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Everyday Forehead Pressure

This problem started a year ago and it has been happening everyday since. I wake up with a forehead pressure and no OTC medication works in mitigating the pain. I have been to GP's, a neurologist, and no specific root cause has been found. Now when symptoms occur my mind starts feeling weird, I am a 23 year old male. Below are my listed symptoms.

- forehead pressure
- top of head pressure
- dull slight burning sensation on cheeks and upper neck area
- dull slight burning on tip of ears
-  weak/tightness feeling on forearms and shoulders
-  upper back pain (right below the neck)
-  pain behind left eye
-  sensation between eyebrows

When the above symptoms occur, these symptoms follow:
-  anxiety
-  chattery mind
-  depression and suicidal thoughts
-  tiredness
-  confusion
-  lack of interest
-  brainfog and inability to focus/concentrate
-  feeling hungover without any alcohol consumption

Effects on personal life since symptoms occured:
-  social isolation/always indoors
-  losing friends
-  lack of trust/feeling suspicious
-  public anxiety/feel like people are negatively judging me

Please help me find a solution.

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You've seen doctors and a specialist, so it's hard to know what to tell you.  It sounds like a mild migraine condition, but it could also be coming from that painful neck.  But a lot of what you are describing sounds like a mental problem.  Having forehead pressure would be annoying, and not knowing why could cause nervousness, but you're describing a pretty strong emotional reaction here and I would investigate mental problems such as depression and anxiety because you sure seem to be describing that.  There are conditions that can cause mental problems, such as thyroid problems, blood sugar problems, nutritional deficiencies, etc, so a thorough work up with a doctor might be called for.  But head pressure is a definite symptom of anxiety, and you're describing, again, a pretty significant mental disorder.  It doesn't seem forehead pressure would cause such an extreme mental reaction, so again, I'd look into that.  Peace.
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