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Having strange health issues for over a year now... Any advice would be appreciated

Age: 28
Sex: Male
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 150lbs
Race: Caucasian
Duration of complaint: 1+ years
Location: Canada

For the last year or so I have had numerous health issues that I feel are related but cannot begin to fathom how.

It started with some digestive issues (abdominal pains and constipation). About a week later I started to see blood in my stool which after straining during a bowel movement. I also began to suffer night sweats and aching muscles/joints. After a couple weeks of the persistent blood in my stool I sought medical attention and had a colonoscopy (which came back clear).

A few months later, still having the same bowel issues, I started to have a very strange pain in my chest (left side). It would come and go and almost felt like heartburn. Finally while at work, the pain came back very suddenly and more severe than before, to the point which I could hardly move. I went to the ER and they found that I had a spontaneous pneumothorax (lung collapse). They released the air in my chest cavity by insertion of a chest tube and I was let go the next day.

Three months after the initial lung collapse I began feeling similar sensations again on the left side. I put off going to the doctors again until it started interfering with everyday activities. Sure enough, I had another lung collapse on the same lung as before. They inserted another chest tube with a one-way valve and sent me home for a week. After reassessing they realized that my lung wasn't coming back up on its own and I needed surgery. They performed a procedure which I think involved cutting a small part of my lung out and fusing it to the chest cavity.
The surgery was successful (and very painful) however a couple weeks afterwards I began having strange sensations on my right lung, almost like a popping or crunching sensation when I would take a breath. Sometimes I also begin having the pains I had with the other 2 lung collapses that will come and go. Chest xrays show nothing wrong however.

Digestive issues continually got worse during this time period. I was passing a lot of blood in my stool along with substantial amounts of mucus. I also had an extreme urge to have a bowel movement most of the time (often passing nothing but blood and mucus). After finally convincing doctors of the seriousness, they performed another colonoscopy (June 2016), and found a very severe case of proctitis. The biopsy showed nothing and I have been on Salofalk ever since.
Digestive issues are fully cleared up now however I am experiencing a lot of neurological issues which began prior to my Proctitis diagnosis. These include:
-Numbness in my left leg, almost feels like a glove is covering my foot and part of my calf, sometimes goes to the left hand and arm
-Muscle fasiculations, feels like bubbles popping under my skin, started in my left calf and has moved to other parts of my body now
-Headaches, have never had a migraine before all of this started and now I have had 3 major ones with visual disturbances, smaller headaches daily, burning sensations in my head
-Cognitive impairment, feels like my mind goes completely blank, have a very difficult time reading or performing tasks, this causes me to have a great deal of anxiety, severe decline in my memory, often have trouble remembering what day it is
-Constantly dropping things and generally more clumsy than before
-Emotional instability, crying due to anxiety and depression

I have been having neurological issues for about 9 months now and they seem to be getting worse. I am due to see a neurologist in the future but there is a long wait period. I am very frightened about what this all means and am seeking any insight or advice on what could cause all of this.

Some more worthwhile points:
-I was bitten by a tick 2 months prior to having any issues but have tested negative for lyme
-I work in wastewater treatment, previously working at a meat rendering facility when my health issues started
-Family history of lung collapses, both my mother and grandmother had them but less severe than mine
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