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Dizziness and pressure in back of head

Currently diagnosed with Tourettes, Bipolar, Carpal Tunnel, Costochondritis.  Frequently smell things that aren't there (foul), with extreme sensitivity that has to be slept off. Also smell things that are real but will be oddly sensitive to them on some days. My field of vision turns black when I stretch backwards or crack my back. Blackness fades back to normal from upper left to lower right in very bright almost-pixelated colors. Would lose my balance and fall, be dizzy, but would not lose consciousness. Recent pressure in the back of the head above the neck. Occurs with pulsing sensation and the appearance that lights are flickering on and off. (whether in light or dark.) Hearing also becomes difficult and drowned out. Lots of dizziness. Also, recent leg twitches, spasms, charlie horses, and outright jerking in the legs that even wakes me up when im sleeping. Very painful, and even my love of bananas couldn't cure it. Wondered if some of this was stress/potassium problems/ or a neurological issue related to tourettes. Have also been experiencing pain in multiple places on both sides of the body in perfect synchronization that last no more than a couple of minutes at one time. (like thumb and thumb, or toe and breast, finger and toe, different combinations in perfect synch.) Very painful, ***** back. Do you know whats causing my pain and odd array of symptoms? That is, if they're symptoms at all.
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It sounds like there are a variety of neurologic-related symptoms here.

With the loss of balance and changes in visual field, I would pursue head imaging with an MRI.  

I agree with checking the electrolytes to exclude abnormalities that make lead to muscle spasm.  The calcium levels specifically.

Nerve conduction studies can be done to evaluate for possible peripheral neuropathy.

These options can be discussed with a neurologist.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin Pho, M.D.

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By the way, this question actually does pertain to occupational health... you don't get more than 2,000 characters so its difficult to detail it. I had also wondered if I could've slipped a disk or compressed a nerve or caused cartillage damage or inflammation in other parts of my body from heavy lifting. Or, if maybe a vitamin defficiency is causing my issues or stress. A lot of these issues started as a child. (I've been hit in the head a lot) So there was also some concern that my work environment might've exacerbated an old injury from childhood, etc.
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