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Fatigue, Poor Memory, Brain fog, derealised ?!?!?

Im 19 and been unwell for almost 3 years. I feel very tired, it isn't helped much with sleep. I get a lot of twitching in my eyelids and legs. My memory is very bad, cant even remember what I did yesterday unless reminded. My brain feels very fuzzy and like its not working fully. doing complicated tasks tires me out easy. Communication is also difficult as after a while I get a strange dizzy feeling. It feels like only a small part of my brain is working. my heart also feels like its tired. I do have anxiety and I feel derealised. Iv been diagnosed with chronic fatigue, but don't believe it's the cause but a symptom of what's going on. Please help I'm so desperate, can't take it.
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Hey Joe, sorry about  all this suffering you're experiencing.
You could be on the right track, saying that CFS might be a symptom of another condition, which also may explain your poor memory, brain fog & other mental/cognitive issues.
Have you had any adrenal and/or thyroid testing?
In chronic stress situations the adrenal hormones like cortisol are elevated initially to help deal with the stress, but eventually the adrenals become fatigued and in later stages of chronic stress, cortisol levels fall dramatically.
At the same time thyroid function is down-regulated to conserve energy for adrenal recovery (secondary hypothyroidism)
Some of the effects of the above scenario would be consistent with most of your presentation.
Unfortunately conventional doctors are not likely to help you much there.
I suggest you look into finding a good Functional Medicine Doctor to facilitate your recovery, before any
irreversible damage takes place.
A Functional Stress profile and Thyroid tests Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3 are warranted.
It would be also good to check for deficiencies.
Iron panel, tissue magnesium, neurotransmitters, zinc, selenium, iodine, B12, B6, folate, vitamin D, etc.
Best wishes,
23/9/16: Thyroid function test - satisfactory, this included serum TSH level and Serum free T4 level. also had Thyroid peroxidase antibody level. iv written all my test results down on another website if you'd like to take a look: http://www.************.com/boards/spinal-cord-disorders/1027363-fatigue-brain-fog-poor-memory-twitching-anxious.html
• 24/10/16: dsDNA binding autoantibody lev - 7.4 IU/ml. 0.00-20.00IU/ML
• 24/10/16: ENA antibody screening test - satisfactory - no action required
• 23/9/16: Serum cortisol - 509 nmol/L - satisfactory
•23/9/16: HbA1C levl - IFCC standardised - 33 mmol/mol 2.40ug/L - satisfactory
• 23/9/16: serum vitamin B12 - 383 ng/L 180.00 - 900.00 ng/L - satisfactory
• 23/9/16: erythrocyte sedimentation rate - 2 mm/h 0.00 -15.00 mm/h - satisfactory
• 23/9/16: film - satisfactory
• 23/9/16: full blood count - satisfactory
• 23/9/16: Serum ferritin - satisfactory - 67 ug/L 15.00 - 300.00 ug/L
• 23/9/16: Thyroid function test - satisfactory
Serum TSH level 0.47 mU/L 0.30 - 4.40mU/L
