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HELP.Bulging burning veins whole body.pain.eyes twitching.

Ok to begin oct 4th 2017 we drove 4 hours to phoenix az. Ate at red robin had a hot spicey burger onion rings...had heart burn acid reflux all night. A few days later started having pain left/foot and arm. Which i have had before About a day or 2 later started having chest pain.shortness of breath dizzy and pain in neck to jaw. Thought for sure heart problems or artery problem.i have high anxiety  and goggle does not help.1st ER visit on oct 8th ekg.blood test heart enzymes etc. Sent  home. To make a long story short 6 ER visits in total.last er visit about 1 month after this started left leg veins started hurting bad and burning couple spots looked like clots... Ekg.s and a left leg ultrasound to check for clots. Sent home saying vericose veins. Followed up with primary dr. Asked to go to cardiologist  did ekg.stress test heart echo.artery ultrasounds. All good nothing to worry about mild tr..mild mr.. (mild valve regurgitation) 20% carotid artery
Cardiologist says possibly fibromyalgia or neuropathy
Went back to primary care sent to get mri brain.neck.lumbar. did and seems good said a little bit of damage on neck (dr is not very informative)
Said thinks its all in my head sending me to psychiatrist
And thats about a week ago. No clue what it is.
Here is my current symptoms burning bulging veins started in left leg about 3 weeks ago i felt it yes felt it start moving into right leg also. Then in the last week moved to my arms also. And at beginning left eye was twitching in last week both eyes  twitch about 90% of the time. Now feels like the burning bulging veins are everywhere head neck arms legs stomach can visually see them got vericose looking veins now on both calfs.
Dr.s had done lots of blood work white blood red blood
Vitamins was kind of low on vitamin D and B  now taking them for the last month no help.
I feel like they are missing something please help. I cant afford any more ER visits and they dont really do anything anyways

Any help or idea.s of possible things i could have this is horrible i need help

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Also seems to get worse at night and effect sinus at night. Also seems coffee(caffine) makes it worse..standing at work for long hours makes it worse also
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Iliac Vein Compression (May-Thurner Syndrome) can cause Vericose veins in the legs usually Left Sided. Renal Vein Compression (Nutcracker Syndrome) causes congestion of all the veins around this area and can affect the arms, neck and jaw. These conditions can also cause anxiety, chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness and just about every other problems imaginable. It’s very unlikely doctors even looked for these conditions as most have never heard of either.
Thank you for the reply. I will look into those further so far the first one i probably dont have they did ankle blood pressure and ultrasound for DVT had it done at hospital and cardiologist can back negative?  The second one could be possible i dont have blood in urine like it says will happen. Shouldn't  they have atleast seen signs of it in stress test. Or ultrasound or the ankle arm blood pressure test?
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Tried a 1/2 cup coffee at work about a hour ago made eye twitch stop...? But caused vein pain on left foot right above toes and rear of neck to hurt and little cold/hott feeling spots randomly everywhere lol... this is crazy
I used to drink lots of coffee and Soda about  2 months ago but have quite been testing the coffee about once every week or 2 to see if it makes it worse or better #imissmycoffee
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Also wanted  to add im 42 and have had something similar but no veins bulging but left arm chest and sometimes leg pain. On and off for atleast 20 years. First time i really  noticed it was after i ate at my first buffet i way over ate  and felt like i was dieing. They said looks like he way over ate...ive always thought it to be gerd. Or something  used to get acid reflux alot and sometimes the left arm leg numbness and pain and it would last like 6 months... and the wierd thing that happens with it is yellow/pale stool?
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Hello~A lot of this does sound like fibromyalgia or neuropathy which is being made worse by stress.  You said they did an MRI, so that would rule out MS as it would have shown white lesions on your brain.

I suggest possibly seeing a chiropractor, you may have some pinched nerves in your neck and upper back, if that is the case, you will have burning and twitching. He/she will take some x-rays, and discuss them with you. After a few adjustments, you should start to feel better.
Thank you for the reply so far i havnt made it to chiropractor yet but have been taking CBD oil for about 2 weeks and so far it seems to help alot and avoiding to much caffeine. Cardiologist told me about CBD oil.  And he was right it works  gonna try chiropractor  soon thank you and God bless
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