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Elbow pain (funny bone & stiffness)

Is this  Trapped nerve?

Last 2 weeks I got Tramadol from the doctors and today is the first time in 3 months my wrist are not as sore as they have been. When i saw doctor he said referred pain which can also affect your wrist and hands. At start I had little,ring and middle but actually all with tingling but also felt spongy and weak feeling at various times.

Elbow on inside but when doctor felt other side was the same but now as I type would say inside. Can be a bit stiff, firm, tender and a bit puffy when you touch but that's where it's been uncomfortable. Sharp or dull ache.
When wrists have been sore could this be the underlying inflammation or the nerve but which one?
Am thinking is this Golfer's elbow, Tendinitis, Repetitive stress injury. Cubital tunnel with the fingers or just trapped nerve? This is on going  3 months now.  Many thanks in advance.
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Yes it does sound like RSI and it can radiate into your wrist area. RSI is hard to get rid of as I have had it for years. Try icing it for 20 mintues at a time. It probably is both inflammation and a nerve entrapment. A shot of cortisone into the joint may help a lot instead of tramadol. You can't take tramadol forever. For me I started having trouble with tramadol after about a month so I got off of it but then I got withdrawal for about a week. You basically feel lousy coming off of it. See an orthpedic doctor.
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Hi Mk, Yes it's kind of on the inside of my elbow and I'm having trouble picking up carrier bags with food not even heavy just milk and a bottle of  lemonade a few other bits. When it kicks in can find it really hard.  I've taken Tramdol for the first 2 weeks stopped and am taking it again this week as elbow is hurting and I only take one if I need to but don't think it's working much as 2 gives me a headache.
I will ask my doctor this when I see him later next week.I'm also just realizing this week it can only be a nerve and maybe somehow I pulled my wrist by accident.
Thank you.
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