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Feeling nauseated,tight chest after exercise or any kind of physical effort

Hi guys,
So, I was a fairly active person, use to work out 2-3 times a week and about 2 years a go, I started feeling extremely exhausted. After 8 hours of staying at a desk ( which is not a tiring job , usually) I would get back home and jump into bed and sleep until the next morning.
I tried to push through this feeling of exhaustion, but when I did that I would fell worse: I would feel nauseous all the time, dizzy and my throat and chest would feel like they got tighter and air could hardly get in .
IF I stay in bed , I would feel better, but whenever I get out of bed and try to do anything , I would feel sick again.
I changed my lifestyle, ate healthier, drank 2 Lt of water per day, started taking vitamins..etc... and all in all I was starting to feel a little better, I could go to work and do my job without feeling nauseous and dizzy the entire time.
Even when I was feeing extremely sick, all my blood work got back to me perfect every time.
I even got tested for lyme disease - and got back negative
There were some test of my immune system that were very high, but when I start testing, my thyroid all the test were perfect
I even did an RMN, to see my pituitary gland, and nothing everything is great there also.
2 Month a go I got  an operation, to shrink my nose turbinates, that were so big that were blocking air from entering via the nose.That seemed to help a big but not enough I noticed any kind of effort can have this effect on my body. I played basketball with my nephews and after 15 min of kids play, I started feeling sick as a dog.
Somehow my body is reacting poorly to effort

What I managed to find notice about the symbtomps that I have:
aside from the feeling dizzy , nauses ..etc. are :
My forthhead and eyes they feel puffy (when i'm feeling really sick)
My body temprature in the morning starts at 37.0 -37.2 and in the evening is around 37.7 it never goes under 37 and never get above 37.7
I'm bloated, if I eat anything it doesn;t mater what, I get bloatet.
I have almost everyday headaches , but they are not STRONG, they are torrelable most of the times, but they are daily.
My blood preassue is on the low side

I think I didn't miss anything majore.

I really hope I can find someone out there that maybe went through what I'm going through and found THE solution.
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Hi there.  I'm really sorry you are experiencing this.  I imagine this is not only scary and worrying but also quite frustrating as it impacts your life!  

So, you know our blood pressure is low, so you've been to the doctor?  Have you had a full physical? What are doctors telling you?  

I would really think you need full medical follow up on this issue.  So, where are you at with this?  
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Unfortunately, I have been to plenty Dr. and no one finds anything. I had  lead that it might be an immune system disorder, but when I investigated my thyroid and  pituitary gland, everything seems in order all my investigation where in normal parameters.

Currently, I'm not following any kind of treatment, because no one knows what is wrong with me.
My blood work is perfect
I have no vitamins deficiency at all
I did an EKG
Scanned my liver, kidney and stomach..all looks in order
Checked myself for lyme disease nothing
What I also noticed was ( 2 year a go I used to smoke) and because of my health I couldn't smoke anymore, at some point, just smoking a half of cigaret would have made me throw up. When I told this, all the doctors, but all of them said that this si very weird and has nothing to do with my state of health ( THAT appears to be in perfect condition)

I'm also seen a psychiatrist, and noting out of the ordinary there ( I mean, I'm messed up, but like every person is, nothing out of the ordinary there :)

I really don;t know what to do from this point.
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