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Do I have a kidney disease/problem or some other urological condition?

I am a 28 yr old female, w/children, married, monagomous, but with undiagnosed symptoms that interfere with everyday life.  My symptoms include: frequent and urgent urination with unability to fully release bladder, decreased bladder control, abdominal pain mostly lower, about 3 weeks ago had sudden and harsh abdominal pain below rib cage that pierced through to my back, nausea no vomiting, headaches, lower back pain, extreme fatigue (had 2 seperate sleep tests done about 3 1/2 years ago, shows that I have narcolepsy which I take meds for but still tired), fluactuating weight changes, I am told for past 3 years that I have protein in my urine, and also told that I have elevated white blood count, I had trouble with kidney stones late 2008 and had removal done which had complications/infection, My x-ray done during that time showed several calcifications, I also get frequent Infections of the bladder and urinary tract, yeast infections also.  I have had STD testing done but am negative for STDs.  I do have HPV and have had 2 abnormal paps, none recently.  I need to figure out what is going on with me.  I am tired of feeling like the Doctor isn't listening so I stopped going for my symptoms a little over a year ago, but my symptoms are slowly getting more intense.  Answers, anyone?
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Since you have calcifications in the kidney, I suggest you get serum calcium, Vitamin D, parathyroid hormone, and thyroid hormone tested. There could be some problem with the calcium metabolism.
Get your urine cultured for infection and glomerular filtration rate measured along with other kidney function tests to rule out kidney disease. You will need to consult an urologist or kidney specialist regarding this. Since there is protein in urine, diabetes too should be ruled out apart from infection.
Also poor bladder control could be due to weak pelvic floor. Try kegel exercise. Various causes of stress incontinence are weak pelvic floor muscles, child birth, trauma, large fibroid pressing on pelvic floor, neurogenic bladder, menopause etc. However low estrogen level without menopause too can cause stress incontinence.
Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral.
Take care!
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Sounds like a urologist visit might be in order.  Have you had a large baby?  A good overall helper i have found is a betadine or medicated douche after your period.  I would recomment cranberrry juice, and tablets, a multivitamin with minerals, and I would also be interested in what types of birth control you use as some hormonal imbalances could cause some of your problems.  I would also have to know which side your ribs hurt on.  Right side is liver or lung or gallbladder and left is heart, spleen and lung.  Kidney complications usually cause lower back pain radiating down, but spilling protien is never a good sign.  I would definitely encourage a visit to a good urologist next time you can, also a gyn, and a yearly physical with a regular medical doctor to address the elevated wbc's and pain, or possible side effects of meds.  Hope it helps.....
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thanks for replying.  Yes, I was 21 yrs old when my first child, 8 lbs 8 oz was born, he was an extremely difficult labor and delivery, with several severe complications, heart beats were lost, infection in the placenta, my pelvis was way to small for my baby to fit through and literally had to be pulled out because he got stuck in my pelvic region and we were to far along to do a c-section.  I had an extended hospital stay and so did my son, I was so swollen from the experience that I could only feel my son for almost 24 hours after he was born, waiting for the swelling and broken blood vessels of my eyes to allow me to see him for the first time.  I had alot of trouble getting a birth control to work with me after my 2nd son was born, easy delivery, compared to 1st.  Therefore, discovered that I cannot use IUDs because they are to long for me and cause alot of discomfort, I have a very sensitive cervix.  I tried depo provera, yaz, ortho evra, ortho tri cyclen(my body is ok w/this one), and I finally have settled with ortho cyclen.  As for the pain under my ribs it was in the middle and onto the right side.  I have alot of lower back pain, (which I blame on my lower back protrusion from falling down a flight of stairs), and it occassionally radiates down into the backs of my legs, but also in the front of my upper legs to, which the urologist whom removed my kidney stone in 2008 thought was odd, but didn't investigate further.  I had a recent pap and std test about 4 months ago, but didn't discuss my situation because I figured the doctor would do the same as the others I had seen in the past about my symptoms.  My  std and pap tests came back fine, except she came in and told me I have protein in my urine, and was concerned, especially since my cervix was super sensitive, I was negative for pregnancy, and I almost fell off the exam table after the exam due to dizzy lightheadedness, and than fell backwards as though I was about to pass out.  She checked my blood pressure and made me lay down for about 15 minutes, but let me go home.  She told me to watch myself and go in if I continued having problems, but I have in the past and nothing gets done.  Do you think you might know what may be causing this?
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Protein in the urine can be a sign of a UTI. Your other symptoms also point to a UTI. Also it sounds like you're having renal colic possibly from kidney stones again? But a UTI can also be really painful at times. Also having an elevated white blood cell count means you've got an infection/inflammation somewhere too. Feeling tired is quite common when you've got an infection - no matter where it is. You need to follow this up with a doctor and get treated asap. If your doctor isn't listening to you, then go see a different one, please don't give up and let this go - its important you are listened to and get the appropriate tests and treatment.
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