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Flaky skin at base of penis

Yesterday after shaving my pubic hair off I noticed a patch of flaky skin. It was white dry skin in a small patch. I went over to my girlfriends house to show her but it was gone. I scratched the area and it appeared again a little bit. It is on the base of my penis on the pelvis ,not on the shaft or anything. It also does not itch or hurt at all. My gf is diagnosed with herpes but we always use a condom. She noticed some itching down there after rough sex for a few days but no bumps or anything .not sure if that was an outbreak or not. Could this dry skin be the first signs that I've contracted herpes ?
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I don't think you have herpes, but the blood test will be able to confirm this one way or the other.

With the itching your girlfriend has, this can be from vaginal thrush.  Tell her not to use soaps and harsh products to wash down below as this can dry the skin and make it itch and no deodorant female sprays in that area. Use non biological washing detergents and wear clothing and underwear that is not tight and to wear cotton underwear.  She would benefit from some antifungal cream or an antifungal capsule.

You could apply some antifungal cream on your dry patch area.  As a home remedy live natural yogurt is good also in the genital area as it has a cooling effect and will stop the itching as well as helping against fungal problems.
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Thank you for responding. I have been researching and I saw one source say it is possible for my gf to have an outbreak that does not produce bumps. She says she still itches down there and its been almost two weeks ,but there is no abnormal discharge or smell, which is what is making me worried. The patch is right above my penis but is still technically on the pelvic area, but since it is possible to get herpes even when using a condom I am very worried. I also read one of the beginning symptoms of herpes is a cracked or Raw patch of skin that doesn't itch or burn. I wouldn't say this is cracked but it is a small flaky patch with no itch and I can't help but think that sounds very close. I got a blood test the next day after I noticed symptoms but I still like to hear what people think to calm my nerves until the results come back. If you have any other thoughts please let me know

Thanks again for responding
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Although you still may catch the herpes virus even though you use protection, the dry patchy skin that you noticed on yourself may not be herpes, but a localised dry patch of skin, may be an allergy to soap or dermatitis.  Rub some moisture cream that is also antiseptic or an antibacterial cream like germolene, sudocrem, doublebase, your pharmacist may have a suitable cream.

Herpes normally comes out like blisters and sores that run along the nerve route.

As your girlfriend noticed some itching down below after sex, she may have an allergic reaction to the condom it this was latex rubber.  You can get different types of condoms these days and some that are latex free.

She may now have thrush and will need an antifungal cream to apply to the area.  It may also help for an antifungal cream to be applied to your dry patch.

Thrush can be passed through sex too.  But can also flare up after use of antibiotics and also if your diet consists of too much sugar or if you are diabetic.

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