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Dizziness, spaced out feeling, head pain, sinus pressure and feeling shaky

For the past 4 years I have been experiencing horrible symptoms. It seemed that the whole thing started as a sinus infection but then I went for a CT scan of sinuses and they were clear. I have been having symptoms of dizziness, head pain, shakiness and a spaced out kind of foggy feeling like i am watching my life from the outside - all day every day. There are some times for a couple of hours during the day that the symptoms may lift and give me a few moments to live- but not much. I have been to about 30 doctors- including ENT's allergists, neurologists, chiropracters, opthamologists. psychologists, dentists and everything else u can think of. All CT scans, MRI of brain and blood work keep coming back clean and ok. Nothing I try seems to work. There was a period of time about 3 and a half years ago that the symptoms lifted for about 4 months and then it returned full force. Some of the weird parts are that the shakiness seems to be seasonal - coming in spring and lasting thru summer and its miserable like a tingling pins and needles sensation thru out my body. I have also been getting what some doctors seem to diagnose as recurring sinus infections- like 10 a year- i take anti biotics and i feel slightly better until the next infection but i still have the other symtoms while I am on the medication.  I have hay fever and allergies to mold dust...Every doctor tried diagnosing something different- like migraines or TMJ or some sort of other odd thing. I've tried tons of medications. I dont usually have all the symptoms at once...they kind of take turns.  One doctor suggested moving to Arizona as it may be a sinus issue but the ENT's say I have no sinus isue- just regular allergies and the allergists say that they have never seen symptoms like these for allergies. I tried psychologists even though the ony reason I am stressed out is cuz I can never live....before this sickness I was the happiest person around- and even psychologists turned me away as normal.  Is there anyone out there that may know something that can help me - please??......I can not go on like this anymore
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Did you look at the link I posted? I have an appointment in April to see if this is what i'm experiencing. I've been experiencing these symptoms for around a decade. Worth checking out for sure
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I to have all of the same symptoms as every last one of you for two year I get a tightness in my head dizzy feeling out of body and foggy feeling I grew to hate my life everyday this would happen several times a day lasting one hour to 4 hours. after 1000 trips to the er and finally a 3 day stay at the hospital I was cured. returned home sick agian wtf right wrong guys they found out I had aspartame poisoning from all the diet this and that I consumed since stopping the diet stuff and taking a multi vitamin I've been attack free for over 6 months
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I have had Anxiety since I was 9 years old. I am 28 now and was laid off about a year ago. Throughout my adult life I have had the occasional dizzy spell, usually when driving in an area that is either wide open to the horizon or has a lot of depth and varying colors/textures. Mountainous and hilly terrain could occasionally trigger moments of panic. But up until July of 2012 these were a very rare occurrence and were easy to overcome.

In my early childhood when Anxiety first started I was given Immipramine (think that's how it is spelled). It isn't the typical anti-depressant. It actually helped my mind relax and allowed me to focus better. I also lost a lot of weight as a result. After about a year of it, I didn't have any more anxiety attacks until my second last year of High School (1995-2003 without an issue). Took it again and voila, no issues.

My neck and back have become soar since then. I have also noticed that the symptoms slowly started to come on after my accident. Crashed my car, was unconscious for a few minutes. These were few and far between. Now it has come back ten fold. The dizzinessis at it's worst during the day and in particular on Sunny days. At night, the symptoms usually disappear unless I have been inside all day.

