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Eczema & Stomach Aches 3 years old

I have a beautiful 3 year old. She was had Eczema since she was 9 months.  The condition has worsened over time. She has a number of steroid creams to help control them, but it is only temporary.  If I skip a day she will have very large red; flaky like circles or patches all over.  Once these spots are treated with her topical creams it calms down and leaves white patches everywhere.  Since Aug. 2011 she has complained of stomach aches to the point that she will not allow me to touch her. I’ve take her to her pediatrician and all her test come back normal!! I took her to a Gastroenterologist today and they said she will need an endoscopy.  Okay… her is my issue, what if they don’t find anything? What else can I do?  The Allergy Dr’s have ran food panels, and all kinds of other allergen panels and NOTHING!!  Every time she plays on the living room carpet and or my Boston terrier licks her, she will break out into hives all over… please help…


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does the stomach aches occur after she eats certain foods? like gluten rich foods?.I know as mothers we worry but take one thing at a time, see what the endoscopy says first, but the fact that she has eczema she could possibly be allergic to other foods too. And you need to keep the dog away from her and dont miss a day of using her creams and lotions etc. i had to remove all the teddy bears in my house and take up the carpet for my son. Although I love cats I had to refuse one given to me just for his benefit,All the best.
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Hey Ellie.
Welcome to the forum.
Your girl will be fine. There are holistic allergy elimination therapists in Texas.
I'm familiar with "Allergy Antidotes" as I use this method successfully in Canada. It is totally non-invasive, very efficient and it works fast!
It is so well suited for any age.
How far are you from Dallas or Amarillo, TX ? There are a few therapists there if you want to do a search
Once the allergies are identified, the offending allergens can be avoided -if offensive, or neutralized if they are normally safe. The practitioner will verify it for you.
If you have any questions let me know.
I really hope this helps.
Take care.

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Eczema is a direct result of an allergic reaction. Because of her tummy pains that means it's probably food. Hopefully the endoscopy will find something that will help, but keep in mind that sometimes the allergy tests can miss things. If you haven't, I would suggest starting a food diary for her. Sometimes it takes a long time for the allergens to get out of her system, and there may be multiple ones hiding together. (So as an example if she was allergic to soy and gluten and you switched gf but was using a soy based flour she would still have a reaction.)

Key foods to look for are wheat, gluten, soy, dairy proteins/ lactose (sometimes a dairy protein casein is in soy foods so double check), nuts, fruits, eggs, dyes (specifically red), fake sugars, and legumes.

I know it's frustrating but hopefully you'll be able to find the source of her issues soon. Good luck.
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I would like thank all of you for the time and answers. I will diffidently take all suggestions and comments.  She has seen the allergy doctor on numerous occasions.  All the panels have come back in the normal range.  She will see the GI specialist next week.  Hopeful the endoscopy will turn something up.  Just this morning while eating cereal, she complained again.  It hurts not being able take the pain from her… very frustrating!!  

I live in the Houston area... but if I need to drive to Dallas... I sure will... anything is worth a shoot.

thanks again all!!

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Hi Ellie.
I did a search for:
"Dallas holistic allergy elimination" and came up with many Doctors and Practitioners of "NAET" (Dr.Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique)
that is a similar method to "Allergy Antidotes".
I have no direct experience with NAET, however, it should bring great results as well. They are  superior to the conventional medical approaches to allergies,as allergies are Energy based and the best suited methods to treat allergies should be Energy Medicine based therapies.
I don't want to tell you what to do, but since conventional medicine has not helped your little girl since she was 9 months, do not put all your trust and your girl's health into the same hands-specially for anything invasive, including administration of drugs that even the prescribing Doctors aren't sure whether they would work at all or make her worse!
Trust me, I've seen a lot of situations like yours. Just be careful and explore all your options.
Blessings to all.
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