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Dizziness, suddent fever, shaking, weakness, loss of hearing, diarrhoea

Please help,
basically I was feeling fine all morning, then suddenly I stood up and felt very dizzy (which to be honest normally happens so I stand there for a sec until it goes) but then I walked to the toilet and suddenly felt so hot (like a rise in my body temperature instead of the weather) and was sweating and I was shaking and by the time I got there I realised I couldn't hear properly, like my ears had popped but to the extreme and I couldn't un-pop them, then after a while my hearing slowly fuzzed back, but then as I was on the toilet I had diarrhoea and on the toilet paper I had a tiny bit of blood (from my front) (I'm a woman) and then I walked back to my room and just felt so weak, so I thought maybe I should eat something so I went to the kitchen and I was so weak that I sat down by the fridge, waited there for a sec, got the food from the fridge and made a sandwich and sat back down and ate it, I felt less weak and don't have a temperature anymore after sitting down for a while but I'm still shaking now as I'm sitting down and feeling a bit dizzy, I really have no idea what this all is so please help.
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I would seek medical advice if it happens again.
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Hi and welcome. Sounds like a few things going on. Standing to quickly can cause a change in your blood pressure causing the dizzyness. Its happened to me a few times in my life. The blood spotting could be from your period and the diarrhoea from bacteria from something you ate or drank.

Maybe its time for a good checkup to make sure all is ok. You should always see a doctor for a yearly checkup anyway. Next time your at a food store, try one of those blood pressure machines and check your pressure.
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Sounds like your blood sugar went too low.  Have you been eating enough?  When it's hot out we have a tendency to eat more salads and not enough protein or carbs.  Also, are you drinking enough water?  Sodas and tea don't cut it.  Your electrolytes might be a bit low because of the heat.  

You can make yourself an Oral Rehydration Drink to sip on during this heat wave.  5 cups water, 1 tsp. salt, 1 Tbs. sugar and a pinch of baking soda.  Or drink some watered-down Gator Aid or Pedialite.

Please take care of yourself.  This heat wave has caused a lot of problems for people who aren't used to this type of weather.  Some end up in the hospital with heat stroke, heat exhaustion or dehydration.
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