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Dizziness and strange feeling in the head


I am 47 yrs old and about three months ago I have a strange feeling in the head. It started when I wake up I feel heaviness in the head (Heaviness in the head could have different to different people. It is difficult to describe but I will try). I have no headache but some feeling that I have all the time when I turn my head or move I feel it more. The description of dizziness is confusing to some people. The dizziness I have is not that things move around me or I move around things. It is just that feeling in the head that do not let me concentrate on anything. It is not constant but comes and goes. For example last week I was ok all the week. Now it is back. But the felling of heaviness is less than when it started 3 months ago.
I have seen a neurologist and he thinks that I am ok.
I have seen my GP and he thinks I am ok. I have seen my ENT doctor who thinks that my sinus is ok and it is not related to sinus and not an ENT problem.

This started when I was really upset and worried something but would not consider my self depressed in the sense that I need medications but I must admit that I am a worrying person.
When this started I have some other symptoms that I would consider scary at least to me. For example once I was talking to some people with some enthusiasm and felt like I can't fix my eyes on them. I had to stop and go home because that was strange to me. A week later I was laughing with some friends in a coffee shop and I had same but a bit stronger of the eys which let some of my friends to take me to the Accident & Emergency in a near by hospital. Again nothing was found after some blood and urine analysis. I can only say that in both occasions I was drinking black coffee if this has to do with any stress related problems

My work is really stressful. Since I got this job in Sep 2008 I was really under stress but again it is not the work I hate but too much to do.

I am really worried. I did MRI 2 years ago when I had ringing in the ears my ENT asked my to do both CAT scan and MRI and I did and the result was fine.

I need to know if anybody has this feeling please which I cannot describe. The neurologist thinks that I need to take some anti depressant because he thinks this is stress related and I am not really convinced.

Please let me know what this is? And most importantly if anyone has the same feeling and how can I get rid of it.

Thanks a lot.
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I am talking Glucophage 750 xr once/day. Could this be the reason?
Please let me know.
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To cary19745

Thanks for the reply.
No I have never had a stress test before. Where do I do this? with a psychotherapist? or psychiatrist?
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Thanks for the reply.

To doctornee medical

My blood pressure is fine I think. I have checked it when I have this feeling and randon checks and thinks it is ok. But what reading will give similar symptoms? High or low please?
I have checked the eyes 5 months ago but I will check again.
Which doctor that can be consulted for sleep disorder? speciality?
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Get your blood pressure and eyesight checked. Both can cause similar symptoms. Otherwise it could be a sleep related problem and you will need to consult a sleep specialist. Take care!
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well i think it could be due to the high stress job u have .Have you had a stress test done,also i've had the same feeling as welland was finally diagnosed with chiari malformation,so maybe have your dr. order an mri of the brain,at least it would rule it out for you! Just a thought!hope you get answers soon.just keep trying to get answers.take care
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