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Elbow Pain

Over a month ago I hit my elbow on a corner of a sink cover at work. It's a think flat piece of medal, and I hit the corner hard with my elbow. My fingers got numb and it was tender for a few days. I thought absolutely nothing of it, and I do have insurance, though I know Kaiser will say they found nothing. Now it is HURTING, I thought it was better it wasn't hurting at all. The bruise is gone, and now I can't even hold a pound of weight with out the pain getting to much, what is going on? It's even getting harder to straighten out my elbow.

I know it's absolutely pointless to call Kaiser, because all they believe in is just popping pills. I do not know why it's hurting so bad, I did not hit it again.

Should also note there is no more bruising, no swelling, cept for when I walk my limbs usually don't swell up though. I can feel things just fine in my hand though yes it does hurt to type.
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What is your age? Since when have you noticed these symptoms? What work do you
do? Does it involve a lot of movement or rotation at the elbow joint or constant
pressure on the elbow for long hours? Is the swelling on the inside or outside
of your elbow joint? Do you remember  any history of trauma or injury to the

This could be - tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, olecranon bursitis or synovial
cyst of the elbow joint.

'Tennis elbow is a condition where the outer part of the elbow becomes painful
and tender. It's a condition that is commonly associated with playing tennis,
though the injury can happen to almost anybody.
The condition is more formally known as lateral epicondylitis ("inflammation to
the outside elbow bone"), lateral epicondylosis, or simply lateral elbow pain.'
You could read more about this at the following link -

'Golfer's elbow — also known as medial epicondylitis — is similar to tennis
elbow. But it occurs on the inside — rather than the outside — of your elbow.'
You could read more about this at the following link -

'Olecranon bursitis is inflammation of the bursa overlying the olecranon process
at the proximal aspect of the ulna. The bursa is located between the ulna and
the skin at the posterior tip of the elbow.'
You could read more about this at the following link -

It would be advisable to consult your doctor for a confirmed diagnosis and to
plan the further management.

Let us know if you need any other information and post us about how you are

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