I have had some success with lying down and reading blogs like this. I also find in the throes of a panic attack that checking my vitals and reciting my ABC's and loved ones' Birthdays helps re-assure me and keeps my anxiety from leading me to the thought that I am having a stroke or a heart attack. When I get dizzy while driving, all I can do is pull over and wait it out. Sometimes removing my jacket or loosening clothing helps too. It's a horrifying feeling but I find repeating "You don't control me, I am in control" in my head over and over and sometimes out loud (If I'm alone) can help. What works depends on the day. I have a suspicion that my eyes may be triggering the problems. I'm going to have my vision checked first. IThan I will be checking my ears, than my neck and shoulders (Massage therapy) and hopefully it will get better after one or all of those. I may also go back on immipramine but I do my damnedest to avoid meds.
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The face you mentioned that you have a suspicion that your eyes may be triggering it lead me to this possibility. Might not be the answer but please check it out :) It's called Vertical Heterophoria" . Look it up, you might be surprised. Good luck
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TYPE or For the past year I have been suffering from anxiety and other unusual symptoms. Which was really uncommon for me because I always felt like the happiest person on earth. As I look back on the occurrence, it seemed to be triggered when I had drank a iced coffee from McDonald's. At first it was mild, and only lasted for about 3 months. Within that three months of my first experience with anxiety I can become pregnant. In my first trimester I suffered from extreme fatigue, mild vertigo, and brain fogs. My conclusion to this was that it was probably related to my pregnancy, and would eventually subside after I give birth. During my last trimester of my pregnancy the anxiety, fatigue, and vertigo went away. But then I developed another odd symptom. I started having problems with my eyes and nose, my eyes felt strained all the time, and I suffered from a lot of pressure at bridge of my nose. Shortly after I gave birth to my child, the anxiety increased. Which at this point I was suffering from extreme Panic Attacks, the brain fogs came back. I started having heart palpitations, insomnia, electric shocks in my head overtime I tried to sleep, night sweats, muscle spasms, elevated blood pressure (which I am 27 and never in my life had elevated blood pressure even during all 4 of my pregnancies) and cold feet and hands. All of my bloods test come back normal other than a high WBC, CT scan was normal, Heart Monitor came back normal, and went to the Eye doctor, all those test came back normal. Doc tried to put me on some anxiety medication such as Prozac, and Zoloft. Worse thing I ever could of decided to do it made my symptoms sky rocket. I even went to the check myself into a psychiatric ward. Bad mistake, because all they wanted to do is medicate me and diagnosed me with Bipolar. Weird thing is that everyone in there had the same diagnosis. After I watched a youtube video on how to control anxiety, I tried there technics and guess what my panic attacks decreased and then eventually went away, the brain fog went away. Now I am suffering from yet other symptoms my vertigo came back, and I have a lot of pressure in my head, in my eyes, and my nose. Sharp pain in my temples. Doc diagnosed me with tension headaches, and had ordered me a allergens test, and I go see the ENT doc this Friday. Which I have a feeling that it will come back as well, I have done extensive research on anxiety and symptoms are 2 pages long. So if you are experiencing similar symptoms and had every test you could possibly think of to rule out any diseases. You very well might just be undergoing a lot of stress. It is highly important to keep yourself hydrated, eat well, insure you get enough rest, and exercise. Take sometime out for yourself, this has helped me a lot and made my pain a lot more tolerable. Please try to avoid medications, as these just might make you feel worse. I will continue to do my research and if find out anything I will spread the word. As we all are all alike in some way, I feel more at peace that I am not alone. Thanks for all the useful info on here.
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You should ask your doctor about Neurontin it is commonly used for seizures and nerve pain. Recently they have been using it to treat Anxiety and it is sleeping agent. Most antidepressants have to build up in you system in order to feel the full effects of it. Neurontin is more as a take as needed medication because it starts to kick in within 30min to 1hr of taking it. Also best thing about it, it doesn't have addicted tendencies. It did wonders for me. Wouldn't recommend taking more than 300mg a day, and it best taking it at night because makes you sleepy...
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Wow great, this maybe an answer to my problems. But how would you find someone that would specialize in this, or can you just get a regular eye exam for a diagnosis??
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Hey, I live in Eastern Canada and was hoping to find a spot closer to home, BUT, have not come across anyone that specializes in it other then the office in Michigan. Because they actually diagnosed this problem and specialize in it, I sort of want to take the time and go to their office anyway, just to be sure your getting the best care(atleast that's how I see it). ANyway, best of luck and inbox me to let me know if you have any luck :)
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I went to my ENT doctor the yesterday, and my test results came back normal. which I had a feeling that was going to happen. He did give me a diagnoisis of migraine induced vertigo. I did mention the Vertical Heterophoria and he told me he hear of it, but never has done any research on it. I haven't came across anyone else who specializes in it other than in MI, but I am continuing to do research on it to find out. I will keep you informed
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ive seen that alot of people have the same symptoms im 14 & i feel like i space out & i feel wierd  i just want to find a way to stop this feelin please help
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i keep feeling dizzy/spaced out when i try do anything i aslo feel sick but i cant be sick at all my body feels heavy i feel like im here but like im not here sort of like im not with it was hoping someone could give me some answers its been like this for 4/5 days now  
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i was having the same exact symptoms as you, until one mourning i was completely deaf in one ear. i put a q-tip in and took out a bunch of gunky stuff, i think the problem was that i had a sinus infection, and now the fluid in my head is not making me function properly. Consider going to an ear doctor to see if you need your ears drained, or if you have a inner ear disorder.
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It could be a inner ear problem, i had the same exact symptoms as you until one morning i was completely deaf in one ear, then I put a q-tip into my ear and pulled out a bunch of gunky stuff. I foun out the reason why i was feeling so tired like that, because i had a ton of fluid in my head that was keeping me from functionaly properly. I could never feel the fluid until today. So try seeing an ear doctor, to see if you need your ears drained, or have an inner ear disorder.
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Hmmm try some of these ... It may help
Good luck

Try NETI POT even when your not blocked it takes all the crap we breath in through out the day out!
Detoxify eating quality foods (NO processed foods) fresh fruits and vegetables
And even start juicing ...
Check out
FAT, SICK and nearly dead!

And infrared sauna also to detoxify!

Do you have sleep apnea?
It can cause headaches
Spaced out foggy feeling!

Get tested you did all the rest!

