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Getting frightened and no relief

21 year old male. Weighed 170 lbs then got sick near the end of march 2011. Have lost 20 lbs in 3 months. Exercising is not doable. The only time I feel decent is laying down. And even then I just want to break down. 


-constant fog 
-pressure in back of head
-sharp headaches/like lightning bolts toward my forehead
-had migraines for about 5-6 days straight
-trouble finding words to say, or correct words to say
-just get this weird feeling in my head when I awake, within 30 seconds of standing up. Has not relented in a long time. 

-hair loss has increased. Can pull out 4-5 hairs with one tug

-dry eyes. Eye doctor made a comment about having dry eyes that caused an abrasion. I never had dry eyes before the onset of them symptoms
-photophobia. My eyes are now sensitive to light. I find myself looking down toward the ground or wearing sunglasses to avoid looking into the sun. 
-bloodshot eyes. My eyes are now chronically bloodshot. 
-blurry vision when looking at lights
-Floaters! I have constant floaters in my vision. They are usually little black spots, sometimes clear spots. A few times they have been clear tube-like cylinders grouped together in one long string like formation. 
-have had pressure and pain in my eyes, like a pressure coming from behind my eyes. 

-My face has had a few bouts of twitching the past few months. Something that had never occurred before. My cheek would twitch. Like the muscle was contracting and releasing rapidly. 
-numbness/tingling on my face and probably for 7-8 years now I get this tingling on my scalp. About half of my scalp goes numb/tingled. 

-constant ringing. Almost everyday I get tinnitus. I have just learned to live with it for now. 
-earaches: I will constantly get pain in both ears. 
-noise: loud noises are very hard to take now. It's like they bounce around in my inner ear. I picture like a subwoofer with really heavy base. 

-I have had post nasal drip that has not be responding to 10 days amoxycillan, steroid nasal spray, 3 different types of allergy medications. 
-I'll get viscous white mucus (not 100%clear, but has white color to it) that I cough up from my throat. 

-the only way I can describe it is "popcorn" or "crunchy" neck. When I lean my head to my shoulders, I get a lot of cracking in my upper neck and a small popping noise that sounds like it's coming out of my ear. There's just a constant grinding in my neck. 
-both sides of my neck/shoulder muscles are very tight and sore 24/7. 
-sometimes I will find that my head is droopy, or that my neck is seemingly tired of holding it up. 

Upper body:
-Arms: my arms are constantly sore. I have not been able to work out in 3 months yet my arms are constantly weak and sore to the touch. 
-Chest: I get sharp chest pains from time to time that I was deathly afraid of until they haven't killed me and happen so frequently I live with them. 
-Heart: I have been to the ER 4 times now with a beats per minute rate of 115-140. 
-Abdominal pain: I get pains on both sides of my stomach. Like right below my rib cage, especially on my right side. 

Legs: my legs are extremely weak. When I lift them, they tremble. Like my upper thighs shake uncontrollably. 
-sometimes when standing my knees will give out. I will catch myself quickly. 
-when I am laying down my legs feel very very weird/strange. They feel like they are somewhat tingly. Not numb, but they feel heavy and dull. 

Privates: I have recently had bouts of testicular pain. 
-painful urination/ejaculation. 
-pain when I do not urinate frequently enough (never seemed to be a problem.)
-absolutely no sex drive. For a 21 year old male this is frustrating. 

-ever since I can remember in have a spot in my back that will go numb. Right next to my spine. 
-also got severe severe pain in my mid left back one night. I literally could not move or it would feel like a knife was being stabbed into my kidney area. I tried using a heat pad with little success. 

Overall body:
-blood pressure always has a high systolic. Charted at the doctors from 140-155/80's. 
-low body temperature: constantly my temperature has been checked at 96.9-97's. 
-BREATHLESSNESS: I have had bad problems with breathlessness. I get this problem where I cannot get a big enough breath. It's not every breath, and it's not every minute of everyday. But it occurs about every 5-6 breathes and daily "attacks." seems to occur when u stand up for q period of time. 
- anxiety and depression: these have really taken ahold of me. I find I am always fidgeting or moving my body. I am just so uncomfortable I need to be constantly moving. 
-pain in hip and butt when sitting or laying down for too long. Like there is no more muscular padding on either side. 

