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Dizziness almost 4 weeks after being punched in my left temple

I intercepted a full punch on my left temple while trying to stop a fight. I am a female of about 125 lbs and have never been hit before. The first several days afterwards i had no balance and needed someone holdng me at my waist to keep from falling over. It will be 4 weeks this coming Monday that it happened and i still have a pea sized knot on my temple, just on the bone surrounding my eye socket. My balance is mostly back to normal, except if i look up at anything higher than my line of sight i get totally dizzy and my head swims. Also the same when laying down or standing up from bed. No, i did not go to the doctor and do not want to. No insurance and no money. Just wondering how long this could last and if maybe my inner ear was damaged somehow, and if so will it eventually get better? Thank you.
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This is a reportable incident, a legal/police matter and a medical case which should have been investigated, regardless of lack of money or insurance.
You may want to protect a certain person involved in this altercation, however, the price you might be paying for this is high!

It is possible you may have sustained some moderate to intermediate head injury, for which should you have received medical attention right away!
Did you have a concussion? Do you know?

It is imperative in such events of head trauma to seek medical help immediately! What where the people who were present there thinking?
I don't blame you at all, under the circumstances, but you should take
action right away now!

Please forget looking for further advice online, this is SERIOUS!
It may involve more than just your inner ear. I hope for your sake, your injury does not cause you any degree of disability or to require extended hospital care.

Having said this, deep inside, I feel you won't do anything as you posted, despite the seriousness of your situation and you're hoping that it is a self-
limiting injury and everything will return to normal soon!

Best wishes,
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If you live in the US you can go to ER at a  hospital and get diagnostic test - CT scan and possibly, a later MRI scheduled,  Tests will ascertain what is happening inside.  It is up to you whether  you have a doctor's care.

In the US the ER will apply for Med-ical for you - at no charge.  The Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) provides coverage for Med-ical.

If you are a Christian Scientist, pray.  

Herbs - if you can find fresh turmeric - eat about 1 1/2" piece daily first thing in the morning.  You can research why that may help.
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