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Hand Cramps with Temporary Disfigurement

I have been getting cramps in my hands for over a year, mostly my dominant right hand. They happen rapidly, and the lower corner of my palm, beneath my pinky and ring finger, presents a large dimple/indentation and then the muscles on that side of the hand pull downward. The best way to describe it, and I apologize for any disrespect, is that it looks like half of my hand is having a stroke. It’s extremely painful and once I can bend that side of the hand in the opposite direction, the hand returns to normal. Once these episodes start, the hand is prone to cramp again until I stop using that hand for anything repetitive and let it rest for weeks.

I have tenderness and sore points along where the ulnar nerve runs. I have seen a rheumatologist, neurologist, hand therapist, and  primary care doc. I have had tests done, an MRI of my neck and hand (w/ and w/o contrast), xrays, EKG, etc.

I’m 35 yo and had a herniated L4 disc early on in my 20s that didn’t present problems until a year later. I had radiating pain and numbness down both legs and arms. After a few years of chiropractic treatment, things were manageable. I see him very rarely now whenever I feel something is locked up and needs to be “reset”.

My primary care doc, who specializes in internal medicine, diagnosed me with  fibromyalgia but I’m very suspect of this diagnosis. I haven’t met with him in person and I have only had 2 phone appointments with him. I started consulting with him because my “primary” doc was my OBGYN and I was looking for someone to help figure out my hand cramps and suspected fibromyalgia diagnosis. The reason I question his diagnosis is that my symptoms, which are primarily muscular, all started right after doing some intense home improvement projects…mostly with concrete demo and repair that I had no business doing. I was using a hammer drill over long periods of time (I did stop at 20 minute intervals to rest) during demo and drilling, mixing, troweling concrete for hours on end during repairs. I moved a few tons of concrete. All while wearing unsupportive shoes and standing on rocks. I had just purchased my house right before Covid, and needed immediate repairs done to my foundation but all contractors were unavailable. The hand cramps didn’t present until 2-3 months after I was done with the concrete repairs. I also demo’d my basement right after this concrete work.

Typically the hand cramps happen if I’m doing repetitive busy work with that hand and arm. I had an episode two days ago and hadn’t had one for months.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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