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Dizzy Spells From Remembering

   For the past three, or four, years I have been experiencing powerful 'déja-vu'-like experiences that lead to even more powerful episodes. I have had half-a-dozen vague dreams in the past that resurface as intense episodes that I can only describe as 'intense dizzy spells'. These 'dizzy spells' occur when I experience an event in real life(a certain smell, the ambience of a room, a particular person, phrases, sounds) that matches one that I have experienced in one of the dreams. Parts of the dreams (in no particular order) begin to resurface and I begin to experience symptoms.
   The symptoms I experience during my episodes are as follows: dizziness; confusion; paranoia; nausea; blurred, darkened vision; light-headedness; shortness of breath; powerful, odd aroma that fills my nose; loose bowels; feeling that I am losing consciousness; feeling disconnected from reality;  feeling really weak.
   The after-effects of my episodes are as follows: confusion, feeling disconnected from reality, feeling weak, paranoia, feeling tired, loss of appetite, blurred vision, and shortness of breath. These after-effects vary in duration depending on the intensity, and duration, of the episode that it follows.
   These episodes flare up from time to time, happening multiple times a day, before subsiding where I can go months before experiencing one.
   I have been researching my episodes online for a long time and have never come across something like this before so that is why I am turning to public forums to try and find an answer to what I am experiencing and hopefully try and put a stop to them. The episodes I have are very frightening and I fee
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OK, now that's a  challenge!

I suspect there are events stored in your subconscious mind, which you might not even be  aware of.
The dreams you speak of, are presenting you with some signs, associated with these events.
Each cell in your body has a memory of events, including all the sensory information surrounding each event.
Failure to process traumatic events effectively, may result in repressed
negative emotions, which can manifest in future physical symptoms,
activated by sensory triggers, simulating information stored in cellular memory from the original event.

Example: Marko is at a cafe enjoying an espresso, when a gunman appears out of nowhere and starts shooting people at the cafe, killing and injuring a number of them.  
Marko is horrified and feeling sick to his stomach, however, he's unharmed.
The following day he's making an espresso at his apartment and he starts feeling nauseated , pours the coffee in the cup, but not only he cannot drink the coffee, he's also feeling horrified. He can no longer enjoy espresso coffee.

Jimmy, 10, was running an errand for his uncle, delivering a container of some oil to his uncle's shop. He felt lazy to walk, so he took his bike, but unfortunately he got into an accident, spilled the oil and also injured his leg and needed stitches. His anxiety that he would get in trouble (he didn't) was
greater than the pain from his injury!
Many years later, his wound from his original injury on his leg would "mysteriously" re-open, every time he would experience a high level of anxiety and stress.

A phone call during super time, informing the passing of Mary's grandma,
causes  her a serious food allergy to ALL the foods that were on the dining table at the time.

These are real cases BTW and not two people react the same to a particular event. There are far too many unknown variables.

Hypnotherapy can bring these events to the surface and once properly processed and cleared, the symptoms should just vanish.
May require a few sessions within a couple weeks, in order to ensure
that deeper rooted issues are completely dealt with.

Hope this helps.


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I would also suggest that you have a EEG done. The symptoms that you mentioned can also be seen with some type of seizures. I hope you find the answer to your problem(s).
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