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Head And Neck Pressure with Dizzy Spells

Hi. For the past month I havent felt like myself. It all started when I was at work in front of the computer and I felt a rush through my body, go straight to my head, and I felt really dizzy like I was about to faint. It lasted about 4 seconds. I got up and walked to the restroom. I was walking still feeling slightly dizzy, but by the time I came back to my seat it all went away. I was fine after that. I even went on vacation. Anyway, exactly a week after I was shopping and had another episode of this strange feeling. I felt a rapid rush through my body and I became dizzy, losing coordination, feeling as if I were to faint. I had to hold on to something. This time It wasnt going away so I had an employee call me an ambulance. I was seen by the ER and they attributed my "dizzy spells" to a medication I began taking 2 weeks before my 1st episode. It was a medication called Levothyroxine, for my slight hypothyroid. They said my dose of 50 mcg was too high and I should have been started at 25 mcg. I had also started taking metformin along with the levothyroxine for PCOS because Im trying to concieve. Both these medications were prescribed by a fertility doc, not my pcp. Anywho, docs told me to stop the Levothyroxine, but I decided to stop them both.
After that day, I never fully recovered. I've been walking feeling slightly drunk. An episode of dizzy spell has not returned as bad, but I get mini ones that last like a second, a few times a day. I saw my PCP exactly a week after that day in the ER and they drew blood to check my thyroid levels and to see if anything else was going on. She said it would take about 4 weeks for the effects of the medication, which my body seemed to reject, would take as much as 4 weeks to leave my body.
A few days after I saw my pcp, I drove to my sister's place, which is an hr away, and back. I didnt feel right driving. I would get those 1 sec spurts of loss of coordination. I'd feel a rush through my body which went to my head and I felt heavyheaded and dizzy, then I'd feel a tingling on my right foot. At work, I have been getting severe headaches with so much head pressure, and now most recently a very strong neck pain on the back of my neck aling with the head pain. I also felt like my throat hurt and was closing up like if i were coming on with a cold. I was also having a hard time swallowing. That feeling has since dissipated.
I tell you, it has been a plethora of symptoms that dont seem to go away.
So a week after my pcp appt, which happened to be this past thursday, I felt really bad. I was so spaced out and heavyheaded with so much pain in my head and neck. Everytime i shook my head or turned it, I felt dizzy. So i went to the ER again and was diagnosed with vertigo. I was given prescriptions for vertigo and for possible inflammation in my inner ear. The docs ruled out my brain because i had an mri done which came back "normal". I decided not to take any of the meds. I honestly don't think its vertigo and at this point i dont think its thyroid related either. Its been about a month since that first episode and I have not been back to normal. If I drive i feel worse. If i drink, i feel worse. I have stopped driving and drinking, respectively. And no, I do not drink and drive together.
Today i feel as if most of my pain is coming from the back of my neck. Its like the symptoms keep changing. I have been doing lots of researching on the internet and I know its not good to dx yourself, but now I think I my symptoms may be related to the beginning stages of multiple sclerosis. I do feel tired a lot. I dont have blurred vision or memory loss. The er doc the 2nd timd around referred me to a neurologist which i will be making an appt with tomorrow.
I am so afraid. I feel like Im dying. I have never felt anything like this and I want to feel like myself again. I am honestly crying as I write this. I really dont understand how a medicine, or shall i say 2 medications i took for only 2 weeks can lead to all of this. I felt absolutely fine before.
If anyone has a similar story, please share your outcome. If anyone feels like they know what may be causing my issues, please share. I'd appreciate it.
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Hi. First of all I want to say how sorry I am for how you are feeling and i hope you find answers. In 2009 I came home from work and was unusually tired. I didnt feel right so I took a two hour nap. When I woke up my life had changed drastically. I woke to slurred speech, vision problems, tunnel vision, face numbness with a spider web sensation that i kept trying to pull off my face. I was near blackouts with gasping over and over. I could barely walk i was so dizzy and fatigued. My heart was racing and BP was very high. I had the sensation that i was going to die. My throat felt like it was closing off, i had difficulty swallowing..even my nasal passages seemed to be constricted. I went by ambulance to the ER. Nothing found. I was sent home sure i would not wake up in the morning. I told everyone i loved..that i loved them. Long story shorter..over the next 4 weeks i went back to the ER 5 times all w/same symptoms. They ran every test they could with no answers other than..have you been depressed lately or feeling suicidal?? Anxiety? Oh boy! Anyway after my last trip to the ER i went to bed and woke up the next morning in shock. Most of my unknown neuro symptoms were gone but my body was now locked up!!! I could not turn my head or hardly move. My joints and muscles all felt like i had been run over my a truck. It is now 2015 and i still have no answers. Im plagued with severe chronic pain all over and still get the random neurological attacks of unknown origin. My point is your not alone and i know its crazy scary to not know whats happening to you and get no answers. I pray you find relief soon and help. Best wishes!
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I want to add I am a 29 yr old female
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