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Feeling nausea before sneezing

Years ago I used to have this issue, it was only when I was up very early in the morning but now its coming back and it lasts much longer through the day. I'll feel nauseas anywhere from 10-40 minutes, then I'll sneeze and it will instantly go away. Only to start slowly building itself back up again to happen maybe 5-6 more times up until almost 12 or 1:00. Doesn't seem to matter what time I get up, what I eat or anything. Anyone else have this issue or have even heard about it???
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I've experienced this for 3-4 months now.  Starting looking on-line today.  Used "Just Answer-Health Expert" and got the following response from a Doctor.  I paid $9 plus a $6 tip = $15 for this and feel it was well worth it.  This made the most sense to me after reviewing many proposed answers on the WEB.

Sneeze associated nausea is a somewhat uncommon symptom of acid reflux and gastritis.  Nausea is a common symptom of gastritis, which is inflammation of the inner lining of the stomach. Gastritis also causes increased acid and gas formation causing acid reflux.  Acute gastritis also stimulates a nerve called the Vagus nerve. This nerve carries sensation from all the internal abdominal organs as well as from the throat and respiratory tract.  In gastritis, the Vagus nerve gets irritated. One of the symptoms of acute gastritis is nausea - this is also the time when the irritation of the nerve is the most. This irritation is carried on to the organs supplied by the nerve, Since the nasal mucosa is the most sensitive of the tissues it supplies, this gets irritated too. Irritation causes sneezing and this helps in decreasing the irritation of the Vagus nerve to some extent.
Sneezing also increases the pressure inside the chest, acid reflux is prevented and nausea decreases.
Prevacid will decrease acid secretion in the stomach but does not actually decrease the inflammation.  To decrease gastritis, you will need to take some steps at home:
- Take sips of ice cold water throughout the day from time to time. This will cool the stomach tissues, decrease acid secretion and dilute the acid. Ice-creams and cold custard also work, plus since they are semisolid, they have less chances of trickling upwards and causing acid reflux.
- Take 4-5 small meals instead of 3 major meals. Ice-cold rice pudding is ideal for you.
- Avoid greasy, fried food . Take small meals.
- Sleep in a propped up position instead of flat on the bed to prevent acid reflux.
- As soon as you wake up in the morning and before getting up from bed, nibble at 2-3 dry crackers. These will absorb whatever acid and gas has collected in your stomach overnight. Lie quietly in bed for another 30 minutes.
- Liquid and solid food is not to taken together. Liquids are to be taken at least 1 hour after solids.
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I used to get nausea before I sneezed for years. I read up online line and was satified with the acid reflux/indigestion theory though I never considered myself one to have indigestion. But, now I am wondering if it could be a clue/sympton to a brain aneurysm since I have not had it happen since one of my aneurysms ruptured and I had it coiled and the other surgically clipped. Just thought I would share this information in case it may be helpful. I have become part of a study on aneurysms and will let the research department know of this. When the study is complete they will send me the findings, if I learn of a connection I will be sure to come back and post it.
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