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Dizziness, loss of balance, ST memory problems

Recently (last week or so) My hubby has had dizzy spells or vision problems that have caused him to need to pull over in his car, and at work he almost ran into the wall. The spells come and go. I have noticed that his short term memory is worse than "normal" he has been off all week as far as days and is confused on which days things happened...he is sure they happened on certian days when they didn't happen that day.

We saw a dr on wednesday his blood pressure is borderline (they tried all different positions) but generally is, his bloodwork came back fine, vision came back fine,  screened for diabetes and it was 95 said cut off is 100.  Week before he had alot of bad headaches...Also he is drinking more water which is somthing he normally won't drink. he is epileptic and on medication but no recent seizures or medication changes. He is somwhat overweight, and has a family history of heart problems.

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas of what we could be dealing with....I don't feel comfortable with him driving when he feels like he needs to pull over or almost runs into the wall. Dr didn't seam too concerned or request further testing other than eye exam, But we had to see what ever dr was on staff as our regular dr left the practice...

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Did the doctor refer him to a cardiologist for a workup in case his heart is causing the spells? Did he refer him to a neurologist to be evaluated for TIA's or order an MRI and also an MRA of the head and neck to look for vascular issues? Did he suggest seeing an ENT in case it's inner ear? Did he screen him for possible sleep apnea, as long term sleep disorders can do strange things to the head, and can cause morning headaches especially. Sorry you didn't get to see his regular doctor. But sounds to me like you will need to advocate for and with him to see these episodes get the attention they merit. I'm with you, I'd not be satified with non-answers either if it were my husband.
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No She did not do any of that which is what i expected in addition to the blood work up.  I told her at the apt that his family has a history of heart problems, headaches etc. and I had researched symtoms prior to the apt cause it was hard to get him to go in the first place and was worried about stroke/heart issues.

She said since he has had a MRI in the last year he should be fine....I thought that was retarted as if you would find all the problems in the world 1x per year exspecially since the symptoms just started!!!

So you thi8nk we should make another apt with another dr and request this kinda  stuff, or see her again and reguest this kinda stuff or how do we get the ball rollling? I am so used to having a good dr i forgot what it is like to have a bad one....sigh...and I need him in tip top shape I am due anywhere from today till end of october and can't have him driving all dizzy or even worse having somekind of undiagnosed condition imparing his health...
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Drinking of more water is a feature of dehydration and diabetes.It is called polydypsia.Diabetes(hypoglycemia in diabetes) and dehydration are both important causes of dizziness.Pls keep regular estimation of blood sugar levels by oral GTT as his blood sugar levels are borderline.

Other important causes for these symptoms are TIA(transient ischemic attack) and stroke. Patients with cerebrovascular disease have partial or complete blockages in the arteries(atherosclerosis) that supply the brain with blood.  These blockages can cause a temporary loss of blood flow (called transient ischemic attack, or TIA for short), or permanent loss of blood flow (called stroke; also called cerebrovascular accident).This can lead to impaired blood flow through these arteries and so dizziness.Your husband is having a family history of heart disease.So pls keep these two possibilities in mind.Your husband  needs ECG,stress echo and MRA to rule them out.

Moreover, drugs like antihypertensivs, nitroglycerin and diuretics can lead to dizziness as their side effects. Cervical spondolysis and carotid sinus syndrome can also cause dizziness.

Other causes of vertigo like that in the ear(inner ear diseases and labrynthitis) and brain(tumors,inflammations) also have to be ruled out.

I feel that your husband should take a second opinion from physician/neurologist/ENT surgeon to find a confirmatory diagnosis.

Take care and pls do keep us posted on how your husband is doing.
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The fact he hads an MRI in the last year is irrelevant. A clot can form in an hour. He needs a current MRI with due contrast. You have a yellow flag for a slow bleed somewhere in the brain. Perhaps something growing. The only window is the dye-contrast MRI. You have an orange flag for an upcoming major stroke and, in my opinion, your physician is clearly not up to the job.  He is not going to listen to your suggestions about "tests". You need an evaluation at a specialty stroke center where they have the exact protocols that should be followed.. As of yesterday.
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