Serum free T4 level 12 pmol/L 9.00 -19.10pmol/l
•23/9/16: serum lipids - satisfactory
•23/9/16: serum creatine kinase level - satisfactory - 83 u/L 40.00-320.00u/L
•23/9/16: serum magnesium level - satisfactory - 0.95 mmol/L 0.70-1.00mmol/L
•23/9/16: Bone profile -satisfactory
• ! Liver function test - satisfactory
! Serum bilirubin level - 18 umol/L 2.00-14.00umol/L
•23/9/16: serum C reactive protein level - satisfactory
•23/9/16: serum electrolytes - satisfactory
•28/7/16: O/E pulse rate - 74 beats/min
•28/7/16: O/E tympanic temperature - 36.3 degrees C
•28/7/16: O/E blood pressure reading - 124/64 mmHg
•07/4/16: O/E Weight - 124/64 mmHg
•22/04/16: serum iron tests - satisfactory
•21/09/15: borrelia serology - satisfactory
•02/6/15: plasma glucose level - satisfactory
Glucose random. 5.3 mmol/L 3.00-7.70mmol/L
•02/6/15: corected serum calcium level - 2.3 mmol/L 2.20-2.60mmol/L
•02/6/15: body mass index - 20.52 kg/m2
•02/6/15: O/E - Height 171 cm
•26/5/15: Thyroid peroxidase antibod lev- <5 U/ml <6.00 U/ml
•17/5/15: serum testosterone - 29.2 nmol/L 9.70 -6.00 mmol/L
•03/3/15: standard ECG - 19.2 nmol/L 9.70-38.20nmol/L
•24/02/15: Plasma fasting glucose level - satisfactory
•24/02/15: Fasting status: 4.9 mmol/L 3.00-6.00mmol/L
•24/02/15:Urine dipstick test
•14/01/15: Urinalysis = no abnormality
•24/12/14: XR chest - satisfactory
•23/12/14: Tissu transglumanise lgA lev - satisfactory - <1.0 U/ml 0.00 10.00/ml
• 23/12/14: Glucose (random) 6.9 mmol/L 3.00-7.70mmol/L
• 23/10/14: XR lumbar spine - satisfactory
Its getting me seriously depressed because iv been pushing for so long. thank you so much for your reply.
Your thyroid tests are incomplete and do not rule out type 2 (thyroid-resistance) which is the most likely in your case.
Pls refer to my previous posts for
the proper tests.
The bilirubin test should be repeated
within a few weeks.
Email addresses and links to websites do not appear on your post,
as medhelp does not allow them.
Best wishes,
whats a good functional medicine doctor? iv never heard of it before
I have been to see a functional medicine doctor today. He did a vitamins blood test on me. He said it sounds like chronic fatigue syndrome, but also said syndrome is what doctors give to things they don't know the answers too. He's going to design me a diet plan. But I feel pretty lost as to what's wrong with me.
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Hi and got your note. Sorry you are not feeling well. Have you see a doctor yet? The first thing that comes to mind is see a neurologist. Maybe you have some type of weird migraine or seizure. So they can do an Electroencephalogram or EEG to see plus some physical testing. Also, maybe they will do a brain scan just to check such as CT or MRI.  If that is negative then Epstein Barr virus maybe? But it would have to be chronic fatigue syndrome. Fatigue can cause lack of memory. I have fatigue due the pills I'm on and it causes me to not recall things unless I am well rested. But the drugs I'm on for migraine variant also cause memory problems. Are you on any prescription drugs?

