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Frequent Urination, weight loss and white tongue

Hi everyone,

I really need your help I becoming depressed as I can't find an answer from doctors.

My symptoms are the following:

- It started by having an having in increased feeling to urinate with an urge although my bladder is not that full. I can go like 10 times per day. sometimes.
- after 11 weeks I noticed that I have a white coated tongue or hairy tongue don't know exactly the diference. I know also sometimes experience a dry mouth
- with my tongue I also started to not have any appetite and I lost weight around 4 kilo in 2 months.

I did a CBC and urine tests and they are all normal. what tests should i do? what can it be? what should I look for? whichis the best doctor to consult?

Please any advise.
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About your tongue- you might look up oral thrush and see if you think this might be the problem.  With a lack of appetite (anorexia is the medical term for that) and weight loss in addition to the tongue problem, you might consider seeing a GI (gastrointestinal) specialist.  

Do you feel that depression might be a cause of not being hungry for you?

About your frequent urination: Have you seen a urologist?  Did you get a culture on your urine or was it a urinanalysis (UA) only that was done?  I have interstitial cystitis myself, which is helped by trying to follow a special interstitial cystitis diet.  It is a condition which can cause frequent urination, pain, etc..  Overactive bladders are definitely a challenge.

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urinologist a person in this field sounds like the best thing right now. your dr should be able to send you to a specialist in this field and stop playing guessing games i to had enough of my dr playing around with my health and found a new dr and was sent to a specialist. hope this helps and feel better.
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Thank you for your answer.

- I noticed the white coat on my tongue 2 weeks after dental work and being on antibiotics for 8 days (Dalacin C 300mg), I also have a cavity since long time.
I did an oral swab which came back negative it said: no pathogens growth after 36 hours of incubation. this result exclude tush right? I did another one yesterday for confirmation and waiting for the results.

- I think depression could be the result. As I have been anxious since October 2012 and much much more since mid-January when I discovered this tongue. I started this anxiety cause of a fellatio that I have received from a sex worker.

- I went to an urologist and did an urine Culture and urine analysis. should I do other test like a urethra swab?

Do you think I should see a GI? I will see Saturday an oral pathologist for my tongue. you can see pics of my tongue on my profile, I think it is called hairy tongue as it is not trush no ?
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if I eat normally can depression and/or anxiety make me loose weight?
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Was looking at the pictures today- I wonder how come it looks like orange rather than white on your tongue in them- have you been treating it with something topical or that would make it change from white to orange or is it somehow the camera?

I don't know what that is you got from that worker (and don't care to have it explained), but I'm sorry it happened.  Have you gotten counseling about the anxiety?

I would think a culture would be sufficient to look for infection.  If you are having urinary infection type symptoms despite having repeated negative cultures, you might ask the urologist about cystoscopy with hydrodistention of the bladder (done under anesthesia).

An oral pathologist sounds like an excellent specialist to go to in regards to your tongue.  The GI doctor you might want to see regarding the weight loss issue- have you been tested for celiac disease?

Depression for some can lead to eating more, for some, they can eat less.  If you are eating normally, it should not lead to weight loss.  Anxiety can lead to an increased output of cortisol, which can lead to increased fat around the middle.  But it also can potentially cause a rapid heart rate and walking about a lot, which could help burn calories.

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1- I think it was orange cause mayeb of some food intake. I was putting on it Daktarin oral gel, although my tongue swab culture was negative. I have uploade pictures of Today

2- No i did not get counseling I am just stressing and doing tests, i did STD tests and they were negative.

3- My only urinary symptom is that I sometime feel like I need to go often to pee and like I have some pressure on the urethra. it can be maybe a NGU/ NSU, and urethra swab is not different than the urine culture and analysis?

4- no I was not testes fo this diseas and I do not really think it is such disease. I am 28 years old and was healthy.

As I said satuday I will see the oral pathologist/dentist and  I will try saturday to c also an infectiologist what do you think?
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seeing an oral pathologist an infectiologist is the way to go. please keep us updated on your results.
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I just came back from an oral pathologist/ dentist...as usual just told me food debris and ****...however he prescribed me Nystatin!!! which i don t think I will take.

I have just also got my CBC results for blood.everything looks normal compared to the two other test that I have done on december 26 2012 and january 16 2013, except for my lymphocytes which have changed fom 33% (dec), 30% (jan) and now 41% (March). Now I m getting really scared. the ENT doctor said it is normal but she hadn't seen my previous results to compare. Also my Eosinophilis are 6% and they were 0% in January.

I hope the infectiologist can help and I hope it is not a dangerous diseas.
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You might want to ask about why you might be feeling pressure on the urethra so the doctor will start thinking in that direction in regards to your genito-urinary system- a urologist seems like they might be the best one for this issue.

Stress can have adverse affects on your health, including lowering resistance to infection and I hope the doctors figure this out quickly.  I guess the doctor who prescribed Nystatin felt you had an infection that would work on.

Did you see the doctor who specializes in infectious processes?  If so, what did they say?  

I have an old manual of diagnostic tests, which lists a reference range for adults where your number would be barely above normal for lymphocytes, but I hope the doctor took/will take the upward trend seriously.

Regarding the eosinophils, zero percent was a bit low and 6 percent is high according to my book's range (different labs have different ranges)- I believe this high number is significant and I hope the doctor will be able to pinpoint the cause- there are a number of possibilities listed in my book from allergies to more serious causes.
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Thank you very much for your reply.

for my tongue, how can it be trush, bacteria or infection if my oral swab is negative?

I was on an anti fungal medication for one week, I do not know if it could has increased my lymphocytes. according to the ENT the 1% above the normal range which is 40% in this lab, it should be noted that in other labs it is 45%. the doctor said if there was an infection they would have reach much higher levels like 70 80%

Anyway, I will see the doctor who specializes in infectious diseases next week
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you can see my results on my profile
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If the swabbed areas where the discoloration or hairiness were and tested for all pathogens Nystatin treats and that came back negative and the doctor who prescribed it knew that, you might not want to go back to that doctor.

You listed numbers for Dec., Jan., and March- where did the 45 percent number come in- before in between the numbers you listed previously?  

I don't know why an anti-fungal anti-biotic would increase lymphocyte type of white blood cells- it doesn't seem likely to me, but I'm not a doctor.  I know sometimes different kind of antibiotics other than antifungals can kill off good bacteria along with bad and cause an overgrowth of yeast in the body (and often diarrhea too)- acidophilus capsules can help fight that problem, but again, I'm not talking about anti-fungal type of antibiotic.

I see on your one doctor's lab's eosinophil range where they put your result of 6 within their normal range, so your typical doctor wouldn't be concerned about it, but I think as a patient, if I had my number jump from 0 to 6, even though it was 2 with a range of 1-4 back in December, I'd want to get that rechecked to see if it went up even higher than 6 or if it is still w/in normal range.

Let me know what the infectious disease specialist has to say?
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