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Dizziness, spaced out feeling, head pain, sinus pressure and feeling shaky

For the past 4 years I have been experiencing horrible symptoms. It seemed that the whole thing started as a sinus infection but then I went for a CT scan of sinuses and they were clear. I have been having symptoms of dizziness, head pain, shakiness and a spaced out kind of foggy feeling like i am watching my life from the outside - all day every day. There are some times for a couple of hours during the day that the symptoms may lift and give me a few moments to live- but not much. I have been to about 30 doctors- including ENT's allergists, neurologists, chiropracters, opthamologists. psychologists, dentists and everything else u can think of. All CT scans, MRI of brain and blood work keep coming back clean and ok. Nothing I try seems to work. There was a period of time about 3 and a half years ago that the symptoms lifted for about 4 months and then it returned full force. Some of the weird parts are that the shakiness seems to be seasonal - coming in spring and lasting thru summer and its miserable like a tingling pins and needles sensation thru out my body. I have also been getting what some doctors seem to diagnose as recurring sinus infections- like 10 a year- i take anti biotics and i feel slightly better until the next infection but i still have the other symtoms while I am on the medication.  I have hay fever and allergies to mold dust...Every doctor tried diagnosing something different- like migraines or TMJ or some sort of other odd thing. I've tried tons of medications. I dont usually have all the symptoms at once...they kind of take turns.  One doctor suggested moving to Arizona as it may be a sinus issue but the ENT's say I have no sinus isue- just regular allergies and the allergists say that they have never seen symptoms like these for allergies. I tried psychologists even though the ony reason I am stressed out is cuz I can never live....before this sickness I was the happiest person around- and even psychologists turned me away as normal.  Is there anyone out there that may know something that can help me - please??......I can not go on like this anymore
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As I told another poster - please get a book on detoxifying your body naturally. It will teach you how to eliminate foods that may be loading your body with toxins and causing imbalances. I also can not stress enough the importance of vitamin c which alone could help with your infections. It is at the very least worth a try.
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I don't know what you have but I have the exact same symptoms.  The spaced out part and the nausea are the worst!  Sometimes it makes my heartbeat more irregular also (PVC's).  Let me know if you figure out anything.
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Arizona isn't the answer... that physician should known better. That was old advice... many Arizonans have allergy problems, including myself.

I would consider seeing a Naturopathic physician or a practitioner who does EAV testing and/or pushing for your physician to do additional testing. There is a company called ELISA/ACT that can do allergy testing & chemical testing on your blood.
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I too have the exact same symptoms, for about two years. I completely understand. It makes life harder and not as enjoyable. I have had every test done and seen lots of doctors. I think I am going to try a Naturopathic doctor. Please let me know if you find out anything.
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I found out that I have Migraine and Vertigo. I rarely have headaches, mainly dizziness and foggy feeling. I ended up going to a doctor that my ENT sent me to. It was a clinic for hearing & balance. They did an "audio VNG". It is about a 2 hour long series of tests that can narrow down the reasons for the dizziness. It will check for inner ear problems, etc. The tests are pretty intense and make you dizzy on purpose while they put goggles on your eyes that have cameras inside. The reaction can tell them all kinds of different things. They gave me a diet plan for migraines which seems to help and I don't need medication. They told me try it for 4-6 weeks and if it doesn't work they will prescribe me migraine medicine.

