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Electric surge in brain

What could be going on if someone feels an electrical sensation in their brain, like a surge and can hear it in both ears, and at times it happens upon waking abruptly  will lose muscle control in the knees.  It has progressed from just a few times in 2 years to almost daily.  Meds include light use of opiates. due to S.C.I and daily carbidopa-levodopa. Any help, is this freaky or what?
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Hi, Joanne.  Not as freaky as you may think.  I have severe anxiety, among other mental issues, and before I was properly treated, I had what I called 'head-zaps' all the time.  They went all the way from my head to my toes, only lasting about a second or so, but sometimes they happened every few minutes, sometimes hard enough to make my whole body jump.  I finally talked my family into getting me a CAT scan to see why this was happening.  They called what I had 'pseudo-seizures', and said that they were harmless.  My butt.  Those things were SCARY.  And I lived with them for over a year before being put on medication that has stopped them completely.  I take six meds, but I don't know which one is the anti-seizure one... I think it may be the Klonopin.  BUT you might have something totally different, and you should see your doctor about them, and if there is any way to make them stop.  I hope this was helpful - Blu
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You should talk to your doctor.  Brain zaps are not a very specific symptom, although they can be side effects or withdrawal symptoms for a number of medications.  Best to make sure it's nothing more than that, though, and you may be able to get a med switch or add something in to fix them.
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Anonymouse88 is correct that withdrawal from some medications, particularly antidepressants, can cause "brain zaps". It's best to go to a doctor to get this checked out, as we cannot diagnose conditions over the internet. "Brain zaps" are NOT a symptom of mental illness, however, as BluCrystal is suggesting. Anxiety doesn't cause these zaps that you describe. Are the meds you listed the only meds that you're taking? Have you recently discontinued any meds, and if so, what meds?

Thank you and best of luck. I'll check back to see if you respond to determine if I can further help you. But, again, I recommend seeing a doctor to get checked out.
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