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Eggy Burp and Dirrhea 4 year Old

My 4 year old daughter has been having eggy burps all day, and come around 5pm on that evening she has  had diarrhea. I have read a couple of different websites on this, but cannot see anywhere if this is actually serious or needs medical advice, can someone please tell me who has had a similar experience with their child?
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First of all take care of her hydration. Keep giving her sips of electrolyte solutions, water, lemonade, clear soups etc. Generally eggy burps are due to hydrogen sulfide gas. Sometimes this gas is produced in such huge quantities that the sulfide oxidase enzyme in the wall of the gut is not able to oxidize all of it and convert it to thiosulfate. This gas has a smell of rotten eggs.
Just look back and see if your daughter consumed-- juices, molasses, yellow dye in ready made food stuffs, and red wine. Sulfites are present in lesser amounts in mashed potatoes made from dry powder, pickles, tinned shrimp, cookies, crackers, and readymade pie dough. If yes, then start her on a lactobacillus preparation or probiotic appropriate for her age.
Needless to say inform her pediatrician and get her examined as soon as possible.
Take care!
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could be a stomach bacteria. Which can from a multitude of things. a stool sample submitted to a clinic would do the trick. some stomach bacteria can be very slow moving or some violent like giardia...good luck
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Sorry your little one is having icky burps and the runs.  Does she complain of feeling pukey?  
I remember a couple of times, I ate something that wasn't good...expired or close to needing tossed and experienced the same things.
Remove any citrus juices and have her eat some saltine crackers. Push the water too.  It could be a very mild case of food poisening or indegestion.        Could give her a little Pepto-Bismol if her diarrhea continues. If you are suffering from all this heat...be sure she is well hydrated too! Don't leave any food out for too long...this heat will cause spoilage...fast.
If she isn't feeling better by morning, or she starts vomiting alot, take her to an urgent care.
Best of luck to you and your lil' girl  <3
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