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Elevated WBC - AND- Enlarged ltmph nodes

Hi there,
           Back in Jan 06 I went to the local ED to be evaluated for pelvic pains. The normal course was taken, starting with bloodowrk. My WBC came back elevated at around 18. something. From there, they suspected Appendicitis so a CT scan was performed. My appendix however looked fine.

My primary dr phoned me with results a few days later and asked me to come in and speak with him. My lymph nodes in my pelvic region were enlarged.

At this point my dr was not concerned as he felt I could have had an acute infection.

He did however repeat the CT in April to air on the side of caution. The results were stable from January 06. Meaning no growth was detected, and they were still enlarged.

Today I had some routine blood work for night sweats, my WBC again came back elevated at 18.3

I have to go back again for a follow up..

My question is, could these 2 be connected? And if so how? Am I looking at something bad,or something simple?

Thanks in Advance!
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How severe are your night sweats? Are you experiencing weight loss and fatigue?
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No weight loss, I am holding steady there.

The night sweats are drenching ugg

And the fatigue is a huge YES. I am always tired and lethargic, been complaining about it to my doc for MONTHS.

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Yes, they definately can all be related. Having enlarged lymph nodes for this long of a duration indicate that there is a problem. The fatigue and night sweats are systemic symptoms that are most likely related to the enlarged lymph nodes. The next step for your doctor should be to biopsy one of the lymph nodes. I would not settle for anything less than this. If this doctor is not willing to do so then I would find another and demand some answers. This needs to be addressed right away. What next steps has your doctor suggested?
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Well my doctor thinks that I have a "hidden" infection in my body somewhere.

Like a pelvic abscess that they cant find. A CT scan should have detected that to begin with.

For now my doctor has put me on 2 antibiotics, Levaquin, and Doxycycline.

He wants me to take them both for 2 weeks and then return for another CBC and see if my white blood cell count has decreased.

If it has, then he said good they have found the source. If not, then he said he will refer me to a specialist, an OBGYN. I dont think that I need an OBGYN.  But,who am I to say? LOL..
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What is concerning is the additional symptoms you are having along with the elevated white blood count; fatige and night sweats along with enlarged lymph nodes. If your white count is still high after the antibiotics it would be worth it for you to go see another doctor ASAP. Your symptoms can be associated with other problems. Make sure to obtain copes of ALL test completed by your primary care doctor.

I wish you the best and keep me posted.

best wishes,

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Did they rule out Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?  I'm not sure if you are still having pelvic pain or not, but this can cause the pain and lymph node enlargement, and if there is enough swelling or scar tissue from infection, I believe it could affect ovarian function which could affect hormone levels, resulting in the night sweats.

They may have already ruled this out, but I was just posing the question in case they hadn't.

Good luck to you, I hope you get answers soon.
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At this point they havent ruled anything out.

I am just really tired of the fatigue and the worry from it all.
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