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Genital symptoms, hot flashes, sweaty feet and palms, white tongue


So I guess I'll start from the beggining. Back in July I received oral sex from someone I met on a dating site, I was un-aware of sexual status and it was just a one time thing. A few hours after I started to feel the need to urinate and could feel that something wasn't right down there. I've had chlamydia before and know what the symptons feel like and it was pretty much exactly like that but symptons of an std won't show up pretty much immediately after an encounter.

Me panicking I ordered azithromycin through a local drug store the next day rather than going to a clinic to get tested first. I took 1g of the anti biotic the day after the encounter then I went to the clinic to get tested the next day. They done a urine and blood sample for pretty much everything apart from chlamydia because I had already taken the antibiotic so I would be covered for it.  A week went by and I was still ha being symptons of needing to go to the toilet and a discharge so I went back to the clinic and they told me that the antibiotics sometimes take longer to work, my previous experience it took about 3 days and I started seeing an improvement. So I waited another week and was still having symptons, by this time I had found out that all my tests come back negative.

I went back to the clinic 2 weeks later and had another lot of tests done this time a swab and for chlamydia and I got tested for mycoplasma, the dr found some discharge which he said looked like a more complicated form of chlamydia that required longer treatment. So I was prescribe doxycycline for two weeks and sent on my way. Finished the antibiotics but to no effect. I was still having the same symptons. I returned to the doctor and he told me all my tests were negative he ran some tests there and then and still everything come back negative. He said it might just be that symptons are taking a while to clear up. So  the next week I went to my Drs and told him the situation he said it could be a UTI, I had blood and urine samples taken and was prescribe trimethoprim for a week. I finished the course and still no effect. All the tests come back negative too.

Starting to get really frustrated at this point I went back to see them and I am booked in with a urologist now. Awaiting to see them.  At the beginning of October about 11 weeks after the incident, I went back to the sexual health clinic to ask for their views on things, they ran a full load of tests again. They said that the HIV test that I had 2 days after the encounter would of been unreliable as it was too soon. So they done one this time. During that period I began to acquire symptons of hot flashes and a white tongue, worrying massively I put these symptons against possible symptons of HIV but tries to convince my self it was just anxiety. I waited and agonising 2 weeks to find out my results and they all come back negative. I felt a massive sense of relief and thought my symptons would then disappear cuts it was anxiety.

I'm currently still having these symptons still. Getting random hot flashes, sweaty palms and feet, dry mouth and white costed tongue I feel kind of dizzy like disconnected slightly and in coordinated just generally not my self. I still have problems initiating urination sometimes and and have to kind of strain to finish it off, I also leak seminal fluid after I've urinated and some times just randomly.

I asked the dr if it could be prostatic but he said no as I would be in pain if I was sat down all day which I am in my job. I just want an answer to my symptons really. I know I have to wait to see what the urologist says but it's getting to me now. I would of thought the dry mouth and hot flashes would of gone after I received  negative results as I have no reason for anxiety now I know I am clear of any for, of infection of HIV. If there is anyone that can shed some light please share
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