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Extreme thirst

I have been extremely thirsty for approximately one month.  Been to physican.  Was tested for diabetes, kidney and liver function.  All were within normal ranges.  Was given antibiotics for possible UTI.  No change in thirst. Frequency of urination better.  Any comments are appreciated. Where do I go now?
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It could possibly be Diabetes Insipidus, it is completely unrelated to Diabetes Mellitus and has nothing to do with blood sugar.  When people think "Diabetes" and doctors test for "Diabetes" it's usually for Diabetes Mellitus.

Diabetes Insipidus has to do with a hormone that triggers your body to retain water.  If that hormone decreases (or is absent), then your body won't retain the necessary amount of water it needs.  This causes you to constantly drink water in order to keep yourself hydrated.  Without that hormone, the liquid's you drink basically pass right through your body without being retained and/or absorbed appropriately.

That's just a possibility, another possibility is Hyperaldosteronism, a condition where your adrenal glands produce too much Aldosterone.  This can lead to low potassium, excessive thirst, and excessive urination.

I'm in the same boat you are, except mine isn't as severe.  I've researched this until I felt my fingers were going to fall off and I'm having to battle my doctors the whole way.  I was admitted to the hospital for Hypokalemia (low potassium) and told them about my thirst.  They "tested for Diabetes"....which means he checked for Diabetes MELLITUS and checked my blood sugar and said it was fine.  Next I went to the ER with extreme muscle twitching/spasms, nausea, and passed out while I was there.  They again tested my blood sugar and said it was normal.  They sent me home with muscle relaxants and that was it.

Now I'm constantly thirsty and drink about 1-1.5 gallons a day, if I go a few hours without drinking I get extremely fatigued and get a headache.  Overnight (when I'm not drinking) it's the worst, I wake up feeling very bizarre and sick and have a splitting headache.  After I get something to drink it all goes away.  Now my doctor has run an "arthritis panel" on my blood to check for an autoimmune disorder, and if that comes back normal he's going to schedule me for CT Scan.

I wish you all the best and hope you find a diagnosis!!
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For almost a whole year now, I have been progressively needing more and more water. I have extreme thirst all the time. I get up at night and drink, I get extreme muscle aches, headaches, irritability, dry skin, recurring abrasion in my eyes from chronic dry eye. All of these problems have developed since my thirst came about. I drink three to five gallons of water a day, and urinate constantly. It is torture. i can not keep going like this. i have been "tested" for diabetes, and they did a urinalysis and osmolarity of my blood. i am trying to get into an endocrynologist, but I feel like nobody is listening. My doctor actually told me, just don't drink so much! i couldn't believe it. Minutes after i drink a couple quarts of water (at one time) my symptoms ease up. I have to do it constantly, but it is the only way to feel better. I feel like i will die if i dont have water all the time. please help. somebody give me an idea!!!
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I don't know if you are back on this board or not but there are other electrolyte tests as well that are not included in a comprehensive metabolic profile. And, there are other special tests for kidney function that are also not part of a regular kidney screen. There are tests for adrenal function. There are disorders that can cause extreme thirst and loss of fluids other than just diabetes as well. I agree with the above poster, but also think about an endocrinologist. Good luck and feel better
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Exactly "how" did they test for diabetes? Did they take a single blood sugar stick and tell you it was "normal". If you have not has a (a) fasting glucose test or (b) an insulin clamp procedure you have not been "tested for diabetes". If your doctor has not performed either of these tests, find another doctor. Antibiotics for "possible URI"? Gag me with a spoon.
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