I would start with the neurologist that specializes in migriane/seizure. Just check that out. Maybe an ENT as a second guess to check the inner ear and scan the brain. Same thing from a different angle. Let me know how it goes. Unfortunately, you will probably have to see a few doctors to get diagnosed. Was your Epstein Barr (EBV) tested and was the EBV test positive?

Have you had any other testing done like a complete blood count, thyroid test?

Joeneedhelp, Ooops, I didn't see the lab work. I'll take a look and write back.
Okay, yes I agree the bilirubin is a bit high. But it looks like the liver enzymes are normal. The testosterone maybe high not sure with your ranges. Is that right? The rest looks good. I think the TSH is a really good indicator that the thyroid is working well, according to my doctor he disagrees with testing the T3 and T4 but I'm not going to argue with others on here. I do trust my doctors opinion on why. So you will have to make up your mind whether to retest on that or not. Anyway, I would retest the bilirubin too to rule out that they didn't draw it wrong (hemolyze the red blood cells). They sometimes cause the red cells to get damaged when they draw the blood if it comes out too slowly because they didn't get a good venipuncture. That would raise the bilirubin. Also some other things could be the cause. I would still think about getting the other tests done.
sorry to be annoying but i find it difficult to understand information clear at the moment. what are the other tests? I really do appreciate you getting back to me, thank you mkh9
The other tests that I mentioned like EEG, CT scan. Repeat the Bilirubin.
Iv had an EEG scan and an MRI but didn't find anything
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I also have a discomfort in my lower right side next to my bely button that started as a numb feeling. and I struggle to keep my eyes focused/still, even when closed.
SInce your liver enzymes were normal it probably isn't your liver. You could have your appendix checked. Usually the Complete blood count would show something abnormal if it was an acute attack. But that is around where it is located. The other thing is intestinal problems. How are your bowel movements? See any black stools or blood? Also, any trouble going or diarrhea? Stomach pain? Fever?
I have no problem with my bowel movement and my stole looks fine to me. I tend to have more gas but I don't think it's an issue. I did have an operation for hernias when I was younger, so this could be a completely different issue than what's causing my symptoms of brain fog, fatigue etc.
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Hi there, I think you should consider a look at Adrenal issues. Its quite rare, but with your foggy brain feeling,
you should get a few tests.
Is your BP ok?
the Blood aldosterone & Renin  level should be looked at.
Have you had a 24 hour urine collection test done? Have one.
Adrenal issues are known to cause some of the symptoms you describe.
How is your Kidney function?
my blood pressure is slightly high but my doctors said its nothing to worry about. I have not had any of the tests you mentioned done but I did have a liver function test. im going to see a functional medicine doctor called Mr J Rohrbeck in Bristol.
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Hi.  So you are a male since your name is Joe?  Your profile says female, but lots of people don't seem to change that.  Can you get blood work?  Your symptoms sound a lot like nutritional deficiencies such as iron deficiency. This is common in females more than males, but also in Celiac disease (spelled Coeliac if you are British).  I was in a terrible state after I got my gallbladder out.  I was deficient in magnesium and iron and vitamin D.  I just figured out that I was also suffering from loss of bile due to having had my gallbladder out and only figured out how bad this was because I developed psoriasis.  Now that I'm gluten free, took iron for years and continue to take magnesium, plus added ox bile, I'm healing much better and have more energy.  It was a terrible puzzle.  Start with blood work.  Be very suspicious of any prescription meds.  Let me know how your blood work comes out, checking for anemia including iron deficiency, thyroid levels, magnesium, vitamin D and B12, and check for Celiac disease.  
I just saw your labs.  I would suggest an ultrasound of your gallbladder to see if you have stones.  You could still have a nonfunctioning gb even without stones, which would make you feel sluggish and foggy, but you'd probably be vomiting as well.  
Yes I am a male, need to change my profile. I have recently started taking all of the vitamins listed for the last five days, even injecting the b12. Im never sick. I do feel weak though. Its obvious something isn't right its just finding it.  
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Hello~You have received excellent answers. I would like to add that it could also be fibromyalgia, it is similar to chronic fatigue syndrome, but has some different symptoms. I also suggest seeing a chiropractor, if you have any misplace vertebrae out in your neck or back, you can have some uncomfortable symptoms.
I did hurt my back lifting a heavy object two months before I started to feel unwell. Not sure how it could make me feel so tired and forgetful though. The symptoms are worse than anything iv ever had or could fully describe.
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My eyes can't focus clear and will feel like they are still moving sometimes when I close my eyes. My ears also have a full sensation in them like when you go up in a plane.
Do you have pain in the right lower abdomen or just the brain fog etc.? Did you say you had your TSH (thyroid checked) if you are hypothyroid you would be tired and have brain fog. being tired or having anxiety or stress can make your eyes and other things twitch. Was there nothing positive in the complete blood count ( eosinophils were normal? white count in range)?

