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FUO driving me mad! Anyone experience this?

Where to start.. the end of Feb I started running a low grade fever and just felt unwell. I went to an urgent care tested neg for strep and flu Dr. said my heart rate was up and it was most likely viral and if it got worse to give a call back. The very next day I ended up in the ER with fever and palpitations all my tests came back normal other then a slightly elevated white blood cell count. Told to follow up with my PC and come back if got worse. A few days later fever gone back to normal. 3 weeks go by. Fever returns right at the start of the pandemic saw my PC tested neg for strep and fu again told to self isolate call if symptoms worsened. This one lasted about 8 days retuned to normal. That lasted a week or so fever returned twice only for 2 nights each time and only in the evening. Called my doctor through a telehealth meeting they had me come for blood work for autoimmune disorders that came back neg as well as the co-vid 19 lgg  anitbody checking for a possible mild case that as well was neg. All of my blood work was normal with the exception of my SED rate was slightly elevated as well as my CRP which I was told were inflammation markers. They want me to see an infectious disease specialist who they have faxed my paperwork twice to and still haven't heard from. I now have been running a fever off and on everyday for over a week I have called my dr again for an extreme heaviness in my arm and just feeling terrible I feel sick and exhausted dr  has yet to return my call. Did I mention they drew my blood in the parking lot and wouldn't let in the office? I did a telehealth visit with an urgent care for the heaviness in my arm who wanted me to go the the er for some tests thought I had a central nerve issue and wanted at CT done. They also wouldn't let me in even with the neg lgg covid test. Threw me in the tent with their possible covid patients (lovely something else to worry about now) Only did a chest xray and a ekg to make sure I was not having a heart attack or stoke which thank the lord I was not. Wouldn't even let me see a dr only nurses in the tent the nurse tells me I need tests they cannot preform there and I need a rheumatoid. So this is where I stand. PC will not return calls. Have heard nothing from the infectious disease dr. Urgent care says I need a CT for possible central nervous system issue. Hospital will not even let me in let alone do a CT. Hospital says I need rheumatoid dr. Im frustrated and getting depressed to be honest. I know we are in a pandemic but I feel like im getting stonewalled at every turn and really do not know where to go. Everyone I see says something different and sends me to someone else. In the mean time  I have fever, occasional chills, aches, pains, fatigue and I feel like whatever this is just has me drained and the doctors right now have me exhausted.
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Have no idea but the covid tests are notoriously inaccurate.  I'd get tested for covid again, and not just for the antibodies since you're sick now.  You need the covid test, not the test that says you had it.  But again, many of the covid tests are wildly inaccurate, and often it takes several tests before you test positive.
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Thanks I am currently working on that now, trying to find a testing site in my area as my pc says I don't technically qualify throughthe dr office. It just scares me of what else it could possibly be if not covid that im dealing with with no one really willing to see me
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