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Goosebumps - Chills on back and hot flashes on legs

Hi there. I have been having hot flashes and chills on continues basis now. it started lasy year and it went away.. Again it started. I have no Fever but these chills and hot flashes especially over my thighs and legs is making me go mad. I feel my body is sick. I go through chills around my stomach area / back area feel like am coming up with a cold and then my legs and thighs become warm but NO Fever. Is this anxiety? Am i under some neurological disorder. Am i sick with infectious disease? How do i go about this. I am going mad now.  
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Since it is so constant, it sounds like there might be a physical cause. Talk to your doctor, and ask if he or she will check your hormone levels. (You can get hot flashes and cold flashes in response to changes in your hormones.)

If the doctor runs tests (also maybe thyroid) and hormonal reasons are ruled out, and you think it is perhaps rooted in anxiety, try anti-anxiety techniques. Some are:

- Focusing on breathing: Breathe slowly in and out while counting to five each time
- Focusing on the senses: Touch something soft, or eat something
- Applying grounding techniques: Breathe slowly and focus on your surroundings, including sounds, smells, and tastes

But before you decide it's all in your head, do get your body checked. A flawed internal thermometer can be caused by something physical.

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Also, if you have had Covid, talk to your doctor about the possibility these are long Covid symptoms.
I was having covid 3 years back where I was hospitalized and was on oxygen. Thanks alot for your advise. Really appreciate. Let me go for the hormone check. Am a male by the way.
Well, men have hormones, of course.  :-)  Sometimes the hypothalamus misfires, and since it is in charge of sending hormones out into the body, the person can get hot or cold flashes. The doctor should definitely get your testosterone levels and be thinking about if your hypothalamus is operating as it should. And if it is not, why not. I also think there can be a connection between diabetes and hot/cold flashes, but let your doctor be your guide in diagnosis. Good luck! I don't think you are going mad, I think you need a bunch of blood tests to see what's wrong.
thanks so much. i will update you..
Malaria test negative
CBC all okay
Urinalysis is okay.

Thyroid report tomorrow
Vitamin D tomorrow
Testesteron report tomorrow
What did the doctor say? Or, did you order these tests yourself?
Thyroid is okay. Normal. Pending iw testesterone and B12.

Doc has been viewing my reports and said he will conclude after all reports are out. Mostly anxiety could be the issue.
Testesterone level

7.8 slight below normal

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