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GERD? Anxiety? What?!!!!

Ok. Since I can only put so much here, I have to be brief. I posted on an older forum, but didnt get any response, but here goes again.

I am a 27/male, non-smoker/non-drinker. Since mid-August I have been experiencing nausea every day to the point that I vomit almost on demand. These feelings come when I am at home, at work and even in church of all places. While I have had a stressful job over the last 7 years, it is also a flexible one.

I have had diarrhea as well thru most of this time at random and also get bad headaches. In late August my doctor gave me Buspar, which calmed the diarrhea greatly, pretty much eliminated it. I still had nausea most of the time and did not see any light at the end of the tunnel.

I went back for a checkup and then was given Effexor, which made me feel like I was on fire. Now I am on Lexapro, which isnt helping the nausea at all either.

I admit that my personal life has been quite different as I just became a father in September and the thought of changing dirty diapers stressed me to no end. But I overcame that after the third day. Well now time has passed and I am back on that "fear" if you call it that. Pretty much every morning I wake up OK, but within 15 minutes I am nauseated and or gagging. Nothing seems to help.

The more I read, I wonder if I have GERD or something like that. I dont feel overly stressed in the morning, but seem to manage vomiting almost every day. No matter what I eat or drink, nothing helps. Possibly the stress is caused by worring about the vomiting.

Anyone have ideas?
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Please go to a gastroenternologist who will look into your whole entire digestive system.
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My husband was about your age when he woke up one morning with dry heaves that were horribly painful.  About 20 minutes later, they stopped.  The next morning, same thing.  This went on for about 2 months before he went to the doc.  He went through tons and tons of testing and they told him stress.  He said, "NO WAY" but went on with life.  It's been ten years and occasionally for "no" reason, he'll wake up with the dry heaves and it lasts for a week or two, then goes away.  

I guess I just want to say that yes, it can be stress/anxiety related--even if you don't think so--BUT I would always encourage a full workup until you are comfortable with the diagnosis.

Good luck to you!
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I get this too.

Do you have any other symptoms?

Can Lyme do this?
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Oh and milhouse241, ask your dr. about Remeron. I was given this drug for this reason... if they're even correct about it being anxiety related.
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After my second child, I felt terribly nauseous in the mornings, and used to force a slice of dry bread down between retches. Eventually the doc gave me some tablets called Esomeprazole which block stomach acid - they are called a proton pump inhibitor.
After 6 weeks,I was symptom free, the diagnosis was reflux oesophagitis. It flares up occasionally when Im stressed, but at least I can get rid of it now.

If you cant get to see your doc, buy some ranitidine over the counter in the meantime, this will also help.

Good luck!!
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