Remember doctors are not God and they make mistakes too...
I had sleep apnea and no one diagnosed me right
And they just all want to prescribe a pill
Or a psychologist or psychiatrise because they think we have nothing better to do then make stuff up and pretend we are sick ...
Reminds me of a Golden girl's episode where Dorothy is sick and he tells her to change her hair color...because he doesn't believe she is sick!!!
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I just turned fourteen (as a girl), and finished a kayaking trip with my father. It was very hot. The next two days I was also in the heat, feelng  a bit woozy, but not worrying too much. Then it hit hard. For the past week I've been unable to get up, or function normally. I don't want to intrude when clearly so many people have been suffering for years, but I'm afraid I have the same thing. I've only had a blood test done, all is well there, compared to the countless tests everyone else has gone through. I have a perpetual feeling of lightheadedness that never goes away, slight pain towards the front of my head and pressure surrounding my eyes. I've had dizzy spells in the past, but nothing like this. Those were always fast and furious, flooring me for a couple hours to a day before leaving just as quickly. Now I have no relief, only this constant disability and I'm SO SCARED that I'll end up growing up with this monstrosity. Maybe it's too early to panic, but I am. I keep struggling to keep my emotions in check, keep taking things like Advil, ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc. I even tried my sister's prescription drug for her vertigo/migraine symptoms (which she is now nearly competly free of, having attacks only once or twice a year for hours at most). NOTHING HELPS. Nothing I do eases up this torment. Standing, sitting, laying, ice packs, nothing. Just constant pressure and dizziness. I've never been a nervous girl, so I don't think it could possibly be anxiety. My doctor told me it was heat exaustion , or tick fever, but as far as I know I haven't been bit by a tick since I was born! Plus heat exaustion would supposedly have shown up in my blood tests as a lack if electrolytes, which I didn't have. Reality is blurred. All I can focus on is the fuzzy feeling in my head. I haven't eaten anything for almost two days because even the smell of food makes me sick in the head, like I'm spinning without the physical sensation. I don't feel hungry at all. We need help! I don't deal with dizziness well, I don't know what I'll do if this is permanent.
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Young lady,

I am sorry you are going through this. No one who experiences this can truly explain it to someone who does not. Since I do understand your frustration and horrible feeling, let me suggest all the things i have been tested for, so you can eliminate them. If you have already tried any or all of them, good, just be sure to tick them off.

The heat stroke is a possibility, but more specific, look into dehydration. It is actually more common, most people don't even realize they are not drinking enough water and it does fit all the symptoms.

My doctors also said tick or Lyme disease, but the only sure way is a spinal tap, which is not fun. Blood work can reveal a lot, but, mri's of the brain, spinal fluid tests and ct's are the only way to rule things out for sure.

That being said, I went through all of these things several times, and no dr had any answer.

Please don not take this next idea personally, look into a simple vitamin B complex. Take it daily. We put my kids, daughter and son both on it at 11. It's just a vitamin, but wow did it make a difference for my kids in moods. My daughter’s migraines from hormonal changes stopped almost immediately. All kids go through hormonal spikes at puberty, it is just normal. But the vitamin B balances it out. Give it a shot.

My personal dr is a NMD, known as a natural path. In other words she looks for a natural solution before the harsh chemical ones (in other words, prescription drugs), which I hate. We currently work with a regiment of rx and weekly acupuncture. I have seen more success from the acupuncture than most anything. Unfortunately not 100% effective.

Finally, in the last 12 months, I have begun to see a special chiropractor. They do a specific type of adjustment to my neck, specifically to the c1or atlas vertebrae. It's called Atlas Orthogonal Adjustment. This is their website,www.foresightchiropractic.com, but do your own research. It is making a difference for me, but again, not 100%. I will say this though, if you try it, whoever you go to, give it at least a couple months.

I hope something here helps. Good luck.


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I was reading in my Medical book about this particular symptom - of smelling something that isn't there.  It can be caused by depression or sinus problems.  it recommends Vitamin C and Zinc supplements to correct this problem along with an anti-depressant.  

     I sincerely hope this helps you.   Wishing you the best, Silverfox
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I'll look into vitamin B. I've been trying plenty of water, since at first I assumed dehydration (it was only when the symptoms persisted that I looked into heat exhaustion). Thank you for responding! I read as many of the posts here as I could on my search for relative problems, and I realize how many there really are. I was afraid people would have run out of ideas! And that really helps me; so long as I have more solutions to test I don't feel so helpless!
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A vitamin B12 deficiency can cause one to smell odors that aren't truly there.  Also diabetes mellitus, Cushing's, Alzheimers, and a blow to the head.   But before you panic, try Zinc supplementation.   Zinc has been known to restore taste and smell.  

