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Does anyone have an idea what might be happening with me?


Over the past couple of months but more recently, I have been feeling not only almost constant nausea but prominent aching of my bones. It gets to the point where sleeping is an extreme struggle because of the constant almost numbing feeling whenever I do anything. To somewhat relieve the pain I have to move my body parts around and only sometimes does it keep the pain away.

I have severe posture issues and despite being only a teenager need to go weekly chiropractor visits for both my lower back and neck. My neck pain however is to the point of even thoe appointments don't stop the feeling of numbness.

Not only that but most of the time I wake up I have extreme nausea and having the feeling to gag every couple seconds. Luckily this sickness goes away sometimes. Though it has gone to the degree of being extremely burning hot and having nothing to relieve it. The feeling is only what I could describe as when you take strong medicine without having eaten food.

I have missed plenty of school days because of these symptoms and my extreme exhaustion. Sleeping is rarity and is only given when I stay up for days. Nothing really makes me enjoy life anymore and I really just wish that these pains would go away so I could go back to being able to get passing grades and being just happy.

My mom isn't worried much about it but it really is something that I struggle with. I can't get up in the mornings and I want to get help. I just wish this strange symptoms could just kill me already so I don't have to suffer any longer. Despite my wish for death I am still here writing this at an early time of day.

Thank you for listening and to those who reply with a slight lead on what is exactly wrong with me, I extremely appreciate you. Have a great day!!
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You may have low ferritin levels,  I would suggest getting a blood test as I know low ferritin levels can cause restless leg syndrome.
Look into RLS .
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Hi, is the problem in the bones, or in the joints? If you happen to be hyper-flexible (double jointed), then this would be pretty easy: Ehlers Danlos. That fits with females of your age.

If not, as Annie suggested: you are in Lyme country NJ, and Lyme could account for your variety of symptoms. You didn't have to see the bulls-eye rash to have Lyme. There are also other tick-borne diseases that go along with Lyme or arrive separately.
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I think you should see the regular M.D. and not just a chiropractor. You could have something like Lyme disease, or nerve problems, or anemia, or (I don't know if it fits the situation) pregnancy, or something else entirely. Chiropractic is for aligning the spine, but what if your main problem isn't your spine? You need a good checkup with blood work.
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"see the regular M.D."
Yep, and ASAP because time is critical if it's Lyme.

In my state of PA, if anybody goes to a doc and merely says that they *think* they might have gotten a tick bite, the doc will write a one-day Rx for doxycycline or similar. That's how seriously they take it.
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