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Dizzy, nausea, diarrhea, cold chills, shaking, all at the same time ?

Since May I have been having severe dizzy or lightheaded feeling like I will pass out, but I don't. Combined with being extremely nauseas and very bad diarrhea. It comes out of nowhere. I could just be sitting at work and an episode will happen. It seems so hard to explain what is happening. First, I will feel a bit dizzy and nauseas, then I will have to run to the bathroom because the diarrhea hits me and I feel like while I'm going to the bathroom I will pass out, then the nausea and dizziness with cold chillls and then I am hot so I have to take the sweater off that I put on because I was cold. I am 30 years old and I have a mild case of lupus that has been under control with plaquinil over the past ten years. My Obgyn took me off of birth control pills in August because she thought that was what was causing this, but I still have the episodes and they are getting closer and closer together. I had an MRA and MRI in September that both came back normal. My neurologist has put me on neurontin three times a day, but that isn't helping either. I can not funtion my normal like and every time it goes away I hope it's for good, but then it comes back and I can not figure out why. I am not drinking any alcohol either.  Please give me some advice because I am tired of missing work and time with my family. Thank you.
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have you had a cardiac work up...some of those symptoms may be related to an arrythmia.........good luck
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Perhaps carcinoid syndrome?
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I was passing through this forum in a search for medical help myself when I found your post.

I have been suffering from the same symptoms myself since the beginning of this year. I havn't felt alright in months.

I have been for numerous checks, doctors declaring IBS, testing for endometriosis (family history) and putting me on Yasmin (a contraseptive pill which will apparently stop symptoms.)
This is because what I have noticed is that my symptoms, although constant, appear to worsen to great heaights during my menstrual cycle.
I wondered if you have this same problem?

Like you my outbursts are frequent, yet random including a feeling of acidity, nausea, diarroea, lethargy, trembling and cold sweats.

Although obviously at work it is difficult, i find that inhaling with herbal oils (put a few drops in hot water, place a towel over your head over the bowl,) baths, massage and cutting wheat out of my diet helps immensely to sooth these symptoms.

Hope this was some help to you.
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Thank you for your comment.  I will try to cut wheat out of my diet. The scary thing is I have been buying wheat bread for the longest time.  I will have to break that habbit.  I have had oils that my Mother gave me two years for my Birthday.  I think it's time to take the time to read that over.  I have also started to see a chiropractor.  I went yesterday and today I already feel some relief.  I have an EDG test scheduled in January and I'm still waiting to hear back from my Doctor on the catscan of my abdomen. A friend of mine gave me an early present and it's a book called, Ultra Prevention.  It seems interesting so far and it talks about alternative medicine, which I am willing to try since none of the medications seem to work and the Doctors can't give me an answer. My father just returned from the mayo clinic and they gave him a low residue diet to follow. That has been helping him with his digestive issues.  Thank you for your time and information. Joann
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I have been having the same problems since I was 15. Usually it happens within a week of my period. It is horrible and honestly the first time I thought I was dying. I thought maybe it was Toxic shock syndrome but when I brought it up to my Dr. I was told that this is not the case. I was sent for testing of my colon, stomach, have had MRI etc. No one knows what is causing it and until today I never knew anyone else had experienced it. I can now tell when an episode is coming so I automatically strip down get two washclothes  wet with cold water grab the trash can to sit in front of me and get through the 20 minute ordeal that absolutely drains me. If anyone has figured it out please let me know. I would love to find a treatment.
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Now I have had more tests done, with the same results, NORMAL!  Ok, the chiropractor visits honestly must be helping me. I am still going to have the endoscopy of my stomach next Wednesday so I will see if that comes back normal too.  It seems that the more people I talk to about my symptoms, they think it is anxiety. Now my Doctor would like to put me on effexor, and I just don't know about taking an antideppressant when I'm not depressed, side effects seem so bad.  My chiropractor has given me a naturopathy doctors card. He said that maybe I can start taking some vitamis that may help me.  I am so tired of feeling this way I am willing to try it. I was having really bad chest pains last week, xray came back fine so that's why my family doc thinks it's panic attacks or anxiety. It seems that may be correct since I have worried about everything under the sun my entire life. Last year I got married, bought a house, and became a step mom all within two months!  Guess when all of my symptoms started, May, the wedding was in June, house purchase in April, oh and I turned 30 in April too.  Maybe all of this was too much for me at once, but it was kind of delayed symptoms if that makes sense?  I would love to take the effexor and be done with it, but something inside of me is saying to try the natural herbal way first. Stress can kill people way before their time and I'm way to happy with my life (except for my health) so I want to be here for a while. This website is helpful.  It was so hard for me to trust the chiropractor, I wanted to stop after the first week, but he has made a huge difference!  Keep me updated on you too!  Thanks,
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Hi ,
well i am a happy person , great health conditions , i eat well , excercise regurally.