      After trying Zinc, if it doesn't help, see a doctor to determine the cause.  It could even be a deviated septum or a sinus infection.   There are too many reasons for olfactory disturbances.
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You ladies are experiencing severe PMS symptoms and I know it sounds simple and incorrect, as I did not believe my gynocologist either, but if you will take Aleve all month long it will go away. If you stop taking Alever it will come back.  
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My doctor said these symptoms are hormone related and also related to the menstrual cycle.  He said one of the side affects of Aleve is that it minimizes all of the hormone changes and therefore the symptoms decrease and disappear. It has worked for me. And if I forget to take the Aleve for a few days, the symptoms recur.  It seemed too easy to be true, but too simple not to try.  So I tried it and I am so glad I did.  Ausea was also one if my symptoms. I  was taking a medicine that is given to chemo patients for my nausea. But once I began the daily Aleve regimen, I no longer needed medicine for nausea either.
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I have all the same problems as everyone is saying. I had a MRI done said possible cerebellar tonsillar ectopia long word yes but check it out. I go to chiropractor and he said around my ear is not lined up properly which could be cause of these feelings,but won't align it until I see the neurologist. He said once he can align the prob I will feel so much better. I hate the butterfly feeling in my gut and looking at things as if there distorted they off balance and concentration are awful to. I'm off work because of this. Sure is nice not being alone in this. When you have things like this happening to you it's like your alone. But get those things I mention check and the meds the docs give you do not help a bit.
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Hi I know that this post is from years ago but I just come across it today so maybe somebody will get to read this. All of these symptoms describe exactly how I've been feeling for the past ten months, I couldn't believe it! At first I put it down to dehydration, then GAD, then sinusitis; the list is endless I was beginning to think I'd never find help!
However, I've recently been looking into the symptoms of Aspartme poisoning and can not believe that I have overlooked it as a possibility for such a long time! Aspsrtme is an artificial sweetner which is found in a lot kf sugar free ir low sugar snacks and drinks. Aspartme poisoning affects us in the ways which have been described in this post: ringing in ears, brain fog, sinus congestion and the constant fatigue. Please look into this as a possibility and cut out aspartme from your diet! I started doing it two days ago and an already seeing an incredible improvement.
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have you had any luck finding a cure.  mine has been going on for 8 years
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Hello all I have had all of these symptoms, and I've spent two years seeing all kinds of doctors healers and therapists to find the cause. Finally I figured it out--there was mold in my home. In my basement and right under my bedroom. Mold is insidious and will destroy your life. You should invest in having an air quality expert come and test your home. Their readings will show if you have indoor mold. There is a lot of information at surviving mold.com. It is the website of dr shoemaker who is the expert on biotoxin illness resulting from indoor mold exposure. He is treating me now and I am getting better. Many health professionals know nothing about illness from mold exposure, and you will receive a phantom diagnosis of low testosterone or chronic fatigue or depression. These are all symptoms of biotoxin illness. I wish someone would've told me this two years ago. That's why I'm telling you all now. I can't stress it enough--don't waste time check your home air quality. I'm certain many of you will find its mold making ou sick. Good luck.
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A related discussion, Dizziness, brain fog, tiredness, blurred vision. rash was started.
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There are so many people with these symptoms there must be more people that doctor cannot help that are out there. I read so many forums here is list of possibilities, B-12 or iron deficiency, hiatal hernia, EMS-electro magnetic sensitivity, research is now showing that  people that live next to airport have three times more cardiology issues, gee I wonder why? Radar systems effect the currents of the heart, metal fillings your having an allergic reaction to , and metal filling that creating a current In your mouth and it is like having a battery in your mouth, Look at the famous actor who every time he laid down it felt like light bolt went through his head he would get super bad migraines, he asked his fans for help well someone told him get he metal out of his mouth he did and he was cured. The other is make sure you do not have any HIDDEN infection in our mouth under filling or root canal, the CAT scan should show if the bone density In your jaw there are a lot of people walking around with necrotic jaw bone tissue that they are not aware of which can make you very , very sick See a cavitation dentist only this, and they can check it out,
Get checked for Lyme with MDLLD or just go through the lab I Genex,
Get on serious long terms parasite cleanse it can take months to kill parasites, the tests are inaccurate even the leading parasitology admits that test have high magin of error so just start taking parasite cleanse and see what happens . And of course there is candida, overgrowth my doctor told me that the test can show up negative for candida but at autopsy the see tons of bodies that are filled with candida, After, hearing this I think it is good to take some test three or four times, or just treat the clinical expression as they say, and see what happens. Honestly, when your this sick the doctor should just start with a head to toe MRI then see an endocrinologist, and nephrologist my understanding from my ER doctor friend is these particular doctor especially are very good at detecting what is going on in the systems and they have to play detective, the other piece is hire a diagnostic expert or a private patient advocate. I read a case where this guys the doctor thinks he has Alzheimer he   cant remember his kids names or who they even are, it was the SEVENTH neurologist that thought maybe it was a FOOD allergy to wheat  it was so after I think like six seven months without wheat . he returned to normal . Why seven neurologist . Can you believe it ? So, do not rule out food allergies get on a elimination or SCD stay on it for many months maybe up to a year . What if it is a food allergy, Food allergy test are not that accurate it is suggested from my doctor get on elimination food diet, it is similar to SCD but no nuts.
Wishing everyone good health.
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A couple other suggestions, I have is of course one is chiropractor, I read a case where someone has lost sight out of one eye, they chiropractor fixed it the nerve was compressed,
Also if you have mental health issues, then see a professional they can help you.
I think for women especially hormones is a very big one especially as we get older,  we need our hormones to be balanced and we need a specialist . Please do not suffer and just assume it is part of aging there are so many new and natural products that can help
Lastly, look at where do you live, is it toxic in anyway, are there industrial parks, or to much EMS smog, is there mold so take a closer look at your surroundings, I met a environmental doctor and I was amazed at the things he looks for all kinds of things such at anytime did you live in house with lead paint or lead pipes and then they run a check to see if you have any in your system and then help you remove it.
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Hi, could you please send me information on a reputable lime doctor in the north Atlanta/Athens GA area?  I have had so many drs. visits, tests, lyme test included (which came back negative), so many symptoms that are too numerous to mention.  I would really like to go to a dr. that might believe lime is a possibility.  My email is:  ***@****

