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Dizziness, Heaviness and tingling on Left side - especially left arm and ankle

For about 3 months now, I have been experiencing dizziness as well as heaviness, tingling sensation, and an overall weak feeling in my left arm mostly, but it also has traveled down the entire left side of my body. I am a 24 yr old healthy female. I went to the ER when it first started and was really bad. My entire left side was tingling, including the left side of my face, my left arm, leg and foot. It only happens on the LEFT side. When I walked it felt like my left ankle was just going to give out on me, it felt really weak. I was also EXREMELY dizzy. I was admitted and these symptoms were strong and lasted for over a day. I was in the hospital for 2 days and they ran a CT scan, an MRI, blood tests, and all came back negative. Gradually my symptoms started to fade. They released me after they had done every test they could think of without knowing what was causing them. Since then my symptoms have been coming and going, but not to the same intensity that they were when I went to the ER. Sometimes I will be fine and then it will just come on slowly and last for a few hours and then fade away. This happens daily if not every other day. It doesn't matter if I'm sitting or standing or being active or inactive, I will just start to feel really dizzy and off balance and then the arm heaviness, and ankle weakness will set in. I am going to an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor so he can run tests as well. I had an extremely bad ear infection about 6 months ago where my equilibrium was off and I was dizzy. I am hoping it's some kind of virus that can be treated and not something serious like my heart or MS or anything like that. If anyone has had similar symptoms or has been diagnosed with something, PLEASE let me know what you think. I cannot keep going on without getting any answers. There has to be an explaination out there somewhere! Thank you so much for your comments.
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you have described exactly my symptoms,  first starting with an extreme dizziness while reading on my computer, it was better at the time when I stood up. scared me so bad I thought I was going to die, but it went away . a week later again reading on the computer, I then took myself to er, I had to stop along the way, cause I was afraid I would
pass out whilte driving. ct, ekg. blood test. negative. gave me antihistamine for vertigo. was not vetigo.  4 days later i am in another er with severe lightheadiness and it seemed like everything was stopping, this is so hard to discribe. mri, mra, blood work, nothing. suggested i see neurologist, could have something to do with petuitory gland, now i have tingling left arm, and left leg, and upper right thigh (which I have had for awhile the thigh) still in and out lightheadiness. eyes checked he said nothing, this dizziness feels like when you move fast you get that instant surge . It happens when I just move my eyes. I hope to hear what you find out at the eye nose and throat.
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I have been experiencing the same symptoms as you guys. I am a 26 year old female. I had acid reflux a few months back but now it has become manageable. I started feeling tingling sensations on the left side of my body (only on the left side)., from my foot, thigh, arm, hand , and head. I always feel dizzy too. I havent done the mri  or  any of that yet, because im afraid of what they will tell me. I might go and have my bloodwork just to make sure im not anemic or anything. I was wondering how you are handling the tingling sensation when you feel it... and how often do you feel dizzy? is it all the time? i hope i can hear from you both or from anyone who can honestly give an advice.
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Had a similar problem!
Just went to the ER last week where they ran MRI, Catscan and blood tests. Everything came back fine.  I have to check on what blood tests they ran.
Their theories were - hypercoagulation - thrombosis, MS, pinched nerve(s), lupus.
I just dont know! I took a dosage of Celexa for the first time before these symptoms arose -it is an SSRI. But this side effect is not listed or known to anyone. The doctors dont think that is the cause.
It started with my left leg- it was numb and tingly and I could not rest. This is 12 hours after I took the first and only dosage of Celexa ( 20 mg). I could not sleep.  The next morning, the sensation spread to my left arm. My right side remained normal the entire time. My boyfriend convinced me to go to the ER.  When I arrived, they gave me aspirin in case of blood clots. That was their major suspicion.  Then they thought I was having a stroke. My entire left side just did not work. I was held for 2 days.
To make a long story short, they still dont know what is was. They were confused by the fact that it was my left arm AND my left leg. If it was one or the other, or both arms and / or both legs it would have been less confusing and they would have chalked it up to nerve damage.
The worst of my symptoms have gone, but I still feel a slight numbness a week later. My left foot is at times painful to walk on.
What the heck is this?
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I'm having the same problems too. .I also have speech problems with slurred speech, stuttering and word finding problems.  My left foot has no reflexes when they use the pin ***** or hammer on the knee/ankle.  Memory problems (short term/long term) too (could remember where my son was born 22 years ago, forget my address, give the wrong phone number).  I thought it was a stroke, they thought it was MS.  All tests came back as inconclusive and now being treated for depression.  I am now taking Beta Histine for the dizzy spells (used to treat Meneres (sp?)  and it is helping.  I find drinking lots of water, getting rest and using 2 pillows has helped the dizzy spells and choking episodes.  Still using a cane to walk - havent had any falls for a while.  Still feel my left leg is not reliable and it feels at times its going to give out on me.  Don't know what this is, but hopefully everyone will get better soon!
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Hey. I am a 23 year old female who has similar problems. For about 2 months now i have been having weird symptoms.first my big toe on my left foot felt like it was going to explode. Almost like when you go out in the cold and it gets really cold and then it starts to warm up. Then my leg started to hurt again like really hard pains in the muscles, like it would explode. Then in my left arm muscle. At one time i really got scared because my leg started to hurt and then it was like my muscles gave out. It was really heavy and i could hardly lift it. Also i have been having hard pains in my left side around my rib cage.  Sometimes i get pains in my chest and i can't breath.  Although i have alot of undiagnosed problems, i also have occul spina bifida, iritated stomach, i have my gallbladder removed, and for the past year i have had really bad diarrea, and bad dizzy spells.  If any one knows anything about these symptoms could you comment on them. Thank you.  For those with left side pains i suggest you talk to your doctor to see if you have occult spina bifida.

sincerly confused female newfie
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Mine is a little different....I have the numbness in my left arm mostly and a little in my right. It feels almost like it is not really my arm and when I am going to need to move it isn't going to work, only it does every time. It is a very false feeling and very frustrating. I have been having a TON of short term memory loss and sometimes severe mood swings. Yesterday I had my first dizzy spells. I called my PCP right away and saw him this morning. He immediatley sent me in for an MRI to rule out MS and refered me to a neurologist who I will see tomorrow morning. I am hoping that my test results are in by then!
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