But lately i had a panic attack (i think) suddenly , it came to me like this , strong dizzy feeling , heart beating , left hand shaking , trembling , sweating , feeling like i am going to die , or fall apart.

So after 6 hours all these symptoms are gone except one think dizziness , it's been fallowing me for a week , all the day i feel dizzy , i feel my body is weak , need lots of sleep , i can't stand up , i can't focus on anything either concentrate.
i am 23 years old , when i drive i fell that i wanna go home as fast as i can.

So i have no idea why that happened suddenly , and that is affecting my life.

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Joann91 I had the same problems.  They started when I was stressed out.  It turned out is was Celiac Disease, parasites, lactose intolerance and bacterial overgowth.  Parasites  are hard to diagnose, but you can do an herbal remedi to get rid of the parasites, just make sure it is gluten free.  Also don't just cut out wheat cut out gluten which is found in a lot of things.  This means only rice or tapioca bread.  Also may condiments contain gluten.  Go basic.  Eat unprocessed foods, and take a probiotic.  You can try and cut dairy out for a while, you can even test for lactose intolerance. Also you may have an allergy to another food, which can do all the things you are talking about.  Some food allergies to can be tested for.  You can also be tested for celiac disease.  Oh, you can also be tested for bacterial overgowth it is the same process as being tested for lactose intolerance, it is a breath test.  I hope this helps.

If the chiropractor is helping you may have a problem with your muscles.  It isn't anxiety.   Don't listen to them and switch doctors.  That is what they told me, but I kept going to different doctors until I found someone to listen to me.  Turns out I had ligitimate problems and I am doing much better now, but because I had my problems for so long I won't be better until I finish physical therapy.  

To comment on the period thing, it could be endometriosis which would cause these symptoms to worsen around your period.

JoJo_Cute go to the doctor immediately.  These are severe symptoms which can be indicative of other series problems.  Better to be safe then sorry especailly since they came out of no where.  

Oh, last thing don't take medication just to take it.  I took medication that made things much worse and then they gave me medication to help those symptoms and things got worse.  I was visiting a friend and didn't remember to take everything and I felt better.  Turns out it was the medication that was hurting me.  

You know yourself better than anyone else.  Do what you think is right and don't take bad answers.  Get second and third opinions.
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my name is christina, i live in vermont.  I am 29 yrs old.  I just wanted to say that for the last 3-4 days, i have been extremely dizzy, nausous, diahrrea just wont stop, and chills really bad.  I have read the forums and i am on effexor, have been for a long time, and trust me it doesnt help these symptoms.  I am really worried.  I dont eat alot of wheat and i know that i dont drink that much milk.  I have a doctor's appt today, so if i find out anything i will let everyone know.  I dont think that it would have anything to do with the water, i have my own well.  i dont know. just wanted to throw the EFFEXOR in there. thanks christina
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ok, i am back from the doctors, they seem to think that my dizzyness, nausea, diarrhea, and cold chills have to do with my thyroid.  They have drawn blood, and i wont find out until tomorrow for sure.
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hello there,

I had these symptoms before too and I had it 2 times already. The first time and the second time were the same; dizzy,nausea,diarrhea,cold chill, shaking and wanted to faint.

For the second time, i believe it was b/c i ate the prezzle with the icying drink at the movie theater. Probably those food can not go together, since both have tons of carb. in it. Well, as for now, i still don't know the reasons, though when that happen, I normally go to the bathroom and do whatever, then run back to my bed and put on the green oil and rub it on my stomach. It felt better all the time.

