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Frequent Fainting

Ok so my sister is a few months from 16, 5'3 (about) and roughly 130lbs.  She is very active 5th-8th grade she did volleyball, basketball, softball, dance, and tack, in high school she does volleyball and she attempted basketball but she has a breathing issuse so she supported her team from the bench mostly.  She has had very severe migranes for as long as I can remember.  In 7th grade (3 years ago) she played basketball and if there werent relax/ not constant running she wouldn't be able to breath in just out.  Doctors said it was asthma but none of the asthma treatment worked.  Recently (Febuary) we went with VCD (vocal chord dysfunction).  We had her hypnotized and it worked for a game and a half then she couldn't breath again.  
So basket ball was over, but she had gym class, but everything was fine in that.  Until May 10th, 2010. she was riding a bike in gym fell over and fainted and she was feet away from getting run over luckily a semi stopped to block the traffic for her.  It happened once more that same week and then once a week until mid June.  they said she has low blood pressure, and it is very low like 70/45 is an average.  She has had a heart monitor, EKG, told to eat more salt, brain scans, every possible test at least 2 times and nothing has changed.  We have seen cardiologists, our family doctor, pediatrians, neurologist, and a electrophysisist.  She was put on beta blockers but we were told they wouldn't stop the fainting but make them fewer and  it did.  
My parents are afraid of her injuring herself when she faints and would like to figure this out.  She never faints around my parents or myself, even if she is doing something in the same conditions as when she fainted bfore she won't faint around us, only at school when I am not around and she is with her friends.  Doctors have said it could be something with her adremal glands, but they haven't done anything about it.  Personally as her sister i think it has something to do with her parasympathetic nervous systems, which when overactive causes ones broncial tubes to constrict (asthma like) and blood vessels to dialate (low blood pressure) and plays a role in fight or flight.  However since I am a teenager no doctor will listen to me even though my cousin ( who is a doctor) says my idea is a very likely one.  I have also thought of a small tumor on her spinal cord, she doesn't have a brain tumor and doctors have ruled out a cerebelum issue.  
If anyone has any advice or similar experiences i would appreciate feedback, answers, or if you need some help because this is happening to your sister or daughter, etc. feel free.
Oh and one more thing my parents are running out of money to keep doing tests so if anyone has a treatment or helpful ideas that don't involve 20 more test to be done, that would be amazing.
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Hello there chachi_nichole,

I'm sorry but I have no answers for you, but just wanted to let you know that since i was 5-6 I had these faints/black outs and I could be doing anything, at any time, anywhere, with no ill feeling before hand, and i will faint.  I have this illness until now and im 21. I have also like your sister been through every possible scans there is and nothing can be found. One of my lastest episode was in 2007 where i fainted on placement in the hospital and the staff there instantly did a blood pressure on me and as your sister had , i had a very low blood pressure. I therefore since then just put it down to sudden drop of low blood pressure. Since then i have been very careful by getting enough sleep eat well and don miss meals!......my parents wont let me drive as they are afriad i may faint during driving ...a bit of a bummer but safety first.

There was no diagnosis for me so I just have to becarful, just wanted to let you know that your sister is not alone in this and if you do by miracle find a diagnosis please please let me now too!! Goood Luck! xx
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