Sleep disorders: 
-I have extremely bad insomnia. I wake up every 2-3 hours. I was prescribed ambien and have taken it with no success. I also take melatonin, other sleep aids and none help. Sometimes I wake up trying to catch my breath. 

Muscles twitches: 
-I get constant and daily muscle twitches throughout my entire body. Not all at once, but sometimes it's my back, my shoulder, my legs. Etc. 

Joint pains:
-my joints have become very fragile and painful. My left shoulder and left knee constantly feel inflamed and are painful on movement. 

Body pains:
-like previously mentioned, I get pains throughout my entire body. They seem muscular in nature. However, sometimes I get very bad pain in my love stomach. Right below the belt line. Like a burning sharp pain above my privates. 

For a few nights upon laying down I could hear my pulse in my head/ears. 

-sometimes it's very weird to explain, but my brain takes longer to catch up to my eyes/vision. Like looking somewhere then somewhere else it takes my brain longer to catch up. 

-one night I had a short but definite music hallucination while going to sleep. Like someone had one of those little colorful painos that kids play with and hit with the stick. The same night I had a flash of light in my vision when all the lights in my room were off. 

5 months ago I began to develop a profuse sweating problem seemingly out of the blue. I would drip sweat from under my arms. I remeb changing shirts 4-5 time a day. 
-recently my feet have been getting as cold as icicles-the doctor said she had never felt extremities that cold. And they were SWEATING.

Mood swings: 
-I began to get very irritable and angry about Christmas time 2010. 
-was also experiencing mood changes. I remember (and still have thee problem) of all of sudden wanting to cry. Like I would have to clinch my face and my lips. Happens frequently and out of the blue. 

-I get very bloated after eating or drinking. 
-find myself burping extremely frequently, almost on every breath at some times during the day. 
-stomach rumbles very loudly at times. 
-there has been mucus in my stool frequently. 

Chest tightness:
-like an anvil is sitting in the center of my chest/especially when I am having a hard time breathing. 

Hand tremors:
-sometimes my thumb will just hit the screen of my phone without trying. 

Head ticks:
-I have had a tick that sometimes presents itself. I will blink and my head will slightly jerk to a side. When this occurs I can hear a crack in the base of my skull, like the top of my spin where it meets m skull. It seems like it is also aggravated by heat. 

I have had blood drawn no less than 10 times. Have had an MRI on brain and spine. Have had an ultrasound on thyroid, abdomen. Tested for celiacs.

Thank you all for reading. As far as traveling, I went to Massachusetts/cape cod twice last summer. Starting getting symptoms probably novemberish, and seriously beginning of march 2011.  

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What sort of blood work have you had done? When was your last CBC and what were the results? Would love to see your WBC with differential.

Did they run a thyroid panel? Sedimentation rate?

What types of doctors have you seen? Do you have a primary care doctor coordinating your consults with specialists?
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1. cleansing : detox measures with aloe-like and pearl-like compounds
2. nutrients and vitamins: see a dietian than includes all 26 vitamins and 100 mineral application list
3. body aeration: moving body up and down like bending movements slowly and moving toes and fingers
4. protection: wear clothes, gloves, scarf and hat that covers from the sun using similar filteration technology as Yelowmed
5. hydration: use steam, bubbling water, and ice to balance temperatures
For more information, see a physician that specialty is phyto-med.
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Sleeping can be cured by using a customized foam surrounding surface with air pressure adjustable mattress. It's clean and customizable.
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I have had all types of bloodwork.

Celiacs, heavy metal poisoning, vitamin d defiency, western blot for Lyme twice, iGg came back with 39kd and 41 kd bands, not sure if that is significant. Thyroid tests, came back ok I believe. Also had an ultrasound n thyroid, nothing popped out at them. Have had other bloodwork but cannot remember what for. Pretty much all my results have been ok. No anemia, no sphyllis (sp).

I have seen an infectious disease, neurologist, natropath, now going in to see anxiety specialist (hard to believe the pain I am experiencing along with stomach problems, and weakness could all be related to anxiety.) have seen an allergist ( they said I was having breathing problems, some were in the 50 percentile.) gave me inhalers that have not worked or helped at all.

My WBC I believe was ok. No hypoglycemia.

What other information can I provide?

Does this sound at all like Lyme and Babesia?
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Can you please go further in explaining some of your suggestions? Such as the cleanse and the clothing?

To all-thanks for looking. It's nice to know people can care for a stranger that is suffering.
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