But yea, i think that we should go check it out with the doctor though, b/c i think these symptoms are extremely severe!
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Hi, this is my first time visiting this site. I took the day off work today because I've been have these "episodes" for lack of a better word. It started about three weeks ago, out of the blue, I start feeling nausea and dizzy which went on about 5-10 min then I got the cold sweat feeling and I had to go to the bathroom.  I was on the train going home from work so I had to find the bathroom, get in, had a bowel movement (not diarrhea) and for about 5 min I felt like I was going to pass out. Then I was ok.  About 1 week later the same thing except this time the bowel movement was diarrhea and the diarrhea lasted a few hours.  I have had four episodes in 3 weeks. I went to the doctor today and said the first thing he wants to do is get a stool sample to test for parasites and bacteria.  So we'll see. But reading what's been posted I'm going to monitor my diet and see what happens.  These episodes are scary and make me panicky which may be making it worse for me...I don't know!!!!
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Hi, this is my first time visiting this site. I took the day off work today because I've been have these "episodes" for lack of a better word. It started about three weeks ago, out of the blue, I start feeling nausea and dizzy which went on about 5-10 min then I got the cold sweat feeling and I had to go to the bathroom.  I was on the train going home from work so I had to find the bathroom, get in, had a bowel movement (not diarrhea) and for about 5 min I felt like I was going to pass out. Then I was ok.  About 1 week later the same thing except this time the bowel movement was diarrhea and the diarrhea lasted a few hours.  I have had four episodes in 3 weeks. I went to the doctor today and said the first thing he wants to do is get a stool sample to test for parasites and bacteria.  So we'll see. But reading what's been posted I'm going to monitor my diet and see what happens.  These episodes are scary and make me panicky which may be making it worse for me...I don't know!!!!
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Hello...I have been reading all the previous posts and I can't believe so many others feel the way I do. I am 38 and have been off the the Pill for 2 1/2 years. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis about 16 years ago. Had Laproscopic laser sugery and then went on the Pill. Had 2 children and after stopping the Pill started to get the occasional dizzyness, hot flashes, diarrhea and nausea before and during my periods. It wasn't every month until the last 3 months. I have started to see a pattern and I have missed work due to the dizzy and nausea episodes. My primary care dr says it could be due to hormones...I also have a vitamin B12 deffiency which I am supposed to be taking the vitamins everyday (which i havent for about 8 months). I have been getting really bad diarrhea the day before my period begins, and then it has continued during my period as wella as my stomach making gurgling sounds and the feeling of morning sickness during my period. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I have also had hot flashes in the last 6 months (not during my period) while I was at work along with a shaking feeling. I have made an appointment to go to the obgyn regarding these feelings based on my Drs recommendations. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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I have had these symptoms and many more since September of last year. I have been through so many tests for so many different things it is not even funny, everything always comes back normal and I am at a loss. I just keep feeling sicker. Question to others who are experiencing these symptoms: Do you have heart palpiltations? Chest pain? I have the diahreah and nausea the chills, trembling, tingling in my skull, blurred vision always light headed and feel as if I will pass out but never do.... I could go on all day. My most recet problem is prickling feelings in my toes feet and hands as if my hands and feet fell asleep when they did not.

The only suggestion I have for everyone is to check out ABOUT.com. It is an online support site for people with anxiety/ panic disorders. I did not believe that was what this was for along time, but if you check out the forums on this and many other sites related to anxiety / panic disorder you will find hundreds of people complaining of these symptoms. Good luck to everyone and I wish you all the best of luck.
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hi everyone im new here ive had all this dizzy stuff and got diagnosed with vestibula labyrinthitis, i also have anxiety that goes along with it not nice but the symptoms are the same