I hope this helps. If you want a copy of my diet plan to try or any more information, I would be more than happy to give it to you.
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i have exactly the same feelings, i feel it has ruined my life as i cannot enjoy life anymore. cant go out or even do a full day at work without the funny feelings of dizziness, and fuzzy feelings in my head feeling so delirious and not all there. The heart beat thing i get aswell which is horrible when you feel dizzzy as you start to think your having a heart attack or something. I also get bad headaches which i have been told are contributed by stress.
I wish someone could help me.
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i think you may have the same as me and after months of research and talking to various people i have come to the conclusion that i am suffering anxiety and panic attacks.
Check out the website anixiety centre.com and trust me you will find everyone of your syptoms listed. It already makes you feel 100% better to know that you are not neccesarily dying as you may have previously thought.
Hope this helps
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Hi I too have had the same problems going on two years now, i have been to the doctors numerous times and am just starting to realize by researching that it is anxiety, before my series of problems I went through some hard financial problems wich started all this, I too have foggy head, dizzyness, cant concentrate, sinus pressure( with no sign of infection or allergies) tightness around my head, migraines, etc... I have been to many doctors and of course the dont know what it is, I have done many studies and have realized it is anxiets, and what is happening in most cases is that the anxiety is causing the muscles in your forehead and muscles around your ear and inner ear to tense up giving you the sinus pressure and the dizzyness and equilibrium problems, try seeing a doctor for anxiety it might work, its been working for me.
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I have been suffering these sypmtoms over the last 4 months, tight neck, tingling in face, spaced out, almost robotic movement all over, very stange pressures in synus area and tingling around my top lip. I was diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid 6 months ago which is under controle know with medication.
My Doctor says I am suffering anxiety, after such a stressfull last 6 months. This all ties in with what you guys have said.
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I have been experiencing the same symptoms and dizziness and sinus pressure being the worst.  All of this will have an anniversary date of Feb 14 - my one year anniversary of this craziness.  I've had all of the same tests that you have and have been told I'm in the normal range.  I've been noticing lately that my sinus pressure and dizziness appears worse with the changes in the temperature and weather.  But then sometimes it appears for no obvious reason.  When I had my Balance test, the all of the symtoms disappeared for over a month.  Finding this forum has made me feel that I am not alone in this mystery, if I come across anything that helps I will definitely post it.  
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You have alot going on however I think the most important thing for you to take immediately is acidopholis.  Probiotics, have you heard of this?  It will help a few of your problems .  You probably have a imbalance of candita in your system from so many years of antibiotics.  This will give you digestive issues because the antibiotics have killed off your good gut flora.  Also your sinues are probably still infected because your immune system is compromised.  The years of sinusproblems can give you scar tissue in there creating dizziness or still chronic sinusitis.  Also take oil of oregano pills I had one of the worst sinus infections last month and I say the worst because Ive had them since birth also and been on antibiotics my whole life and these pills helped tremendously to where I didnt need antibiotics this time and I have almost kicked the infection.  I am speacking from experience Ive had all those problems and then some. Good luck.
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I came across this website and am a little relieved that find other people that understand my symptoms. I had my first episode last september and they went away after taking a short cycle of prednisone. I started with the symptoms again this january and am going crazy. i have been to and ENT and neurologist and had a MRI which came out normal. I just started taking Prednisone so hopefully it works again this time, any ideas on what it could be would be helpful. i can't live like this much longer.
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ohhh all these people have exactly the same symptoms like  i have adding to mine problem is that i feel some time that some one is pulling a vein in the right back side of my head and i can not read or concentrate even for 3 mint on a thing other thing is that when i feel some very slow movement i feel dizziness
i haev don all the above mentioned tests all are ok plzplzplzplzplzplzzzzzzzzzz let me know where should i go i m very uneassy do email me if some doctor brother can suggest me or even all other brothers thanks
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Do you drink or eat anything with aspartame in it? Diet sodas, sugar free foods? I developed a reaction to aspartmane, which is nasty stuff. Also-MSG,or food additives, red or blue dyes, fillers, and sodium benzoate-just a partial list of all the **** that is added to our food supply. I get all sorts of reactions from all of the above, including insomnia, itching, bad stomach, you name it. I don't know if you can call it an "allergy"-it is simply toxic stuff that is not supposed to be in our bodies. Find a website that lists presevatives and you will be amazed at the various names of them, some are the same thing, different name. Try to fast for a few days and see what happens.And read every food label!!
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I believe what most of you have is chronic fatigue syndrome. I have been researching these same symptoms and this is what I found. there are a few sites that describe these symptoms and elaborate on them. Just put Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the search and you'll find out a lot about this. Be well!
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not a diagnosis, it is like telling someone with a hurt back that they have Hurt Back Syndrome.  Syndrome is the key word in identifying something that is not understood, like SIDS.  I suggest all of you research candida/yeast overgrowth, as was mentioned above it can cause all of your symptoms.
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I dont know if this is similar to your symptoms but I feel out of it in the head, almost like i'm drunk or something. I crave sleep all the time, and the feeling in my head comes and goes. It feels like my brain is swimming around in smoke or something.
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I have the same symptoms and my doctor says its just anxiety and that a lot of people get these feelings. I am currently taking celexa for my anxiety but it doesnt help with the "out of it" feeling I still have. On most days I have a hard time going through the day without feeling like I am in a sense out of reality. I feel loopy, dizzy, my brain feels foggy, headaches, shaky feeling and like I am out of reality, like I am watching things around me but they dont seem real. I have had an MRI on my brain and it came back normal. I am beginning to get into a sort of depression because of these feelings I have and want them to stop but nothing helps. I am hopeless and this is no way to live. Its good to know that other people feel the same way but frustrating that everyone's doctors dont know what this is!!!
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I too have alot of the same symptoms as many of you. For the past 5 months I have had dizziness every day, more like waves of dizziness that roll over me and especially when I turn my head to the left or right. I have this constant pressure in my head and rarely will I get headaches. My eyes feel weird and I don't really know how to describe the way they feel, I just feel kind of out of it. I also have this almost constant fatigue.

