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Fatigue, aching, pulsing, light headed,

Ive been feeling very fatigued for 5 months now. Started out thinking it was mono but i never had a sore throat or high fever. In the afternoon a always run a temp of 99.4 never any higher. Ive had a lot of blood work done and still they cant find out whats wrong with me. The main symptoms that bother me are just a burning achy feeling all day. I feel light headed and feel like i cant concentrate or see things very well. I have a pressure in the roof of my mouth that will not go away with antihistamines or nasal sprays. When i sleep at night i can feel my blood pulsing through my body. It feels like when you smash your finger with a hammer and you feel that pulsing in your finger for a while after, but i feel it all night long in my back and neck and shoulders and even in my face and sinuses. Ive had a head MRI to check for MS and what the sinus pressure is but everything was clear. Ive had multiple CBC's and checks for Sed rates but it always comes back normal. Monocytes were elevated at the beginning of all this. I shake a lot when i bend at the knees or flex my abdominal muscles, which never used to happen before this. I just want to know if there are any other tests i can get done to find out whats wrong. I know its not depression or anxiety because ive been on depression meds for 2 months now and they have helped a lot but i still feel the pulsing and the weakness. I just really want this to be over already and im tired of not having answers. I read a bit about vasculitis and think maybe that? or Heavy metal poisoning? Ive taken two full rounds of antiboitics and still had the low grade fever every afternoon and didnt feel better after. I usually feel even more fatigued after i try do something active. Is there like an auto immune test or something im missing? Please i just want to feel better. Im supposed to go to nursing school in January but i wont be able to go if i don't feel better.
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I am not wanting to start an argument with you, but many people have termperatures above 98.6 that is their baseline.  I have personally had 3 patients whose baselines were above that "standard" number.  
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99.4 is never a normal temp.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia..............neither are easy to diagnose and some physicians dont't even recognize these conditions especially Fibro.

Spinal tap or a Lumbar puncture may be a test that might reveal something.  

Have you seen any specialists?
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This temperature elevation could well be your normal body temp.  Mine personally is much lower than 98.6 as is believed to be normal.  What is it you have been doing when you check your daily temperature.  If you have been active, instead of at rest, perhaps it is relevant to that? Also, just because you are on medication for depression or anxiety, doesn't mean it's being treated effectively....you may need a different medication, a higher dosage, or another medication entirely.  Has anyone ruled out chronic fatigue syndrome in you or fibromyalgia?  They are two disorders that need looking into.  Good luck!
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