Thank you.
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Please tell us about the natural herbs you use to eliminate Lyme bacteria.  Thanks.
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I had vitamin D low for several years, I have itchy nose, head pressure, sleeping problems, and feeling very tired. My symptoms much Lyme disease.  I had 3 antibiotics 500 mg after taking 1 daily I felt very well.  Please tell me what kind of antibiotic your doctor prescribe you.  Thanks.
I visited my doctor but she game just drops for my nose. It did not work
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Hi, I'm 16 and when I was younger I got told I had a hernia. On Tuesday I went to the hospital for a reaction to my meds and here everyday since then every time I eat/ get stressed out I get a rashe down my chest and I fell hot, dizzy, shaky, and like I'm not quite with everything like I normally would be. My eyes hurt constantly and so does my head and I don't know what's wrong. I didn't eat today bc every little bite makes the rash show and get worse.
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I would see if you can set an appt. for an infectious disease doctor. If you go to a regular doctor you will not have this properly addressed.
Even better than an infectious disease doctor would be a natural path doctor.
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I've had very similar symptoms. Been to my primary physician and ENT.  Was experiencing dizziness, felt like my head was swimming, almost like a bobble head. The tension in my temples would not let up. No matter which way I turned, I was experiencing a dizzy, wobbly feeling like I was walking with moon shoes. There was no spinning, and my left ear felt full.  I was very adamant that it was related to my ear because I also had a weird crackling sound when yawning or moving my jaw.  Finally saw a PT that does vestibular therapy.  Turns out it is NOT my inner ear, but extremely tight ligaments with my C1 vertebrae. After she alleviated the tension with some exercises and stretches, the "vise-like" tension headache finally lifted.  I have some neck retraction and upper cervical rotation mobilization exercises that I'm sure will be helpful.  If you feel frustrated or feel like no one you've seen has been helpful, go see a PT.  The problem could be stemming from your neck/back.
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Rinse out your sinuses with over the counter saline.  I had all these symptoms for 8 months and they went away.  It was sinus issues but I thought it was anxiety too.  Also take antihisthamines to stop your sinuses over reacting.  Try cutting down on caffine, smoke, perfume etc... anything that over stimulate s the sinuese until they're better, then reintroduce.
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I have the same symptoms.  I had a traumatic fear experience which made me have a bit of anxiety for a period of time. During that time my stomach acids were out of wack making me sick to my stomach, lowered my immune system making me have a cold. Then the hypochondria started where anxiety kicked in again and started affecting my liver. It was at this point that I started having allergy issues, stuffed nose, pressure behind cheek bones, GERD and every disease I could find symptoms for. This caused me to panic causing heart palpatations, high blood pressure and hypertension. Now when I panic I get light headed, heavy head, weak, naseaous. It is a spiraling effect. The anxiety did enough damage to my liver says the immunologist that I will forever have sinus allergies and will get dizzy almost everytime I have anxiety.
I was never a believer that stress and anxiety can cause health problems. Now I am a firm believer. I have had 25 blood tests done and nothing.
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SOLVED: I had suffered all these symptoms for around 4 years and never had much luck with anyone figuring out what could be causing them. Thought for a while it could be MS or some other autoimmune disease which had caused me much undo stress and anxiety thru my life thinking I had something very wrong or even degenerative with me, though neither a neurologist nor an ENT to confirm a direct cause. Then, at some point, I took Afrin before a plane ride and discovered that it help ALOT with my symptoms, i.e alleviating the foggy head feeling and sinus pressure. After that I decide to say screw it and just started taking Afrin every single day. Over the next few weeks, I was feeling almost 100% better. This had really confirmed to me that sinus inflammation was the cause of most of these symptoms. I had not yet linked the actual instigator of the inflammation but I at least knew that there was something that could finally help. I was still experiencing some sinus infections however and there would be days when these feelings would come back. Finally, I ended up at an allergist and did a allergen panel and discovered that I was highly allergic to many kind of plant pollen and most primarily dust mites which are not seasonal and can effect you all year long. He got me on Allegra D as well as Dymista nasal spray. Its been over a year now and I mostly live symptom free!!! It's really changed my life. I would HIGHLY recommend going to an allergist or simply try staying on an antihistamine/ nasal spray regiment for at least a month and see how you feel. All these medications (except dymista which I've now just traded out for flonase) are over the counter so there is no harm in just going out the the store, buying a month supply and giving it a go! I would also recommend trying different kinds of antihistamines if one doesn't work. It seems Allegra is the only one that really works for me but others might work better for other people. I just wanted to post here because I found this post a few years ago and it gave me some comfort knowing people were going thru the same thing , even if there were no real answers.  Just want to say there is hope and this could be one possible answer. Further more, if anyone knows of other forums or blogs that are seeking similar advice, please let me know. Trying to get the word out. Take care all.
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You guys need to look up temporal lobe epilepsy I think you'll find that it describes many of your feelings or symptoms.
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There must be millions of us out there, suffering needlessly! I want to thank the person that wrote about the candida and clenching teeth connection.

