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Foot pain with growing lump

Last night my husband seemed restless. I've seen him act that way before during the night and get up. This time I got up after him and went to check on him. He was standing in the living room walking gingerly around. I asked him what was wrong. He said his foot really hurt. I asked him if he had injured it and he said no. He said this has been going on the last week or so. I asked if he thought it was a charley horse and he again shook his head and said it was hard to explain. He said it was a throbbing pain that seemed to ease up a bit when he walked on it. I went and got him some Motrin and we went back to bed. This morning I asked him about it again and he showed me his foot. Along the outside of the foot seems to be some kind of long, thin lump sticking out, slightly. It's hard to see but you can feel it on that foot but not the other. It's almost like a bone but not. He also told me that it appears to have grown, that it started out a small lump. Again, he denies injuring it and said it's hard to describe, just that there's something not right there.
I suggested he get it checked out and he said maybe he would next week. He's being a typical man about seeing a doctor. I'm just wondering what in the world it could be. Any ideas? Is it something we should be concerned about or something that could wait and see if it goes away? It's a puzzle to me. I can't figure out what it could be. I was hoping someone, or the doctor on here, could come up with something.
Thanks so much!
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Have him see his doctor right away.  If it is growing, it could be a tumor.  
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He said he'd make an appointment this week. Could that happen, a tumor on the foot? I tried googling the symptoms and the most I came up with was a cyst. I asked my husband if he thought it might be a cyst but he thinks it might have something to do with his circulation because he mainly feels the pain when he lays down at night, hence the restlessness and getting up throughout the night.
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sounds like a bone spur..its like a sliver of a bone that works its way downwards  its a condition that requires surgery but is not s serious worry often when one gets one it becomes repatative..the cause is thought to be people who spend a lot of time walking on hard such as concrete surfaces..other possibility cyst we can get em any where..get him to a good podiatrist ,,theres lots of bad ones ask a doctor you trust for a referal.
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