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Fiberglass Insulation Exposure

I have been exposed to fiberglass insulation over the past year, coming from my air ducts.......I know it's insulation because I can see the tiny reddish fibers on my skin......My eyes itch and sometimes when I awake in the morning my eyes are swollen shut.......I have shortness of breath, weird rashes on my skin, my tongue feels raw and swollen, I'm extremely fatigued, have headaches and hosts of weird symptoms that no doctor can seem to diagnose....Yet when I advise the doctors that I suspect it is Fiberglass Insulation exposure they look at me like I'm nuts!!!! Why? there has to be some kind of test that will diagnose my suspicions.......One way or the other, isn't there?
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there is no test

eye docs can see with instruments

call duct cleaning company

doubt its fiberglass if all the time

but dirty air will screw you up good check into some good air cleaners



also get ionizer ozone machine but only use once a day to much can make you sick

but 4 or so of it will make a huge difference

its expensive for both but worth it look around scroll through ebay but only use sellers 90 percent or so ratings read there feedback and most dont mind if you talk before you buy if they mind or wont answer not good ones

everybody hates ebay but if you use above i have yet to have a problem

i even gave a lower rated seller a chance for my leg brace he gave me $10 or more off and when a part fell off that i fixed he will send me another even cheaper and he express shipped it because he wanted me to have it sooner

if your careful you will find easy fun and allot of nice people or maybe thats just the one place on earth that likes me lmao

i and the wife have bad allergies and we get it bad

best wishes
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Have you tried talking to a lung specialist or even an allergist? I agree, some doctor should be able to help you, it seems so obvious.
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its allergies not doctor related fiberglass cannot that i know of be tested but possibly what the nose catches and eyes

go to a allergy clinic that specializes in only allergies and get ducts cleaned

all symptoms can trace back to allergies mold gives headaches and more

dust dander mold and others can drain you

allergies can equal lack of sleep again tired fatigue and more

also carbon monoxide can cause headaches etc
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I had a chest Xray and it revealed that I had a Small calcified granuloma in the left midlung and the eye exams revealed scratches on cornea's and that my eyes where irritated but they were unable to see anything.  I will try the ionizer and see if that helps......thanks for the advice.
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