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Dry grinding joints

Hi I am 35yo from England (male) some of my earliest memories are waking up with excruciating pain in my knees and ankles this has persisted as I have grown, but right up until I was in my early twenties I was told it was growing pains, I got black bruising around my ankles and was told it was soft ligaments.

My joints click always have but they have become progressively more clicky and grindy as I have gotten older to the point where near enough every joint in my body clicks and grinds, more over if I don't click them periodically the feel stiff and agitated.

I struggle to explain to people how it feels because although I get pain in my joints it is normally not that bad, I grew up with it and am used to coping with it, the real issue is that the sensation I get in all of my joints is unbearable, it feels like they are drying out, like they're brittle, filled with sand or grit, or bone dry leaves, it is like the sensation you get from irritable leg only in all of my joints,I am constantly aware of every single joint in my body I can feel it inside all of my joints all of the time, when it is at its worst it feels like my teeth are tingling or vibrating and I can barely concentrate.

I have been to my GP's sporadically every time it is x-ray blood test and nothing unusual to report so go away, this year it has gotten so bad that I pestered, they said well it's nothing we can diagnose here so we wwill refer you to the rheumatology consultant. (one plus in their column is they told me to take 600mg ibuprofen 3 x daily which has taken the edge off  just a little and co-codamol does likewise for the pain)

I went to the rheumatology consultant today tried to explain it, he looked at me like I was a lunatic, after a brief examination he said well its good news it's not rheumatoid or osteo arthritis, I will test for gout and your calcium levels bu *** won't be that either, you don't have a disease I can diagnose maybe it's just how you are.

So here I am I asked him where now and will ask my GP likewise but am really getting to my wits end the only things that come close to my symptoms are Lymes (although no rash) and decompression sickness!! can't see that it will be the latter and I don't live in a part of the uk affected by lymes although did holiday in the south of england as a child, I am thinking or writing all of this out in full, if only there was someone out there above the GP that I could send it to I only wish I was rich enough to go private and demand this test and that until they found something!
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Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) comes to mind. Symptoms include joint pain, frequent cracking noises of the joints, and unexplained bruises that often "appear out of nowhere."  
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Thanks for that but I don't really fit the symtoms list other than the joints, the bruising was isolated to a short spell when I was early teens no other skin conditions other than I get stretch marks really easily, my back has loads of horizontal stretch marks from when I was early-late teens despite my not exceeding a 30" waistline until my mid twenties! I did balloon up to about 18-19 stone late twenties early thirties but am not back down to 11 stone ish, still if I try and excercise regularly and end up increasing muscle size I get stretch marks, i.e on my biceps which I could understand if I was body building but honestly I am toned at best!
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It sounds like the doctors have ruled out the standard reasons for joint problems, like RA or gout. Your description of sand feeling in your joints is a symptom of osteoarthritis. Perhaps you're not old enough for the tests to show yet and it's the beginning of arthritis?  I would try surfing for information on "benign crepitus" which is what they call what you have without a diagnosis. I understand working on one's health to reduce inflammation has helped some people. As well, there are anti-arthritis diets which follow the same principles of reducing joint inflammation. I'm not all too familiar with arthritis, but if I were in your shoes, especially with a family history of arthritis, I would focus on the right diet and supplements to help joint health. Vitamin D is really key, too, for bone and joint health.  Most are deficient and doctors here in Canada are recommending everyone take 1000 IU supplement a day. Best of luck and these days, I think a lot of doctors aren't generally into preventative medicine.

I was also thinking about what diagnostic test they used for osteoarthritis. I was reading a site I rely on and it's tricky to diagnose with an x-ray and may require a test of the fluid in your joints. I would insist on this additional test or at least ask why he won't do it (cost perhaps?) It may be because of your young age, perhaps he hasn't seen young people with arthritis? http://www.umm.edu/patiented/articles/what_tests_will_confirm_diagnosis_of_osteoarthritis_000035_6.htm

Here's a good summary of the early signs of osteoarthritis:

The only other angle I can think of is related to your skin. Because you get stretch marks, it could be genetic, but more likely a sign of a deficiency in your diet that doesn't provide the building blocks for skin growth. This could extend to your joints as their cells are being replaced, too . I would look to see if you're getting enough fatty acids, ie. fish in your diet, and a good variety of vegetables,fruit. My guess is the foundation wasn't taught for healthy eating being overweight in your youth. They're lots of websites or a nutritionist can help you.The Paleo or caveman diet is supposed to be helpful.

Take care and best of luck finding a solution to your health! Hopefully it's not arthritis!


p.s. from what you've written, I don't see Lyme or CFS or FM. I suffer from severe FM and am well familiar with the symptoms.
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