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Feels like body is vibrating during sleep. What is this known as?

Since, January 2018 I am not getting proper sleep at night even though I try hard to get sleep. There were days when I slept for at most 1 or 2 hours only and went to work the other day. I tried Zarbee's powder but it didn't help to get me sleep. My GP told that he won't suggest any sleeping pills; I was okay with that at one point.

Although, I felt groggy most of the time during the day when I did not get much sleep the last night. Additionally, I got extreme fatigue and body feeling hot for a while but no fever (There is a medical term for that I forgot).
But I started to feel one unusual situation, When I closed my eyes then at times it used to feel that my body was vibrating. At the very first time, I thought it was an earthquake going on. But when I opened my eyes, and touched the floor. Nothing was happening. I thought it as an illusion.

But I felt the same thing for 2 more times, the upcoming months after trying to get sleep after a less slept night. This time when I was feeling that vibration, I opened my eyes and checked if my body parts were vibrating and saw that those were stable as well. So, that was like an Internal Vibration, the sensation was vibration but the body parts didn't vibrated nor can a third person see you vibrating although you feel you are shaking, vibrating. I think this is somehow related to brain / neuro .

I am curious to know what is this ? Is there a medical term for this ? Is this a situation to be investigated upon ? Because now I have been developing random paresthesia and all the blood work, MRI, X-Ray, Urine Test etc came Negative.
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Hello~Possibly seeing a chiropractor would be of some help, you may have some pinched nerves and misplace vertebrae, if so, they may be the cause of the symptoms you are having. The chiro will take some x-rays and then read them to determine what the problem may be. He/she will then discuss the results with you.  After a few treatments, you should feel better.
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