I had my thyroid checked and they told me it was okay. I'm pretty sure my blood count was fine but I will ask my doctor again. Was wondering if there is any chance it's lymes? Everyone seems to be confused as to what it is
It's more of a discomfort in the lower abdomen. The brain fog is constant but can be completely debilitating at times.
The thyroid testing is INCOMPLETE
if thyroid-resistance (type 2 hypothyroid) is not considered!
I might be repeating myself.
To rule it out you need Free T3, Free T4 AND Reverse T3 thyroid tests.
The risk is that you may be on a perpetual medical merry-go-round,
if medical investigations are flawed or incomplete!!
The majority of hypothyroid patients are BTW type 2 and most of them in limbo, probably for life :(
Best wishes,
I had my serum TSH level checked it was: 2.68 mU/L. which says no action required. I also had my free T4 wich was: 13 pmoI/L. and my T3 level was: 5.1 pmoI/L
I also had my Plasma Methylmalonic acid lev which came back with an increased MMA concentration.
I usually ignore TSH results, since it's the least useful thyroid test and often misleading.
---mkh9, I hope you are reading this--

Your FT4 sounds like it is close too the end of the lower range.
Do you have the lab ref. value?
I will assume that the T3 is actually FT3 given that it's measured in mol/L.
Again no lab ref. values, but I believe it's fairly high, to raise a suspicion of FT3 pooling (circulating in the blood, without making it in the tissues-type 2
hypothyroidism) taken also in consideration your symptoms.
The FT3 pooling could be because of low iron, low cortisol, high cortisol, LOW B12...
High MMA levels in adults, usually indicate..LOW  B12.

This could explain at least part of your issues.

It would be great if you also had the RT3 test, since  a good indicator of thyroid function is the FT3/RT3 ratio.

How you approach this, could be as complicated as diagnosing, except for correcting the B12 deficiency.
(sublingual B12 Methylocobalamin drops)

Treatment regarding your suspected but very likely thyroid-resistance is very well outside your conventional doctor(s)  scope of practice.

If you're willing to pursue this further, let me know.

Best wishes,

I am injecting b12 at the moment as a person recommended it. I have been doing this for 4 weeks, not noticed much different apart from less yawning. I also take vitamins ( 5mg folic acid, potassium, magnesium, vitamin D 5000 ugl, and vitamin MK). Ill take any avenue that will bring me to an answer of my problems. If you could private message me that would be great.
The range for serum level TSH was: 0.30 - 4.40mU/L and mine was 2.68. The range for serum free T4 was 9.00 -19.10pmoI/L, mine was 13. For Serum T3 level I had 5.1 pmoI/L and the range was 2.60 -5.70pmoI/L. Thanks :)
The high range serum FT3 ?
did not at least trigger your doctors' curiosity?
It indicates "Pooling" in serum and in such case it is considered a  state of thyroid-resistance or type 2 hypothyroidism.
Which means, any attempt to treat anything else, will likely fail, as thyroid function has to do with healing, repairs and maintenance at the cellular level.
The underlying causative factors must be addressed!
High or low cortisol must be ruled out
with a 4x cortisol saliva test.
Positive results for high or low indicate varying states of adrenal
dysfunction/imbalance, which needs to be treated, before anything else is done!
Another poster mentioned possible adrenal issues, as well.
As a reference only, look into BioHealth Labs' (USA) Functional Stress Pr
ofile and other tests for additional details.
Your iron panel must be strictly within normal values-do not accept the lame
answers of conventional doctors, that it does not matter your lab results are off, when you are having all those symptoms!!!
The B12 should be in Methylocobalamin form, which needs no further conversion.
If you're taking cyanocobalamin, switch asap!
Switch also to Methylfolate, as folic acid would be contra-indicated in the event you have low methylation.
Oral magnesium has a very poor
absorption rate, so if you want a more efficient delivery, look into transdermal magnesium oil.
And No G/I laxative issues!  

Talk to your Functional Medicine Doctor in Bristol and if he's not experienced in thyroid issues, like yours, please consider giving him a paper copy of my pertinent posts on this .

The b12 I'm taking is hydroxocabalamin 1mg, is that okay? Also are b12 and magnesium infusions through IVworth while? I'll bring your points up with the doctor next week thank you :-)
The B12 in Hydroxocobalamin is actually another good bioactive form,
UNLESS you have low Nitric Oxide!
I know it's prescribed for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue sufferers, but doctors should test for Nitric Oxide levels, since Hydroxocobalamin will lower them!
Also glutathione & superoxide dismutase levels should be high enough to support Hydroxocobalamin.