dizzy, sickness, vomiting, loss of ballance, disorientation the list goes on if some of oyu would like to look at the LabyrinthitisSupport Group it may help find out if this is your illness. i hope this helps some peeps. xx casey
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  I suspect your could have the same condition I have.  Judging by the symptoms you posted  dizziness fatigue mental fog. I once myself though panic attacks was the answer after numerous trips to the drs. but after 10 years of constant fatigue episodes of so called panic attacks I discoved I have what is called reactive hypoglycemia.  Problem for most people is routine blood work will not discover this, I got lucky after repeaded fasting blood work I decided not to fast and had my usual soda in the morning before the test and sure enough below normal blood sugar.  When these episodes happen try having a little sugar and if you feel better chances are this is the problem,  if so you must watch your sugar intake in a nut shell diets high in simple sugars espesially in a short amount of time does tremendous damage causing high output of insullin to bring down the level and therefore dropping it to low causing the symptoms u described.  Read up about the condition other symptoms include headaches heart palpatations, rising cholesterol weight gain (lost 45 lbs in less than 6 months changing diet also dropped 70 points off my total cholestorol)mental fog,chronic fatigue and panic attack like symptoms.  To be on the safe side also have a fasting blood work done to rule out fasting hypo which could indicate a more serious problem. There is an estimated 1 million people in the US suspected of having reactive but either show no symptoms or have been blown off by DRs. claiming no medical problem.  Be aware that the condition also raises your rate for type 2 diabetes due to the fact that after long periods of high insullin out put eventually the pancreas will stop putting out as much causing high sugar, good news is it is very easy to control.  Frequent small meals with next to no soda in my diet I feel like a new person not knowing how I lived that long suffering as I did.  Everything improved not only the fatigue weight and cholesterol I also had sleep disturbances which you might also have had.  Those also all dissapeared.

To some of the other here who have the dizzyness and other problems around your period also watch the sugar intake and also salt.  The female hormones released around the time of menstration can cause high sugar levels and for some low which could be causing the fatigue and dizziness as for diarehha watch the sodium and fluid around that time.  I wish you all the best of luck.
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Hi, I stumbled on this thread today and just wanted to add a comment.  Stress can without a doubt cause physical problems, but I've been diagnosed with stress related stomach ailments that it turns out are food allergies.  Food sensitivities are tough to figure out.  It takes patience and careful thought and bottomline your doctor can't dedicate the same time and energy to monitoring all your symptoms that you can.  I'm definitely not being critical of doctors, but in my experience it was up to me to figure out the problem.  Turns out it's lactose intolerance.  

I've been a heavy milk drinker all my life and I still drink it.  On days that I'd go to the office, I started having diarrhea attacks.  Hmmm, sounded like stress.  Y'know what it was--the creamer in the coffee I drink only at the office.  Believe me, it took me quite a while to figure it out but I've done a variety of "experiments" and only when I drink coffee with that creamer (milk is ok) do I have a problem.  If I take a lactaid pill I can drink it.  I discovered recently that I've also developed a problem with ice cream.  Must be another of those things about turning 40!  Anyway, just wanted to add my 2 cents that digestive ailments are difficult to diagnose, but don't assume it's all in your head!
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I have celiac disease, the most extreme symptom being seizures which start with massive bowel attacks, and also multiple other food allergies. You sound like you are at least gluten and dairy allergic. Your body may be having an autoimmune response to those substances, which it considers neurotoxins. To me your symptoms are not "out there" as I've dealt with much of the same. A simple blood test can check you for IgE and IgG antibodies-- you need to be checked for both. This is commonly called a "food allergy panel test". You also need to be tested specifically for celiac disease. Keep in mind that a diagnosis is a blessing, not a curse, because it gives you control over your life and the disease-- which is genetic, by the way. Feel free to contact me directly-- I have a lot of personal experience with this stuff, and I assure you, there is a light at the end of your tunnel. Don't let doctors tell you it's in your head, you're stressed out, you have IBS, or any of that ****. None of those things solves your problem and if that's all they tell you, they're treating symptoms, not the cause. You have a serious medical problem that may have a very simple solution. Again, let me know if I can help!
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Being new to this forum I'm not sure if there's a way to contact members directly. A couple of "afterthoughts"--

Joann091, you said you have lupus. That proves you are already an "autoimmune person". Lupus and celiac frequently go together. So does celiac and Hashimoto's (low thyroid), and celiac and Addison's Disease (adrenal glands). Do a Google search for JFK and celiac-- there's convincing evidence he was a celiac with Addison's. I am very familiar with this association because I'm close to someone who has celiac, lupus, and diabetes, all autoimmune issues. Just because you have one doesn't mean you'll have the other. But it can happen. Your body is fighting against itself and all sorts of wild things can happen. Some of the symptoms are neurological. My point being, because you have lupus, the likelihood of you having celiac disease is higher than someone who doesn't.

