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Flickering / Twitching of left eye

I am 33 years old mother with one kid (7 years), my left eye started flickering about 2 years ago, at that I went through eye checkup etc, nothing was detected, and it stopped flickering at that time. It started again after a gap of almost a year, and now it has been going on and on for last 8-9 months. This time we have seen neuro physician, have gone thru MRI - nothing is there, and doctor said it’s normal to have one eye twitching. From last month - it has gone worse, and it keeps twitching day n night, even after a sound sleep - I find it there in morning also.

Eye checkup - they say it’s not glaucoma, they have checked for it. And they said it’s not related with eye, it has to be shown to neuro. And neuro found everything normal even after MRI and various checkups.

I don’t smoke, don’t drink, and completely vegetarian. I wear eyeglasses with small negative number (-0.75)

The flicker increases if I am tired or under stress. Sometimes right side of mouth also feels some vibrations. My mother has eye twitching, later she was detected with brain tumor grade 4. My other things are normal - Thyroid is also fine, my cycle is fine. I had some pain in my fingers for sometime, my ANA was positive, but anti-DS DNA was negative, but the problem went away by itself.
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You should keep researching this but I wanted to share my experience with eye twitches. I have had this come and go over the last seven years. It shows up during a period of stress and / or lack of sleep. It takes a while for it to start but once it does it is exceedingly annoying. For me, when I have the twitch it makes it hard to even focus on the conversation as the twitch moves my eye slightly and is very distracting. However, I have found that once the stress is gone and I have had a couple of weeks of sound sleep it goes away. It really does take several nights of proper sleep to get rid of it. So if you you have anything that is stressful and can get rid of that and then make sure you get some good sleep I think it might go away.
Let me know what happens.
Good luck
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I had this problem, too, and it can be maddening.  For me, it turned out to be a B-6 deficiency.  When the problem starts, I take a B-6 supplement and the twitching decreases within a few hours.  I have heard that B vitamins can be hard to get from a vegetarian diet.  B-6 and a B complex supplement might just solve your problem.  Good luck!
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thanks, i will try these and let you know the outcome.
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