  Thanks again.
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I developed a blood clot post operatively in my leg and was also on bc pills which I had to stop.  Another gyn had put me on depo-provera (which I guess was a no-no) and from what I was told that once you've developed a clot your likely to get them again and that's what happened.
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im 15 and im having the same thing going on now this morning i lost my sight and got reallly dizzy and then i sat down and all of the sudden i couldnt hear anything and i was shaking bad i didnt pass out tho but all day today ive been feeling pressure in my head my mom wants me to go to the er tonight idk if i should tho
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Couple of days ago i had passed out three times one right after another. I went to the hospital and they did a lot of tests and couldnt find anything wrong. So they put me on a heart monitor. If that doesnt say anthing then what should  i do. I keep having major headaches every day and night. I dont know if i should worry or what.
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I'm 13, I have had the exact same symptoms since I was maybe 8 or 9. At first the doctors and nurse thought it was from hypoglycemia, but it wasn't. then they tested for diabetes, nope. But my last episode, which accord a couple weeks back, I did an experiment. the day I had the episode, I hadn't eaten breakfast, and i was in the sun, and very energetic. then I next day, i ate a huge breakfast, and was energetic. I was fine. the trick is to eat things with sugars that will last throughout the day. its low blood sugar.
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