I went to the Dr and he thinks I have a sinus infection from rubbing my eyes too much which sounds crazy to me. Who has a sinus infection for 5 months straight? He sent me to get some bloodwork done and I go in next week to see him again. Would it be crazy of me to insist on an MRI? I am starting to freak out thta this is something serious. I can't concentrate or get much work done, I am scared it may be a brain tumor. It's bad enough living with this feeling without having to wonder if it is something very serious. I will let you all know how my next appt goes.
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I too thought it was a brain tumor but chances are it is not. But I did get an MRI and if it will make you feel better I suggest asking him about it. With a brain tumor you would have extreme symptoms like vomiting, extreme loss of weight, inability to move one side of your face etc. But like I said if it will make you feel better just ask him and get it done.
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Hey there,

Deep breath! I've been there. I know that HORRIBLE feeling of being detached from reality. Like you're floating, sounds become muffled, someone's talking to you but you're not really listening... your heart starts racing, your mind starts whirling, and you have to shake your head hard to bring yourself back.

I went to doctors and had tests done and thought I had all kinds of crazy things wrong with me. I was told I had anxiety. I didn't believe that but went to see a psych anyways who sent me away as "normal". So then I panicked more thinking I was going to drop dead at any time. It was suggested to me again that maybe I had generalized anxiety disorder. Once I started to consider the idea that I had anxiety, things were in perspective for me. I bought an anxiety workbook and started seeing a life counselor. (Check with your employer - most companies have an employee assistance program) Since then, my symptoms have almost all disappeared. Every now and then I get a little shaky, but I take deep breaths, find some peace in the chaos, and balance is restored.

Don't give up on the idea of anxiety just because YOU don't see your life as stressful. You may be dealing with more than others would see as normal. And don't let anyone else dismiss your fears. It's your life and if you're paying someone to help you put the pieces back together, dangit they had better bring glue and instructions.

And maybe you just suffer from chronis sinus infections. I suffer from frequent constipation and there's no underlying cause. I'm just not regular! (:

I hope that even if what you're experiencing is not anxiety, you find out what it is. You deserve to be happy and worry/pain-free!

So, do yourself a favor and take a deep breath, close your eyes, hold your breath for a few seconds, let that air out slowly, and as you're letting it out, think of the best time you've ever had. Keep your eyes closed and savor that feeling. Use that moment in your darkest, most painful times, and you'll see the light. Whether it's anxiety or something else, your mind and memories can always take you to a better place.
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Well my neurologist put me on Xanax because I was experiencing the symptoms to the point that I was having panic attacks because of being frustrated that the feelings wouldn't go away no matter what. Basically there is nothing physically wrong with me which is good. My symptoms are more than likely due to my body's response to trauma i've been going through. The xanax helps because it makes me calmed down and intensifies the foggy headed feeling. Therefore when the meds wear down I feel somewhat normal (as opposed to being drugged up). The foggy headed feeling hasn't gone away at all but the Xanax is helping me to cope. I encourage everyone to keep posting because just reading that other people are suffering the same symptoms (the no one else or doctors can understand) gives me comfort. We're all in this together!! Anyone have any suggestions, comments? Anything helps!
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Sorry to say that I've had this dizzy feeling for years and haven't found out what the problem is.  I have nasal congestion (left side only) and have had two nose surgeries which did not help.  When that side of my nose closes up I feel dizzy and light headed. When I walk around I feel like I'm going sideways and am afraid I will fall.  Even when I sit I feel like I'm going to just fall over.  When my nose opens up, which isn't very often I feel more normal.  I've taken allergy shots which didn't help and had CT of sinuses which was clear.  Every day I get up and feel the same way.  I feel like this at home as well as when I go out, which isn't very often.  I feel sleepy all the time and my eyes feel like I can't hold them opeen.  I don't know what to do next.  This is ruining my life.  Until I found this site I didn't know so many people had this same or similar problem. Hope we all can find an answer to this.
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Okay...I may not have all the answer to the root cause of all your symptoms but I can tell you that I have a similar issue. Chronic ENT problems. One doc says allergies, one says ear, one says no ear is result of chronic sinus infections, and round and round I go. It's like being on a feaking merry go round, but the ride never ends. I've been on antibiotics and feel better, but a week after I finish, symptoms are back. The worst part is the fatigue. My boyfriend told me to take an expectorant in addition to the antiobiotics, antihistimine, and decongestant the doc prescribed. I had taken it before and knew he was right. It had always helped, in the very least making me more comfortable. We'll Once I started taking it, I never stopped, and I feel much better. My sinuses still bother me a bit. So do my ears. But I haven't been on an antiobiotic for six months. And I think that's because I ran out of the expectorant. Before I started the expectorant I was on antiobiotics of one sort or another for 1 solid year. You might try and see if this gives you some relief. I take the Mucinex extended tabs. I think it's the 600mg pills, twice a day. They're over the counter. There's no doubt that I have a chronic infection, either in my ears or sinuses. At least now I know I can live with it. It doesn't control my life anymore. If you try it keep me posted and let me know how it works for you!
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