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Head + tooth + neck pain


Over the past month i have been dealing with pain that moves from the right side of my teeth (top and bottom), to the front of my face, to the side of my head (ear and right above it), then to the back of my head and down my neck at times. I consulted a dentist and he assured me that my teeth looked fine and that i most likely have sensitive teeth. I began to brush with sensodyne and it seemed to help a bit. The pain comes and goes but has been pretty intense recently. I also recieved an antibiotic for sinus infection after seeing my primary care doctor, which did not help my problem at all. (which ruled out sinus infection in my opinion, probably wrong with that assumption). With that said, my main question is what would be your best opinion as to what may be causing me all this pain?

Thanks, FoXide
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are your wisdom teeth coming through,when my were coming through the root of the tooth was growing into my ear drum,giving me intense pain,i had an x ray and then had it removed in hospital
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Sharp pain in the side of face, head and neck could be due to injury to a nerve or pinched nerve, an infection or a trauma. Hence it could be Trigeminal neuralgia, abscess in tooth, exposed root canal, internal ear infection, maxillary sinusitis, TMJ, migraine, herpes (recurrent) without rash or fibromyalgia localized to face.
It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Do consult your doctor.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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I have contacted my dentist and i will be making a visit in a few weeks (school has my schedule jammed). I have continued my antibiotic and have a pain killer for the time being. Thanks for your input and i will keep you updated!
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@ ches

My wisdom teeth have been removed for some years now so i can rule that out ;) Dentist next Monday so xray will hopefully shed some light on the problem!
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I just had an abscessed tooth pulled -- my fourth in fact -- and I always felt pain in the area right below my ear when I had an abscessed tooth, whether on the top or bottom.  I also had some pain in my neck (on the side) about that time and so I assume it was from an abscessed tooth as well.  Antibiotics should help the pain, though, after about 3-4 days from the abscess (if that is what it is) -- or at least I always have felt significant pain relief after taking antibiotics when caused by an abscessed tooth.  Good luck in finding a diagnosis.
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Just to add -- my last abscessed tooth -- which I just had removed last week actually felt like an earache at times.  If I wouldn't have also had extreme discomfort from the tooth itself, I would have thought it was an ear infection.  It's weird but the pain seems to travel to different parts of your face from a bad tooth, especially in and around the ears.
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