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Hi, I’m a 26yo male, 145lbs, 5’9”.
In April/May, I began to experience daily fatigue and some dizziness episodes.

Then in June after it became more frequent, I went to the doctor and I was diagnosed with EBV via a blood test. I’ve never had the “usual” symptoms such as a sore throat, swollen glands, fever, headaches or extreme fatigue. I was just feeling tired, dizzy and spacey at times. Between June and July, more symptoms appeared: joint pain in the knees spreading to the calves and thighs, extreme fatigue lasting 3-4 hours, muscles spasms in the legs, RLS for a month, panic attack at night, waking up 3-4 time a night, double vision, difficulty to concentrate…

Some of the symptoms slowly disappeared between July and August like panic attacks, RLS, waking up 3-4 time a night and muscle spasms. In the meantime, a blood work was done and nothing showed up. A thyroid ultrasound was also done and showed very little nodules but the doctor said it was fine. For the doctor, that was all stress related.

In September/October, all the symptoms disappeared (except fatigue). The problem is: Each time I do too much (work too late, work out or go to bed late), I relapse into the same symptoms: Fatigue, feeling spacey, difficulty to concentrate, joint pain, mild RLS at times, stuffy nose or hangover feeling.

Since October, I’m taking multi-vitamin and protein supplement and I feel less fatigued. However, if I do too much, it’s the same thing for 2/3 days. Whether I stay in bed all day or not, no change.

=> Do you think this follows the normal recovery process of EBV or is there anything else going on? I really don’t know what to do as my doctor doesn’t seem to care about all this. Thanks.

PS: After complaining 3 times about the white coating on my tongue, the doctor decided to do a culture and found some kind of candida. He gave me nystatin for 7days.
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8 months of a diverse spectrum of symptoms with lab tests showing EBV infection is concerning.  I'm glad that some of the symptoms have improved.  Many people are fatigued for many months after infection with EBV infectious mononucleosis. your symptoms are not uncommon.  A tongue infection with candida wouldn't cause the fatigue.
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