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Electrical mouth and all over body

Hi. My name is Amanda. I'm sending this letter from Indonesia. I have some questions on behalf my Mom dental implant issues.
Please forgive if I'm not writing it right but I do my best to make it simple. I hope you understand, I'll write all her symptom since the implant.

It's been almost 2 years now since the implant. My Mom did her implant in local doctor here in my hometown, Medan, Indonesia. Several months later, I'm not quite sure how many months but I can check with her later. Since that she had several problem.

She began to experience :

* headache = very heavy headache

* feeling like sparkling fireworks inside her mouth especially in front jaw. Every time she talks too much, then this feelings come. And it very hurts for her.

* All over her body feels like electric but in a slow motion. Especially around her feet, calf.

* At the right side of her back shoulder, she feels like spider crawling

* She even faint once then we took her to local hospital, they told her that she starting having stroke

Places she's been to :

* Accupunture = which no result at all

* Doctors in Singapore and Malaysia, suggest her to take pills, LYRICA  and NEURONTIN  = give more bad headache, she really can't stand them all.

* Been to Neurologist in Singapore and Malaysia but none of them can found out.

* Been to Dental Implant Doctors in several Hospital in Singapore and Malaysia, no result at all.

* Even been to Amsterdam, Netherland two times and met Professor, and he also can't tell.

* She's not taking any medicine, pills right now, she can't stand all the pain from the pills.

Well, that's all I can give you the information. I can send you the examine files you need. My Mom did MRI, brain scan, I don't really understand that part. But I can send you all of them. I'm really hoping you can help us out here. She looks so ill and I just can's stand to watch her feelings miserable nowadays. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you so much for attention to read my email.

Thank you. Amanda Barus

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I think your mother needs to have an MRI of the cervical spine.  The reason I am saying that is because of the "spider crawling" symptom and the headache.  Perhaps when the implant was placed the force of it caused an injury to the top of the cervical spine.  Even the slightest shift in the spine can affect nerve impulses.

Nerve impulses travel to and from the brain through the spinal cord to a specific location by way of the peripheral nervous system (PNS). The PNS is the complex system of nerves that branch off from the spinal nerve roots. These nerves travel outside of the spinal canal or spinal cord into the organs, arms, legs, fingers - throughout the entire body.

Injury or mild trauma to the cervical spine can cause a serious or life-threatening medical emergency (e.g. spinal cord injury or SCI, fracture). Pain, numbness, weakness, and tingling are symptoms that may develop when one or more spinal nerves are injured, irritated, or stretched. The cervical nerves control many bodily functions and sensory activities.

A minor injury can cause spinal cord trauma if the spine is weakened (such as from rheumatoid arthritis or osteoporosis) or if the spinal canal protecting the spinal cord has become too narrow (spinal stenosis) due to the normal aging process.

Direct injury, such as cuts, can occur to the spinal cord, particularly if the bones or the disks have been damaged. Fragments of bone (for example, from broken vertebrae, which are the spine bones) or fragments of metal (such as from a traffic accident or gunshot) can cut or damage the spinal cord.

Direct damage can also occur if the spinal cord is pulled, pressed sideways, or compressed. This may occur if the head, neck, or back are twisted abnormally during an accident or injury.

Bleeding, fluid accumulation, and swelling can occur inside the spinal cord or outside the spinal cord (but within the spinal canal). The accumulation of blood or fluid can compress the spinal cord and damage it.

About the implant itself:  There are few absolute contraindications to implant dentistry. However, there are some systemic, behavioral and anatomic considerations that should be assessed.

Particularly for mandibular (lower jaw) implants, in the vicinity of the mental foramen (MF), there must be sufficient alveolar bone above the mandibular canal also called the inferior alveolar canal or IAC (which acts as the conduit for the neurovascular bundle carrying the inferior alveolar nerve or IAN).

Failure to precisely locate the IAN and MF invites surgical insult by the drills and the implant itself. Such insult may cause irreparable damage to the nerve, often felt as a paresthesia (numbness) or dysesthesia (painful numbness) of the gum, lip and chin.
Read more:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dental_implant

Also, if the symptoms started when the implant was placed, maybe somehow it impinges a nerve and should be removed.  Please keep me updated, this is interesting.
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I would like to thanked you for response my email. Really appreciated your kindness. I'll discuss your suggestion to my Mom.

Once again thanked you. And yes, I'll updated later medical record soon. Thank you.
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