I saw over 60 doctors, yes I did! I had every single test many three or four times  Hundreds of test, 3 head CT. I even had  exploratory surgery, , biopsy, dental cavitation surgery. ozone and hydrogen peroxide IV'S and UV spiral!  The Lyme Literate doctor checked me for Lyme through IGenex twice it was negative, I was sooooo happy, but I what was causing my:
Losing balance
Stiff neck,
Clenching my teeth
Flu like feeling,
Blurred vision,
Brain Fog
Heart Palpitations,
Heat intolerant
Skin tingling stinging burning sensation
Sound sensitivity, and light sensitive
Pressure in my head
I felt like my brain was gone, it was like was watching a dream within  a dream state, talking and listening  was  draining sometime It was like my brain switch was off .it was crazy! I could hardly go anywhere I would get  car sick especially if someone drove around the corners to fast .  Finally a  doctor that is total genius with three different types of doctorates, diagnosed me with Mycotoxins illness, is also known as biotoxin illness, which is black mold exposure. .  My husband tore open the wall in the bathroom  and guess what we had   odorless black mold in our pretty new house five years old house The black mold breathes out toxic byproducts and it is pretty scary stuff!!. If you are a Vet you might have been sprayed with a more potent version of this stuff  when you were at war. Please look up the pioneer, Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker he has trained doctors all over the world that can help ! I was put on purest form of Cholestyramine, Springgreen 77 which is a  clay,  zeolites, charcoal and couple other things.  Plus I got a mouth guard, got regular massage  and got on the   SCD diet  We moved and was told by my doctor to never, ever return to our house, once your sensitized you cannot return to even a remediated mold house.    I took the medicine for about 18 mths. I still  had  heart palpitations, reoccurring yeast infection I believe it was from all the antibiotics I took when doctor were trying to figure out what was wrong with me, which causes fungal/ candida overgrowth my doctor put me on antifungal that he sees the most success with which is Diflucan I took it for 30 days.  I needed a .long term treatment for fungal/candida overgrowth. So, I got with my ND and I'm  alternating medicine, GSE, Caprylic acid, Allimax , Berberine, Pau' arco, and oregano oil 1-2 drops in water all day. And probiotics 2-3x a day. On top all of this , the mold exposure caused sinus issues, the 5th ENT doctor, showed me my x-ray of a seriously blocked sinus which was causing  major infection, this was all caused from breathing in toxic  mold byproduct which has inflamed my sinuses for so long that now I need surgery. The ENT was a professor at the medical university so I knew I was in good hands Surgery was successful !
I'm lucky to be writing this today because my doctor believes if I had stayed in the mold house I would of eventually had a heart attack from breathing in the mycotoxins and it byproducts .  I  thank God everyday for my life! If your still looking for a cure for this I want  everyone to know that I believe  there is  a cure for every illness, Do not give up and keep looking there is an answer out there.  
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POSSIBLE SOLUTION, ATTENTION please do not disregard this, read thoroughly and give it a try.

I have ALL absolutely exact symptoms that have been described here

It is a very simple but often missed and misdiagnosed thing: Inner Ear Fluid Buildup, often caused by common cold or flue or ear infection, symptoms may appear long after the cold or flue is gone, during exercising, sauna, getting hot etc.

Causes brain pressure, vertigo, fogginess, feeling of fainting, causes panic, panic in turn cause excess adrenaline, elevated heart rate etc...

