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Fingertip pain and sensitivity

Hello, for the past couple months, the tip of the index finger of my left hand (I am right-handed) has been overly sensitive to pressure. When I use my hand normally, my fingertip feels like I hit it with a hammer. When I rest my hand, the pain subsides in about an hour. I've also been waking up with pain in this finger. It feels slighty warm and I can see a very faint, small, light red mark under the skin of the side of the fingertip. I don't recall injuring or over-using my hand or fingers recently. Thanks.  
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Pain in the tip of the finger (index) could be due to pressure over the nerve roots or peripheral nerve itself.

Have you got a raised blood sugar level? Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is an important cause of pain at the tip of the finger.

Is the pain only at the tip or the whole joint is involved? Can be osteoarthritis or gout.

Do you have numbness of the index finger along with the pain? if yes, it could be carpal tunnel syndrome as it involves index finger mainly.

Another possibility is of Raynaud’s phenomenon which is constriction of the blood vessels of the fingers and toes. But it is accompanied by skin color changes.

Apply ice compresses over the finger. You can also take OTC pain killers. They should help. Also get your blood sugar levels evaluated.

If the symptoms persist please take an opinion from a physician.

Take care and God bless.
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How are you?
This could be due to an insect bite or due to injury.
Is there any swelling in the finger? Sometimes a straw can get stuck between the layers of skin and cause a lot of pain. Hope this helps!
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Thank you for your suggestions.

I don't think I have a raised blood sugar level, as my diet is low in sugar.

The pain is only at the tip of the finger- specifically, the side of the tip.

I do have a slight numb/tingly feeling along with the pain, but that seems to be concentrated on the side of the fingertip.

There is almost no color change- just a very faint, small, light red mark under the skin of the side of the fingertip.

Swelling is barely perceptible.

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a few days ago my left pinky finger started hurting with absolutely no injury and has rogressivly gotten worse, swelling and hurting when the nail is easily touched. my fingertip seems dry and slightly scabby, i can barely feel anything when lightly touched, yet extreme pain after pushing with slight pressure. i also have the red dot under the skin and the pain seems to radiate around the nail part of the outside corner. i'm on a computer for work atleast 12hrs including personal pc work per day an it's not helping, which is why i'm not capitalizing words lol. i wish somone had an answer to this problem, i sure hate to see the bill the doctors gonna give me if it doesn't go away by next week. when typing alot i get more pains from my pinty tip all the way up the left side of my left hand... i'm thinking it's nerves. but when i don't type and let my hand rest, it quits hurting.

anymore suggestions would be great, as i can tell this thread is stagnant. thanks

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From the above poster, Mytosh.

Full size pics for better view:

hope this helps, thanks much
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