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Having leg problems, and it involves choking sensation.

Hi, I was a very healthy 47 year old male, working in a warehouse, playing hockey or softball twice a week.
My pre-existing problems:  Angina, mild depression, anxiety attacks, high blood pressure, smoking, no drinking, acid reflux, Helicobacteri pylori infection.

My first sign of trouble was unexplained night sweats in my groin area, so bad I'd soak the sheets.

Shortly afterwards my legs started to get numb and pain, especially when crossing them (I have a nasty habit of crossing one under the other).

Then three months later, I had back pain one night at hockey so bad they had to cart me off in an ambulance.

Then at that time I started to have chest pain, which due to my angina history, took me off of work and strict rest.

Six months and did the EKG, Bloodwork, During which I get a choking sensation on the outer part of my throat.  As well my lower legs swell up like balloons, then go partially back to normal, but then my legs take forever to heal cuts and bruises.

A year later:  MRI, Stress Test, and finally Angio...and NOTHING.  

Legs then are bad at this point.  My left outer thigh for about an area of 8" by 4" and 2" deep is almost completely numb.  As well I have burning in the legs, pain, stretching feeling, and bitter cold.  As well I notice that I've pooched going from needing a belt for a 36" pant to barely fitting into a 38" pant.  And when I bend over and tighten my stomach...it doesn't flatten, it pyramids.

My GP says it's Varicose Veins, and gets me stockings.  Helps somewhat.

Now, 18 months later I'm getting lightheaded and dizzy while standing.  As well my head feels heavy and I feel pressure in the front, mid forehead, and between the earlobes in a 2" wide strip in back.  And have ringing in the ears and sometimes flashes of white light.

I'm also losing concentration, fatigued, and my eyesight is getting worse.

Someone please help!
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please go get checked for ALS,. Lou Gerrighs Disease.. Just to rule it out okay. This is a long time to be having these boughts. If you have a problem of nubness in your extremeties at all please go to neurologist ASAP.
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Thank you, I will do so :)
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take it easier not so much exersise you maybe over doing it .Its good to keep fit but you can over do it Do warmups and then exersise
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