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In May of 2012, I felt a slight swelling on my right eye lid and for a long time I ignored it thinking it was a Stye (I used to get styes quite frequently before). Over the summer, the swelling gradually got worse to the extent where some morning I would wake up with my right eye lid swollen and looking like I have a black eye. The swelling/puffyness would go down throughout the day and by night time it would be back to normal. I tried putting hot tea bags, cucumbers and cold spoons over the eye to rid of puffyness but none of it made much of a difference.

In December of 2012, my eye lid and surrounding area began to swell even more, to the extent of me not being able to open my eye. (As shown in pictures). I should also mention that this happened around the time of my final exams and I was not getting much sleep and that the left eye was perfectly normal. I went to see my family doctor who told me I had allergies and to take benadryll and come back in about a week. I went home and took benadryll which helped me sleep for like 24 hours straight. I kept taking this drug - mostly so that I could sleep. After about a week/two the eye was getting better (but not completely better).

After the New Year, the swelling came back. This time I was getting normal amounts of sleep unlike before. I went back to my family doctor who told me to go to the hospital as soon as possible. I went to the hospital and was transferred around to three different doctors.

I finally ended up at an ophthalmologist who examined me and told me to have blood work done and an X-ray done that same day. He then told me to go see a different specialist (Ophthalmologist) in another two weeks. My eye was getting worse by this point (Similar to December 2012 pics).

Once the blood work and X-ray results came in I went to see the final specialist I was referred to and he told me the tests came back normal and that I needed to have a CT scan done. I then got the scan and finally went to see him again. By now we are in April of 2013. Between seeing this specialist (Let's call him Dr. A) initially and seeing him after the CT scan, my eye had gotten better but not completely (like pic from Summer/Fall 2013). There was still some swelling. Dr. A finally looked at the CT scan and said all he would make out was a bit of swelling around the eye but nothing else. He asked me to come back in two weeks and if the eye didn't look normal by then he would perform a biopsy.

I couldn't see him in two weeks as I was writing finals again and I had to leave the city as soon as finals were finished.

Over the summer of 2013, the swelling would come up in the morning when I first woke up and then get better throughout the day. And this happened on and off until now.

About a month ago, the swelling got a bit worse but not to the point of swelling shut. I was scared it would get that bad so I went to see Dr. A again. He finally said okay let's do a biopsy. I'm now waiting to have that done in January of 2014. Since I last saw Dr.A, the affected eye has been becoming bloodshot red in the outer corner. For the past two weeks, the redness has been getting worse. I'm not sure what to do at this point and I feel like doctors are sending me here and there for tests and such and nothing is being fixed.

I'm incredibly frustrated to the extent that I become extremely depressed whenever the swelling gets worse. It's affecting my school life, work like and social life. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions as to what might be wrong with me or what I have, please help. I'm VERY desperate!

Other symptoms:
-When I cry, there are little to no tears produced from the right eye
-With the swelling I have headaches.
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