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Fiancé issues

Has gone to many drs, neurologist, urologist, with no answers given.
MRI, small intestine CT scan, blood tests, urine tests, stool samples, colonoscopy and scope down throat all normal ( besides inflammation in stomach and hiatal hernia in stomach. Drs believe not causing sx)
Had first CT scan without dye and they thought they saw something so they did the second just on the small intestine and didn’t see anything that time.

Started around a year ago with a very bad hockey hit, went to ER and did x rays and went back days later due to pain. Both times told nothing broken and just soft tissue damage causing pain. Very painful for month or more and unable to lay flat in bed. Pain mainly in right shoulder and collarbone with swelling at collarbone. Was hit on right side pushing everything in. Two separate instances since once while driving 4 months ago felt pain in penis and had to pull over. Felt like it broke. Pain
Second time was about a month later having sex and felt pain again and like it was broken. Also caused numbness down legs and felt paralyzed but jumped up to try and get feeling back in legs and back.

Other symptoms:
Weight loss without trying (40lbs and unable to gain, continuing to lose)
Pain in genitals
Dull ache
Difficulty peeing- has to twist to pee
Doesn’t come out as one stream
Feels twisted inside penis
Pulling from the inside (bum and penis)
Sore during sex, esp legs after. Day following he is unable to move, very stiff in full hips and legs and back
Penis and testicles feeling tight and stretched and hard when no erect. Issues pulling foreskin back
Frequent urge to pee
Testicles feel like moving? Inside?
Wet feeling on bum and down legs but not wet

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Umm... the urological problems sound to me like damage to your spinal cord due to e.g. traumatic lumbar vertebral compression. But I do not like at all your weight loss. That's usually a very loud alarm sign! Maybe you should let your collar bone and your spine, prostate examined again.
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Also would like to add urologist stares stream very weak for age (early 30s) and awaiting a scope from urologist but not for another week
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