My simple solution was iodine. Iodine MUST be diluted before applied directly into the ear. Put 2 drops of regular over the counter 2.5% iodine into a teaspoon of warm FILTERED water, use a dropper to put 2 drops of diluted iodine solution into one ear, wait 5 minutes or until u start to feel a burning sensation in the ear, turn over, let it drain, the burning sensation will continue for the next 10-30 minutes. Repeat with other ear.

Do twice daily, morning/evening you may start feeling relief within the hour.

Iodine is very good for you in moderate amounts, it is cancer fighting agent.

Facebook me: "Garry DotNet" for more info.
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I'm suffering from all these symptoms I feel like I can't enjoy life anymore one minute I feel good the next I'm out of it can't concentrate feel like I'm dying dizzy pressure in my head tingling I need help no diagnosis up to now blurry vision all the time Hellp
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has anyone found the solution yet? Thanks!
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Anyone still looking for an answer, I have all those symptoms too. Look up "Chronic Fatigue syndrome". It is on many sites and the Center for Disease Control has a great site. Hard to diagnose, but all of you who have been through a million tests with no answer. Read about Chronic Fatigue syndrome. Could be your answer. Good luck to you all, I so can relate. My Doc is trying to treat me now. I have a big problem with my blood pressure dropping when I stand. Not many Docs think to check that and I think that's causes alot of the symptoms. Worth checking.
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Here is my suggestion, if you have a chronic issue as concerning as you have described (this is no way to live) ... go see a Functional medicine doctor.  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a cop-out in my opinion ... yes, you are always tired ... but WHY? is the better question.  There is ALWAYS a why.  I won't even go into the plethora of symptoms that I was experiencing, but I sounded VERY much like you.  In my case it turned out that I was exposed to mold for many years.  My body was in a high inflamation cycle (CIRS).  I thought I may be dying, it was horrible.  I was shunted around the ENT's, cardiologists, internal med, GI docs, you name it .. everyone had a test, and I passed every one.  But I was feeling horrible ... I felt like I wasn't in my own body, like I was part of a dream sequence.  Functional med. docs are the only ones that could finally put the pieced together.  Do not give up on your health, it will effect every experience in your life.  Here is how you can find a functional med. doc: https://www.functionalmedicine.org/practitioner_search.aspx?id=117
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See a sleep center. It sounds like narcolepsy. I had the same problems you did, and the viruses that can precipitate sinus infections can actually cause narcolepsy.

I went undiagnosed for about 15 years, until I finally saw a sleep specialist and she nailed the diagnosis right away. The vast majority of doctors have absolutely no idea what it is or what it looks like, and no routine lab tests, MRI, CT scan, x-ray or anything of that nature will detect it. 75% of people with narcolepsy never get diagnosed in their lifetime.

It doesn't look the way you think it looks. Common misdiagnoses are depression, epilepsy, and migraines. I struggled for years to find an answer, and now I finally have one. I have the same story- after a particularly vicious year of sinus infections, I ended up with narcolepsy that actually included cataplexy (random muscle weakness that can either be isolated or widespread). It manifested first in my face, as a sort of Bells Palsy, but when I paid closer attention I realized it happened to my other muscles, though it was very hard to notice.

Get seen by a sleep center!