I want to reiterate-- don't just get tested for celiac. Get tested for everything. One of the tests that can be done tests for 100 different foods at once. I wish I would have done that, but I didn't know it was an option. I was diagnosed with celiac 5 years ago, and didn't know until last year I had a handful of other food allergies.

Someone else on here said their symptoms get worse with their period-- I have read that women with epilepsy and other neurological disorders experience significantly more activity when their estrogen is up. I know my symptoms are more active during that time. It makes perfect sense.

You may have trouble getting your doctor to test you. If they don't believe in it and just want to sell you expensive drugs, go somewhere else. Don't waste you time. I know a lot of people who've gone to naturopaths for this testing because conventional medicine doesn't take it seriously. I was one of them.
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About four months ago this happened to me. I got some cramping so I went to the bathroom which was a normal bowel movement. But after I become really dizzy so I went to the bathroom again which was diarrhea and starting feeling naucious, dizzy, cold sweating, tingling in my head, and weak. I laid down and was hot and cold on and off. I would feel fine for a few minutes then it was back to all those symptoms and in the bathroom. I also was vomitting. This happened about two months ago again but it was as sever just diarrhea, nausea, and dizziness. Then last night I woke up out of my sleep and had sever diarrhea for an hour and cold sweats. Its very scary when this happens. I am going to see my primary doctor tomorrow, but I am glad that I found other people with these symptoms and all the information has really helped me out. Thank you all and I will keep in contact.
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Glad to see that its not just me. I get a slight stomach ache, head for the bathroom (just in case) and then try wo call for my husband to hold me up by the shoulders while I sweat, get the shakes, feel like loosing concensiousness amd maybe have a small regular bowl movement or scant diahreah. Today I thougt I would not be about to drive 4 mile home. I ate lunch, got the warning signal, made it to the ladies room intime for green diahreah. My friend who had a gall bladder stone the size of a grape hadd all of these symptoms and is much bett now that her entire gallbladder is out. 12 months of doctors and 4 years of symptoms and still no answers. Please someone find a cure! Sick and scared in San Diego
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Its Endometriosis....I have had it for 10 years
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im not sure if this helps you or if it is the same thing but i thought i shall add it just incase it is linked. - sorry i havnt read all of the comments so this is mainly comparing to the first few.

My friend, when she started her periods she had all the symptoms of the first comment (diarrhoea, dizziness, cold sweats then suddenly hot, aches and such). She also felt lightheaded and almost as if she would pass out frequently and seemingly unprovoked. She then started having panic attacks then later she started literally passing out. Everything would seem normal, i could be having a joke with her and she could start laughing and the very next second she could pass out. It was so odd and sometimes she could even hear everything around her but be imobile. She had to take months off school where she was in and out of hospitals taking test after test after test all coming back clear and she got depressed for having to leave school (particularly as we are pressured to do well in 13 gcses because we are a grammar school) and her friends: she was worried about her education and thinking her life was over. The longer time went by she became worse but she was allowed back in school. Her symptoms began to ease off gradually and then she went on holiday for 2 weeks in which did not faint once.

After all of this her and her doctors think it was due to stress and or hormones. Hormones bring on stress methinks; paritcularly around periods (PMT!!) which would explain why it seems to worsen in some of you around menstruation. It was a suspision in the first place because she had just started her periods and also her gcses. Seeing her friends again and the teachers being lenient and giving her special attention to help her with her work up came as a great relief.

My advice to you, even though I'm not a doctor nor am I particularly intelligent, would be to relax. This problem might be surprisingly dependent on your psychological state. If you try to relax by whatever relaxes you ir might help and it is atleast worth a try especially as stress gives a negative impact on your body anyway so you will be gaining something. This also means you should think positive about your problems, try and see the tiniest improvement so you can relax about it because it is "getting better" or atleast just think it will get better eventually to put your mind at ease about it.

As Di5t0rted said ages ago that: "i find that inhaling with herbal oils (put a few drops in hot water, place a towel over your head over the bowl,) baths, massage and cutting wheat out of my diet helps immensely to sooth these symptoms" which all would help stress levels: the pschology of cutting out wheat atleast maybe??

hope it helps if any of you still have the problems xx
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