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Electricity through head, pritty much whole body and ear buzzing

Read  several issues on this subject on this site.  I had no idea so many have these same issues with no answers from the medical community.  There is quit a delay on just typing in my question here, so will try back tomorrow.  Just stressing me out more than I am already.  The title of my question says it all.  I am very concerned for my health.  The last couple of days, electricity happening in my whole body. The slight movements I make males it stronger than just sitting still without no movement. thank you to all of you posting, atleast now I am not alone without any  or no answers from the medical community.  Stay strong everyone.  I know how stressfull this is to experience.
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I have had this very same thing happen.  For me, it is not painful, and only lasts a moment, but at times can come very frequently.  My doctor has diagnosed this (after a CT scan) as being 'pseudo-seizures', not real seizures and that they are not dangerous.  This is all I know about it.  Keep us informed, please. - Blu
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I literally have no energy to type and my fingers and hands hurt and are stiff right now, but I have had no answers from any doctors either. I have sooooooo many health issues, so hopefully sometime soon I'll have the energy to make a post. But the first health problem I have found that covers all of my health issues pretty much is multiple sclerpsis. The problem is tghat a neurologist has to diagnose it and the receptionist says I can't see a neurologist until I have an mri
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I would take some magnesium.  It is a mineral that regulates electrical impulses in our body.  It is all natural.  Go to any store: walmart, cvs etc and they will sell it in the vitamin aisle in pill form.  
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I would take some magnesium.  It is a mineral that regulates electrical impulses in our body.  It is all natural.  Go to any store: walmart, cvs etc and they will sell it in the vitamin aisle in pill form.  
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It does appear that with your pains and stiffness in your fingers and elsewhere that you probably have an inflammatory disease.  Either due to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or other.  It would be a good idea for your doctor to do a blood check or xrays to find out which form of arthritic condition you have.  You may have MS, but as I understand they do some sort of scan on the brain to find out for sure.  
MS is where the neucleous of the nerves has been damaged usually by a virus, or by an autoimmune disorder.  But as I understand it, the cause is not always known.

I suffer with the same and have done for years.  I have osteoarthritis in most joints and this causes pain and stiffness.  I can feel every nerve end in my body twanging and also experience buzziness (tinnitis) in my ears.  With movement, I feel dizzy and unsteady.  But one has to move, otherwise the whole body stiffens up even more.  The thing is to do gentle exercise when not in an acute phase of inflammation.

I have tried the magnesium and am still taking it as well as zinc and Vitamin B12 sublingual capsules.  But have not felt any benefit.

Another poster in a different forum suggested cherry capsules and tart cherry juice which is an anti-inflammatory.  So I shall try those.  I cannot take Ibuprofen because it casues a different type of pain and swelling in my legs.  There are also other natural anti-inflammatory remedies, but it depends on what suits you best.
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No, I do not have an inflammatory disease, osteoarthritus, rheumatoid arthritus, etc. I have already been to a hand specialist and rheumatologist. I have also been to an endocrinologist and have had blood work done twice.

I do think I have MS, however, I have to get an mri done first and can only been diagnosed my a neurologist and the neurologist's office said I can't see him until I have had an mri.

I also have WAY more health issues than I listed on my post.

I tried taking B-12 supplements and did so for a while with no effect so I stopped taking them. I take Iron supplements, calcium, and magnesium supplement with no effects, but I still take them. I also have done research on foods that are good and bad for each of my health issues, but have had no real apparent change with that either.
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