Some doctor say it could be from eye strain hours on the computer
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Hi my os brandon having dizznes,spaced out, head pressure feedinh shaky please to me what yo do. My appointment month August. 2 what i need to tell my doctor next on my first visit  
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My name Brandon, i tested positive for h pylori having sinus weak muscle weak, pressure to head dizziness. Anybody recovery from this.
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I had the same symptoms, all blood test were normal, etc.. I finally had a OGTT test with the insulin curve done. My body releases too much insulin (dizziness, fogginess, poor concentration, feeling of watching a movie) and for some reason when my blood sugar is leveled the remaining insulin continues to work; this is called reactive hypoglycemia (shakiness, pounding heart, tiredness, sensitive to light and noise, irritability, energy crashes). Ask for the OGTT + insulin curve just in case. My life was destroyed by all my symptoms (my digestion was very poor, I had nausea and pain in my chest etc), doctors thought I had chronic fatigue syndrome, psychological problems, etc.. I started a low carb diet (and ZERO sugar) and slowly healed.
WOW It sounds so similar to mold poisoning I would see a mold specialized doctor and while your there insist on a Lyme test though DNA Connections or IGENEX
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I had same symptoms for 7 years cut out milk felt a bit better but still had horrible days then I cut out tea and coffee feel much better only time I feel like this now is if I ever over eat and get indigestion
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I  was super sick, and had all of those symptoms plus more. I was sick for 4  long hard years, we spent  tens of thousands of dollars ,
over 240 doctors visits and over 65 doctors involved
Regular MD are  , not specialized.
I was diagnosed by a  MD/ND and Chinese Medicine doctor I did IV's for three years. I talked to people that have seen up to 200 doctors and were undiagnosed, or misdiagnosed, or offered anti-depressant I was being treated for  black mold poisoning that had been hidden in our new house.
Here is what I learned get with an expert in chronic ill specialist
Get checked for  Lyme ( IGENEX DNA Connections)
Get checked for heavy metal poisoning .
I saw tons of dentists in these IV room getting chelated.
My doctor was checking for uran ium
levels after Fukushima and his patients levels had gone up so he was treating us for radiation exposure. We live on the west coast.
Get a parasite check from an expert
A parasite test can easily be inaccurate you need ten tests for 100% accuracy. Get on anti-parastic
rotating them for over year if necessary  For the poor Lyme patients, I learned this  by the time they got an accurate diagnosis the Lyme,  had become, chronic Lyme which is hard to get rid of.   A Lyme Literate Doctor who can diagnose you right away and get you on the right  antibiotics right away .  Many people were misdiagnosed for so long that they ended up with "Chronic Lyme" and by this time many of these people are like experts in Lyme, I mean they are hooked into the biggest, fastest network or people and information.  It is mind blowing, but amazing example of the power of an  tech. information network!  Do not wait around for your doctor to fumble around moving around in slow motion in his office.  Get to LLMD
And if you do not have Lyme get to an chronically ill specialized doctor they try to nail down the cause  The doctor will do  a full blood work up,
a full thyroid test, hormone test, and
do a test to see if your body can clear toxins, they will do  DNA test.mycotoxin urine test, get a REAL lyme test ( IGENEX OR DNA Connections)
See a dentist to do a TAU test or a micro-magnification cone beam will show any type of dental infections
Research dental cavitation you can have a virulent toxic leaking infection that does not show up to regular x-rays and this can make you sick , with  mystery illness. Get a real dental cavitation dentist and do some research. The case I read an Asian women sick, heart issues, wheezing , headache dizziness, , body aches, fatigue, just feel sick all the time  she had this for ten years , And she goes to some big city and she sees a dental cavitation they see an infection clean it out a couple months later all symptoms are gone, get this her husband was a dentist. Request a MRI with contrast if you  think you have sinus issues, dental , jaw ear issues. Sphenoid sinusitis or sphenoiditis issues are hard to diagnose. What I have seen
my chronically ill specialized doctor  
is used to getting people on PIC line for antibiotics to kill the infection . My point is when you need a hammer well they got one! And from
what I gather getting a Pic Line is done by a radiologist it is a very  simple process and then they saturate your body with antibiotics and this really goes after the infection
Many people felt much better.
Consider  a food elimination diet and stay on it for up to eight months this test is superior to scratch test I would do both to be
on the safe side Watch out for gluten
and dairy they cross react. Gluten can make you so sick, and cause so many issues, there was a case where a guy looked like he had Alzheimer's and was forgetting his kids faces and names the 7th neurologist figured out it was gluten
which you must be off of for many, many months to go back to normal
  The other is a chronic ill specialist they will run full CBC and then some other tests or look for a DIAGNOTIC expert. Rather than a regular MD they are more. Get an allergy test, stop all chemical,go organic, no GMO and use gentle organic
safe shampoo,soap ,lotion STOP
febreze, dryer sheets all very deadly toxic stuff.  My friend was a scientist for big pharma she became allergic to all the chemical in the lab and left her job . If you live in condo or/ an apartment &  several people are doing laundry with dryer sheets
this creates a very toxic carcinogenic environment do your research on this
you will be shocked. . There was patient that I talked to that kept getting so sick they were taken  by an ambulance a few times, and it was from bleached tea bags! Sometimes the things we will never think about could be causing us issues. The other is Electro-magnetic hypersensitivity EMS a person that reacts to wifi, cell phones microwaves,  and cell phone towers and even computerized cars
And of course without asking they slap a Smart meter on your house bad idea.  San Francisco fought to them on this one. My friend has this he saw a billion doctors finally read  Not in my backyard.  Figured out what was making him so sickSolution could be moving way out to the country everything is corded you have your entire inside of your house ceiling walls, floor painted with a High Frequency Shielding Paint.  
( there is market out there selling this) of course you paint over this with a  color you find pleasing .  Wifi Is especially dangerous to babies, research shows it effects brain development,There is special type of clothes, shoes, hats and even blanket you can buy to protect yourself from EMS. There is  a place where people can go live that have EMS it is Green Bank, W. V they do not allow WIFI and there is no cell phone coverage because it interrupts the functioning of the Govt telescope. Many  EMS people live there . And there are some places  in Hawaii that there is no WIFI because they do not want to damage the brains of the children . This is to be taken seriously  . Anyhow, the  paint that block all electro-magnetic frequency. There was a study that came out indicating that Alzheimer's skyrocketed when cell phones hit the market.  Check your house for mold ( by an expert)radon , and carbon monoxide leaks!
Lastly, keep a diary of everything you touch, eat, smell or any place that you go. Be observant. Never give up , and keep the faith.
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