Your high MMA could also be indicative of low Adenosylcobalamin, another bioactive form of B12, which is a good cellular energy booster.

Methylocobalamin B12 also requires glutathione, the master antioxidant, to be at reasonably high levels.
I personally take daily Undenatured
New Zealand whey protein powder, in
order to boost my glutathione production, probably my # 1 supplement
for optimum overall health!
Along with methylfolate, methylocobalamin supports methylation
which in turn facilitates billions of biochemical processes in the body every single day!
Just do a search FYI !

IV delivery of B12 and Mg albeit more
expensive is a more practical and efficient method.
Could thyroid issues cause the fullness in my ears? And constant Tiredness?
Yes, it is very possible.
The doctor said my thyroid was in range and there is nothing wrong with it. Iv also asked for a spit test for my adrenal gland. Iv started taking methylcobalamine 5 ampule 2x a week, is that okay?
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I want to make sure I mention every possible thing. Doctors say it's nothing but I feel a hard swelling in the right side of my neck under my ear, it seems bigger some days than others.
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My memory is getting worse and I'm now forgetting to eat and I'm feeling very fatigued. My legs are twitching A lot, like there are little things under my skin all moving
Hi, So I would retest the Lyme's disease but not with the usual EIA. Can your doctor send your labs to IgeneX and also get the coinfections done . These are babesia, bartonella, anaplasma, ehrlichiosis and mycoplamsa. Have you had a CT or MRI of the brain. It still sounds neurologic to me.  The swelling in your neck may be a lymph node. If it is hard I would have the doctor check it. They should be soft and spongy even if enlarged due to an infection. But it sounds like it is in the right place for a lymph node. Was your MMA actually high? If so that is an indicator of low B12. Did you do a B12 test?
Iv asked about the co infections and my doctor is going to look into it for me. Otherwise I'll go privetly. I have had an MRI which was looked at by a neurologist, said no signs of MS.
My MMA was high but my b12 was about 415 which is okay. Iv started taking b12. My node is very hard but the lump is small so they can't feel it.
The swelling in the right side of my neck was either a lymph node, I think they said it was for saliva so possibly a gland. They said it wasn't cancerous. Had a ultrasound on it.
That is good.
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I often have a runny nose and slight cough, not sure if cough is from occasional smoking. Running nose usually after eating. I am gluten and lactose free now though.
Crawling feeling under the skin is most likely B12 and 415 isn't ok. Smoking lowers B12
Iv been for a b12 IV infusion today but don't feel any different
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I just want to say I appreciate all your help. Iv learnt more in the past few months what might be wrong than in the past 3 years. They finally believe me when I say it's not just anxiety and depression. Thank you all x
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I now get a shaking feeling under my right rib cage. And the discomfort in my right lower abdomen has increased.
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Hey, my symptoms are extremely similar to yours. My fatigue probably isn't bad but everything else sounds similar. i have a lump under the skin on the left side of my neck. My Neck and head is very tight and I get a lot of head pressure / dizziness and brain fog. I also get twitching eyes and feel very shaky and sensitive internally especially under exertion. I have clear but fuzzy vision of that makes sense? Ive had full suite of blood tests which have been fine. MRI on Spine and Head have been fine. Seen a neuro who said I may have Silent Migraines and prescribed me with a Beta Blocker to take, however I don't really see any benefit. I've felt like this now for 18 Months and I'm really struggling to find answers. Some say it's my posture. Others say Swollen Lymph Nodes. Others say Lyme disease. Nobody seems to know. You can see my full list of symptoms on my older posts.
Did you find out what was wrong?
ftse100, That is why I mentioned a longtime ago to joeneedhelp to get an EEG to see if you have seizure or migriane variant and also rule out lyme and co-infections of lyme see post way back.
I had an eeg done about a year after it started :) I've also tested for Lyme which came back with a suppressed immune system but was borderline I think. I haven't tested for co infections. My doctor said I was immune to Lyme, is that possible? He doesnt have a great understanding of Lyme
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